Anna frank

Anne Frank

  • Diary

    Anne Frank, was given the diary this day.
    She wrote: "I hope I will be able to confide everything to you, as I have never been able to confide in anyone, and I hope you will be a great source of comfort and support."
  • Hiding

    Anne's dad had told Anne, that they might go into hiding as soon as possible, if not they will be hauled by the Germans.
  • Hiding

    They went hiding, afterwards the van Daans family would arrive.
    They were going to leave on July 16, but as they recieve Margot's call'up, they left earlier.
  • "New Home"

    They arrived to the "Secret Anexxe", an office of Anne's dad.
    They were going to host there.
  • Van Daans Arrived

    On 13 July, the Van Daans family arrived to the Secret Anexxe.
    Anne was missing her cat.
    The Van Daans arrived with their cat, Mouschi.
  • Trouble

    The first problems between both families had arrived.
    First of all, Mr van Daan, had argued, as the dishes they all were using were from him, and they did not used Frank's family dishes.
    After this problem, Mr Van Daan got angry at Anne, as she talks so much.
    Also, Mr Van Daan wants to read Anne's diary, and Anne does not want to let him read it.
  • Discussion

    Another discussion between Anne and her mother.
    This time, it was because Anne's mother, saw all of Anne's faults instead of seeing her strengths.
    At the end of the discussion, both of them were crying.
  • Radio

    Anne has contact with the Radio.
    She hears news, with Miep.
    She heards, that already people are getting gassed.
  • Alfred Dussel

    Mr. Frank, had invited Alfred Dussel, a Jewish dentist, to host with them at the Secret Anexxe.
    Alfred is very thankful at Mr. Frank.
  • Anne and Margot

    Margot, Anne's mother and Anne, had comeback to a good relationship again. All of them have solved the problems they had between them.
    Anne, shares a piece of her diary with Margot, and Margot shares a piece of her diary with Anne.
    This is a symbol of confidence between them.
  • Illnes

    Mr. Frank got sick, but as they were hiding, they could not call a doctor because the doctor would reveal them. Mr. Frank illness had passed away.
  • Outside world

    Mr. Dussel, had become Anne's roommate.
    He tells Anne, about the outside world, what is going on, how are her friends, and the people that had dissapeared.
  • Window

    Anne, passes hours and days staring at the window, looking at the reality, the outside world.
  • Christmas

    Christmas is arriving.
    All the anexxxe is very excited!
    Anne will cook some delicious things, for all the group!
  • Fights between Families

    Frank's family and the van Daan's family, are constantly fighting.
    Margot and Anne are always compared, and Anne detests this.
  • Mrs Beaverbook

    Mrs Beaverbook is the new nickname, for Mrs van Daan, as Mrs Beaverbook is a person who has the same political views as her.
  • Letters

    The people from the Anexxe listen to the radio, now, they heard propaganda from the furher, Hitler.
    Mr Dussel is risking his life. He is writing letters to the outside people. This was an act very risky.
  • Birthday

    It is Mr. Dussel's birthday. He recieves gifts.
    Some of the gifts he recieve are food. He hides the food from the other people, as they were scare of food, and he did not want to share the food with the other families.
    He had a selfish attitude.
  • Bombarding

    The nazis bombarded Holand, Amsterdam.
  • Ran out of money

    Mr van Daan has runed out of money, to buy food, so as a solution to this problem, Mrs van Daan wants to sell all of the valuable clothes of her niece.
  • Friends

    Again, Anne remembers about her friends, and she think about them, as she is hiding on a safe place, and she does not know where are their friends.
  • Christmas

    As Christmas is coming, they receive food.
    This was a good present for them, as they where always eating the same things, and they were tired.
  • Boyfriend

    Anne, writes about the guy she loved. He was called Peter Schiff. She has spent a whole summer with him.
  • Food Fighting

    Again, a discussion between the van Daans and the Frank’s as Mrs. Frank birthday is coming and she received more sugar.
  • Jealous

    Anne’s mother is jealous of Mrs. van Daan, as Anne talks more to Mrs. Van Daan than to her own mother.
  • Hitler Assesination Attempt

    Someone has tried to killed Hitler with a bullet.
    Hitler was left unscathed.
    Hitler told the people of his army, to shoot anyone who was involved on his assesination attempt.
  • Last Entry

    This was the last entry of Anne.
  • Death

    Anne and her sister Margot die at a concentration camp in Bergen-Belsen