The World Before the Great War

  • Austrio-Prussian War

  • Hapsburb Empire defeated in Austro-Prussian War

  • Creation of Dual Monarchy

  • German Unification

  • League of Three Emperors

    Austria-Hungary, Russia, & Germany: promising aid in time of war, mutual defense, creating balance of power
  • Dual Alliance

    Germany & Austria-Hungary: mutual aid in case of Russia attack, neutrality in case of attack from any country
  • League of Three Emperors Renewal

    Austria-Hungary, Russia, & Germany: neutrality if any of the countries goes to war
  • Triple Alliance

    Germany, Austria-Hungary, & Italy: aid from Germany/Austria-Hungary if Italy is attacked by France, kept Austria-Hungary & Italy from fighting
  • Reinsurance Treaty

    Russia & Germany: secret agreement, mutual aid in case of French attack
  • Bismarck out of Office

  • Weltpolitik

  • Franco-Russian Alliance

    France & Russia
  • Germany begins world policy

    Germany abandons the "a trois in a Europe of five powers" policy
  • Entente Cordiale

    France & Britain: no British military bind
  • Triple Entente

    Russia, Britain, & France: like renewal of Triple Alliance, settling colonial differences, Britain refuses binding military action
  • French occupation of Fez

  • First Balkan War

  • Second Balkan War

  • Franz Ferdinand assassinated

    Killed by Gavrilo Princip, Serbian member of the Black Hand
  • Austrian-Hungarian Ultimatum to Serbia

  • Germany declares war on Russia

  • Germany declares war on France