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Frank Sinatra

  • Birth

    Frank Sinatra is born as a 13 and a half pound baby who was dragged out with forceps that punctured an ear drum, tore an ear and gouged his face and neck.
  • Period: to

    The Beginning to the end

  • No Education

    No Education
    Frank is expelled from high school for "General Rowdiness." Frank gets a job at the newspapers as a delivery boy.
  • Moving Time

    Moving Time
    Franks mother gains more and more political power giving her a large amount of wealth causing her to move to a four story house with dazzling modern decor and a baby grand piano, draped with Spanish shawl.
  • The Three Flashes

    The Three Flashes
    Frank meets a local trio called the Three Flashes and decides to hang with them. When the group was asked to perform in a few short films Frank begs them to be the lead singer, he is turned down and then after a phone call his mother makes he is made lead singer.
  • Radio City Music Hall

    Radio City Music Hall
    The group is asked to perform in the weekly talent shows and the clapometer registered the highest for th Hoboken four which they now called themselves. the group was signed up for a nationwide tour and were payed 50$ a week.
  • Rustic Cabin Years

    Rustic Cabin Years
    Frank eventually leaves the Hoboken Four and goes back home and signs up for a radio station known as the Rustic Cabin. Frank is payed 15$ a week. Frank began dating an Italian girl named Nancy Barbato and Toni Francke at the same time. after an incident occurred Frank was thrown in jail and was released after an agreement with Toni.
  • Marriage And Fame

    Marriage And Fame
    Frank marries Nancy Barbato. The same year Harry James had left Benny Goodman"s band to start his own. When Harry first heard Frank on the radio Frank was offered a contract for 75$ a week, and began singing popular favorites like "On A :ittle Street In Singapore."
  • Little Nancy

    Little Nancy
    Nancy Barbato gave birth to little Nancy. Frank was not at the hospital when she gave birth to her in fact he rarely appeared at home and made no pretense about his many affairs.
  • First Film

    First Film
    Frank and the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra go to Hollywood to appear in their first feature film as the onstage band.
  • Top Band Vocalist

    Top Band Vocalist
    Frank was voted top band vocalist in Billboard Magazine.
  • Frank Meets George Evans

    Frank Meets George Evans
    Frank is added to a show at Paramount Theatre and at the end of the concert a press agent named George Evans wanted Frank as a client. After paperwork was completed George starts 250 Sinatra fan clubs across the U.S. and he changes Franks biography making him an educated 26 year old rather than a 28 year old singer.
  • Higher And Higher

    Higher And Higher
    Frank was offered his first real film role starring a part in Higher And Higher. the movie was a musical comedy.
  • Tea At The White House

    Tea At The White House
    Frank Sinatra attends tea at the White House. President Roosevelt was not popular among Italian-Americans and the invitation secured him the support of Sinatra.
  • The House I Live In

    The House I Live In
    Frank made a ten minute short which showed Frank teaching racial and religious tolerance to a bunch of street urchins. Frank recieved the first scroll ever presented by the Bureau of Intercultural Education which was handed to him by Eleanor Roosevelt herself.
  • George Evans leaves

    George Evans leaves
    Frank fires George Evans after telling Frank to stop seeing Ava Gardener
  • Christina Sinatra

    Christina Sinatra
    Nancy's third child was Christina Sinatra but Frank still barely came to visit his family.
  • The Miracle of The Bells

    The Miracle of The Bells
    Frank stars as a priest in this movie and promises to donate $1000000 to the church.
  • Sinatra's Departure From MGM

    Sinatra's Departure From MGM
    Mgm releases a statement announcing Sinatra's departure from the studio.
  • Divorce

    Frank is granted a divorce with Nancy and Frank never sees her again.
  • Marriage! Again

    Marriage! Again
    After the divorce the wedding for Frank and Ava is set and the wedding takes place in Philadelphia.
  • From Here To Eternity

    From Here To Eternity
    Frank stars as the character Maggio in the movie that was considered to be the biggest money spinner in Columbia's history.
  • Divorce Again

    Divorce Again
    MGM announced that Frank and Ava's marriage was over.
  • Most Popular Male Vocalist

    Most Popular Male Vocalist
    Frank was rated most popular male vocalist in a poll and was named singer of the year.
  • Proposal

    Frank proposes to Lauren Bacall and leaves for Miami the next day. A reporter interviews her and Lauren never hears from Frank again.
  • Von Ryan's Express

    Von Ryan's Express
    Towards the end of the shoot a 19 year old girl named Mia Farrow appeared on the set and fell in love with Frank.
  • Marriage Again.

    Marriage Again.
    Frank marries Mia but Franks mother thought that it would not last long.
  • Divorce Again

    Divorce Again
    Without telling Mia Frank files for a divorce.
  • Retirement

    After a year of poor record sales Frank announces his retirement.
  • Marriage Again

    Marriage Again
    Frank marries Barbara Marx and starts making music even though he is retired.
  • The End

    The End
    Frank Sinatra dies in the hospital.