The World At The Beginning of the 20th Century

By devious
  • Germany wins Franco-Prussian war

    Germany wins Franco-Prussian war and takes the provinces of Alsace and Lorraine from France.
  • Germany, Austra-Hungary and Italy sign the Triple Alliance

    Germany, Austra-Hungary and Italy sign the Triple Alliance
  • The Second International meets in Paris

    The Second International, a congress of socialists, meets in Paris.
  • The Spanish-American War

    The Philippines, Guam and Puerto Rico are transferred to the USA
  • Boer settlers rebel against British ule in South Africa

  • The Boxer Rebellion against foreign influence takes place in China

  • President McKinley (USA) is assassinated by an anarchist

  • The British Dreadnought battleship is launcher; naval race with Germany begins.

  • The Triple Entente is created between Britain, France and Russia.

  • A commission uncovers abuses and maltreatment of tribespeople in the Belgian Congo

  • Japan annexes Korea

  • The heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne is assassinated in Sarajevo

  • Austra bombards Belgrade with the opening shots of the First World War.

  • All major European powers are at war.