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Tudor Timeline (1547 - 1603)

  • Jan 28, 1547

    Edward VI ascends to the Throne.

    Edward VI ascends to the Throne.
    1547, after the death of Henry VIII, his only (and sickly) son was proclaimed the King of England at 9 yeards old. Duke of Somerset also becomes Lord Protector.
  • Sep 10, 1547

    Scots defeated at the Battle of Pinkie by Somerset's army.

  • Sep 11, 1547

    Mary of Scotland taken to saftey at Inchmahome.

    Taken by her mother for saftey for a few weeks.
  • Feb 1, 1548

    Destruction of images in church is ordered,

  • Jun 1, 1548

    French Troops back up the Scottish army to prevent England from gaining control over the Lowlands.

  • Jun 29, 1548

    Bishop Gardiner imprisoned in the Tower.

    Very strongly Catholic and opposed t he Protestant doctrine.
  • Aug 7, 1548

    Mary of Scotland flees to France.

  • Jan 1, 1549

    First Book of Common Prayer introduced.

    First Book of Common Prayer introduced.
    It was introduced to surpress Catholic mass, which lead to revolts.
  • Mar 1, 1549

    Thomas Seymour is excuted.

    Thomas Seymour is excuted.
    Thomas Seymour, one of Edward's uncles, is executed for high treason.
  • May 1, 1549

    Western Prayer Book rebellion, and Kett's rebellion.

    These rebellions ran from May- August of 1549, when they were defeated.
    Western Prayer Book rebellion - took place into south-west England and was opposing the changed to the traditional forms of worship.
  • Jul 2, 1549

    Exeter is under siege from 'Prayer-Book rebels'

  • Oct 14, 1549

    Somerset and family sent to the Tower.

  • Feb 1, 1550

    French consprie with Tyrconnell.

  • Jun 22, 1550

    Anglo-French treaty of Boulogne.

    This requires England to leave Bouglogne and withdraw from Scotland.
  • Nov 23, 1550

    Bishop Ridley orders replacement of altars with communion tables in London.

  • Dec 25, 1550

    Princess Mary rebuked for continuing to be a devout Catholic.

  • Mar 3, 1551

    Privy council orders the removlal of plates from churches across the country.

  • Mar 18, 1551

    Mary defies Edward and continues to practice Catholicism at home.

  • Dec 1, 1551

    Somerset sentenced to death.

    basically set up by Northumberland, Initially meant to be executed for treason but this couldn't be proven but was found guilty on a lesser charge, though the punishment was still death.
  • Jan 1, 1552

    Second book of common prayer introduced.

    This second book introduced a more extreme form of Protestantism.
  • Feb 1, 1553

    Edward diagnosed with Tuberculosis

  • Jun 21, 1553

    Mary and Elizabeth are declared illegitimate.

  • Jul 6, 1553

    King Edward VI dies of tuberculosis

  • Jul 10, 1553

    Lady Jane Grey is proclaimed Queen of England

  • Jul 19, 1553

    Lady Jane Gray removed from throne by Mary I

    Mary then goes to claim the throne.
  • Aug 1, 1553

    Northumberland executed for treason.

  • Dec 5, 1553

    Dissolves parliment after passing an act to make her legitimate again.

  • Jan 1, 1554

    Marriage treaty created with Spain.

    This meant that Mary would be wed with Philip of Spain
  • Jan 1, 1554

    Wyatt's rebellion

    A major rebellion against Mary's marriage treaty. Started in Kent and led by Sir Thomas Wyatt with 3000 men. Their aim was to get Mary to 'ditch' Philip, if this failed they planned to replace her with her sister, Elizabeth. This rebellion however, failed.
  • Feb 12, 1554

    Lady Jane Grey executed, and Elizabeth is imprisioned in the Tower.

  • May 22, 1554

    Elizabeth is freed.

  • Jul 1, 1554

    Mary marries Philip of Spain

  • Oct 16, 1555

    Bishops Katimer and Ridley are burnt at the stake at Balliol College, Oxford.

    Known as the 'Oxford Marytrs'. They were both protestants, and remained strongly so under Mary's catholic reign, and so were consqeuently burnt at the stake.
  • Oct 25, 1555

    Phillip of Spain becomes the ruler of the Netherlands.

  • Dec 1, 1555

    CAadinal Pope made Archbishop of Canterbury.

  • Jan 1, 1556

    Philip ascends to the throne of Spain.

  • Mar 1, 1556

    Mary orders for sir Henery Dudley and the others in part of the plot to place Elizabeth on the Throne t ne arrested.

  • Jun 19, 1556

    Prince James Stuart - Son of Mary, Queen of Scots is born.

  • Jan 7, 1558

    Calais surrended to the French

  • Mar 30, 1558

    Mary alters will so only her own children can ascend to the Throne.

  • Nov 17, 1558

    Death of Mary Tudor, Elizabeth ascends to Throne.

  • Jan 25, 1559

    Parliment assembles.

  • Feb 10, 1559

    Elizabeth announces that she has no intenion of marrying for the forseeable future.

  • Jun 5, 1559

    Elizabeth rejects a marriage proposal from Charles, Archduke of Austria.

