The Tudor Rule

  • Nov 14, 1501

    Arthur Marries Catherine of Aragon

    This was to create an alliance between Spain and England
  • Jun 11, 1509

    Henry Marries Catherine of Aragon

    After Henry's brother Arthur died, Henry asks the pope's permission to Marry Catherine. This still keeps the ties between England and Spain, The countries are now CATHOLIC
    They have a child named Mary (AKA BLOODY MARY)
  • Apr 29, 1534

    The Act of Supremacy is passed

    Wheny Henry VIII wanted to divorce Catherine because she did not give him a son, he asks the pope and the pope says no. Henry then passes this act so that now their marriage is illegitamate.
    Act of Supremacy: Makes the monarch the head of the church of England
    Ends the pope's rule
    Creates the Church of Enlgand (AKA PROTESTANT)
  • Jan 29, 1535

    Henry Marries Anne Boyeln

    Anne was Catherine's lady in waiting. She gives henry a daughter named Elizabeth.
  • Apr 29, 1538

    Anne is Beheaded

    Henry needs a reason to leave anne, so he acuses her of treason and beheads her
  • Apr 29, 1540

    Henry Marries Jane Seymour

    Jane gives him a son named Edward. Jane dies in Child brith
  • Apr 29, 1566

    Henry VIII Dies

  • Apr 29, 1567

    Edward Becomes the 4th Tudor King

    he's 9... dies at age 15.
  • Bloody Mary becomes Queen (5th tudor ruler)

    Mary is very catholic, so she turns England Catholic under her 5 year rule. She and Phillip II rule England and Spain together. Executed any protestants in the country.
  • Elizabeth become Queen (6th Tudor ruler)

    Elizabeth has a very powerful rule. She never marries. She is not the absolute ruler- because parliment is still there. She brings on the renaissance. makes England PROTESTANT, by mixing the catholic church and the church of England- this is called the ANGLICAN church
  • Philip II Triest to send Spanish Armada

    Elizabeth Annihilates them . English gets total control of the seas.
  • Elizabeth Dies

    Now they have to look for a new heir way back to Henry VIII's sister Mary