Anne Frank's Timeline

  • Otto Frank birth

    Otto Frank birth
    Otto Frank - Anne's father was born in Frankfurt, Germany.
  • Edith Hollander birth

    Edith Hollander birth
    Edith Hollander - Anne's mother was born in Aachen, Germany.
  • Marriage

    Anne's parents marry and settle in Frankfurt, Germany.
  • Margot Frank birth

    Margot Frank birth
    Margot Betti Frank - Anne's older sister - was born in February 16th, 1926.
  • Birth

    Annelies Marie "Anne" Frank was born in Germany to Otto Frank and Edith Holländer. Margot Frank was 3 years old.
  • Adolf Hitler

    Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler became the Chancellor of Germany and the first anti-Jewish laws were established.
  • Relocated

    The Frank family relocated to Amsterdam, Holland to escape the growing persecution in Germany.
  • Nazis in Holland

    Nazis in Holland
    The Nazis invaded Holland and the Germans ordered that Jewish children could attend only Jewish schools so Anne Frank and her sister were enrolled at the Jewish Lyceum.
  • Forbidden

    Jews were forbidden access to movie theaters or use public transport and all Jews were forced to wear yellow stars.
  • Rosa died

    Rosa died
    Edith's mother, Rosa Holländer died
  • Diary

    Anne received an autograph book for her 13th birthday gift from her father - Otto Frank and decided to use it as a diary. Anne began to record life experienced in the Secret Annex including the daily tensions, the ups and downs of relationships, fears of being discovered, burglaries, problems with food and electricity and water, etc.
  • "Kitty"

    Anne started adressing her diary to "Kitty"
  • "Hello"

    Anne wrote in her diary that she had been playing with 'Hello' more lately. Hello and Anne developed a relationship, but Anne said she has feelings for a boy named 'Peter'.
  • Margot Frank

    Margot Frank
    Anne's older sister - Margot Frank was ordered to report for relocation to a labor camp
  • Secret Annex

    Secret Annex
    The Frank family go into hiding in the "Secret Annex" - a room above and behind the company where Otto worked. Some trusted employees of Otto offered to help. They planned to hide here until the war is over, otherwise they had to enter the concentration camps. They had to be very quiet and hardly even move so people downstairs (workers) wouldn't hear them.
  • Period: to


    This is the total hiding time (2 years) of the 8 people in the "Secret Annex" - the Franks, the van Pels and Fritz Pfeffer.
  • The "van Pels"

    The "van Pels"
    Hermann van Pels (also known as Van Daan in Anne's diary), a partner of Otto Frank, together with Auguste and 16-year-old Peter van Pels, joined the Frank family in the 'Secret Annex'.
  • Fritz Pfeffer

    Fritz Pfeffer
    The 7 members decided to take in one more, since they have enought food and room so Fritz Pfeffer, a dentist and friend of the family were asked to join the secret annex.
  • Retreat

    The Germans surrender in the battle of Stalingrad and Germany started to retreat and the people believed that it was going to end soon.
  • 14th Birthday

    14th Birthday
    Anne turned 14 and Otto Frank wrote her a poem.
  • Cancer

    Mr. Voskuijl - Bep's father (Bep Voskuijl is a worker in Otto Frank’s office. Elizabeth (Bep) Voskuijl helped the family by serving as a liaison to the outside world) was diagnosed with cancer.
  • Holidays

    Everyone celebrated and exchanged gifts in Christmas and Hanukkah.
  • Radio

    Anne heard on the radio that the Dutch will collect the diaries/stories after the war so she started reworking her diary in hopes of publication.
  • Caught

    The people who supply the Frank and others with food and vegatables were arested for letting some Jews hiding in their house.
  • Kiss

    Anne shared her first kiss with Peter Van Daan - Petter ven Pels
  • Final Entry

    Final Entry
    The final entry of Anne's diary was made.
  • Hiding is over

    Hiding is over
    The 'Secret Annex' was searched by the German Security Police following an informer who was never identified. All of the residents of the annex were arrested and taken to the concentration camps
  • Concentration camps

    Concentration camps
    They are all sent in a cattle car to Auschwitz. Once there, the men are separated from the women.
  • Anne and Margot

    Anne and Margot
    Anne and Margot were transported to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.
  • Edith Died

    Edith Died
    Anne's mother, Edith Frank dies of starvation at Auschwitz
  • Margot and Frank Died

    Margot and Frank Died
    Margot Frank and Anne Frank died of typhus in Bergen-Belson
  • End of WW2

    End of WW2
    Germany surrenders to end World War II in Europe
  • Only Survivor

    Only Survivor
    Otto Frank returns to Amsterdam, not knowing whether his family were still alive, he was the only survivor.
  • Received Diary

    Received Diary
    Otto Frank knew that Anne and Margot died at Bergen-Belsen. His loyal friend Miep gave him the diary written by Anne Frank that she found in the annex after the family was arrested.
  • Publish

    The diary of Anne Frank was published in the United States
  • The Diary of Anne Frank movie

    The Diary of Anne Frank movie
    The movie "The Diary of Anne Frank" was released.