  • Jul 7, 1559

    Scottish Protestants occupy Edinburgh.

  • Jan 23, 1560

    French troops leave Fife, Scotalnd.

  • Jul 16, 1560

    Tresy of Edinburgh - French and English withdrawal.

  • Jan 27, 1561

    First book of Discipline introduced by the Church of Scotland.

  • Jul 13, 1561

    Elizabeth refuses to give Mary, Queen of Scots safe passage to Scotland.

  • Oct 1, 1562

    Elizabeth falls ill with Smallpox.

  • Jan 12, 1563

    New parliment assembles.

  • Mar 1, 1563

    War between Protestants and Catholics in France worsens.

  • Mar 1, 1564

    Elizabeth offers up Robert Dudley up as a husband Mary, Queen of Scots.

  • Mar 1, 1566

    London Clergymen are suspended for refusing to wear vestments.

  • Feb 10, 1567

    Darnley - Mary, Queen of Scots husband is murdered

  • Jul 24, 1567

    Mary abdicates to allow her one year old son to ascend to the throne.

  • Jul 29, 1567

    Prince James is crowned King James VI

  • May 16, 1568

    Mary flees to Workington, Cumbria.

  • Feb 1, 1569

    Plague breakout in Edinburgh,

  • Nov 1, 1569

    Rebellion of Northern Earls.

    It aimed to get Elizabeth to release her cousin, Mary, Queen of Scots and freedom to practice the Roman Catholic religion.
  • Jan 1, 1570

    450 participants in the rebellion of the earls executed.

  • Aug 1, 1570

    Duke of Norfolk under house arrest.

    For participation in rebellion of North.
  • Jun 2, 1572

    Execution of the Duke of Norfolk.

    on Tower Hill for his participation in the Ridolfi Plot.
  • Aug 24, 1572

    St. Bartholemew's day massacre.

  • Aug 29, 1572

    Francis Drake seizes Spanish treasure in West Indies.

  • Jul 9, 1573

    Queen gives colonisation rights to the Earl of Essex over the county of Antrim in Northern Island.

  • Aug 1, 1573

    Drake brings a large amount of treasure to plymouth.

  • May 7, 1574

    Elizabeth renews Treat of Blois but lends some money to the French Huguenots.

  • Nov 1, 1574

    Essex orders execution of Brian O'Neill and sparks off rebellion.

  • May 17, 1575

    Archbishop Parker dies.

  • Sep 18, 1575

    Sir Henry Sidney sworn in as Lord Deputy of Ireland.

  • Feb 8, 1576

    Peter Wentworth claims that freedom of speech should be allowed in parliament.

  • Mar 15, 1576

    Peter Wentworth imprisioned in Tower.

  • May 1, 1577

    Archbishop Grindal placed under house arrest.

    Challenged Elizabeth on religion and the meetings between bishops called "Propheysings"
  • Aug 1, 1579

    Duke of Alencon woos Elizabeth 1

  • Mar 18, 1581

    Parliament dissolves after passing law, that makes it a treasonable offence to convert people to Catholicism.

  • Nov 2, 1581

    Duke of Alencon arrives in London to finalise the marriage arrangements with Elizabeth.

  • Feb 1, 1582

    Alencon leaves England after the marriage arrangements with Elizabeth fails.

  • Archbishop Grindal dies under house arrest.

  • Throckmorton under torture confesses about a Catholic plot to put Mary, Queen of Scots on the English Throne.

  • Scottish Parliament declares James VI head of the church.

  • Mary, Queen of Scots moved to Tutbury Castle.

  • Anglo-Spanish relations decline when Philip II orders seizure of English ships.

  • Philip of Spain assembles armarda.

  • Mary, Queen of Scots found guilty of treason.

  • Elizabeth signs death warrant of Mary, Queen of Scots.

  • Execution of Mary, Queen of Scots.

  • Spain enters into peace talks with England.

  • Spanish armada sighted off Scilly isles.

  • Destructionn of a large amount of the Spanish Armada by English fire ships and Calais.

  • JAmes VI puts down Catholic rebellion near Aberdeen.

  • Robert Cecil knighted.

  • Plays and games banned from outbreak of plague.

  • Large Spanish invasion feared.

  • Spanish Catholic plot against James VI uncovered.

  • Christopher Marlowe stabbed to death in a tavern brawl.

  • Queen and Essex fall out over the Queen not promoting Francis Bacon.

  • Queen gives banquet to celebrate 30yrs on the throne.

  • Youths involved in tower hill riot are hanged and disembowelled on Tower Hill.

  • Fear of new Spanish armada.

  • Anglo-Scottish border commission created.

  • Spanish fleet headed for Ireland is wrecked in Bay of Biscay.

  • Essex leaves for Ireland.

  • Essex returns to England without permission from Elizabeth.

  • Essex placed under House arrest.

  • Queen refuses Essex's New Year's Gift.

  • Essex privately executed at the Tower,

  • Tryone submits to the Queen.

    Was an Irish rebel against Liz 1. he was Catholic and didn't like the English rule in Ireland.It failed and he submitted to her.
  • Elizabeth dies. Names James VI successor as she dies.