The Diary of a Young Girl By: Anne Frank- A Non-Fiction Novel

  • Anne's 13th Birthday

    Anne's 13th Birthday
    It's Anne's 13th Birthday and she recieves the journal as a present from her family, which we are told in journal entry two days later. This is an image of Anne Frank, who is the "author" of this diary. I think that Anne Frank is a really inspirational historical figure because at such a young age she was able to handle the horrible circumstances she was put in with such grace and dignity.
  • First Journal Entry

    This is Anne's first journal entry describing her birthday. This is the beginning of the incredible story of Anne Frank's life. I know that anyone who reads The Diary of Anne Frank will be as touched as I was. The is about Anne's life during World War 2, while hiding from the Nazis.
  • Anne's father gets a call-up notice from the S.S.

    Anne and her family were Jewish, during Hitler's Jewish "roundups" Her father was called up to a concentraion camp for being Jewish by a group called the Schutzstaffel (SS) founded by Adolf Hitler. The call-up of Anne's father caused Anne and her family to go into hiding.
  • Anne and her family go into hiding

    Anne and her family go into hiding
    Anne, her family and the Van Daan's all hide from the the S.S. in Anne's father's old work warehouse, the "Secret Annexe". The middle building in the picture is the warehouse. The "Secret Annexe" is located behing the swinging cupboard making it invisible to anyone on the other side, but when you open the swinging cupboard there is a set of stairs that lead up to the "Secret Annexe." The "Secret Annexe" is in Holland, but Anne is origanly from Germany, her family fled because of Hitler.
  • Period: to

    Anne, her family and friends were in hiding

    I found this book truly inspirational and sad. I think that what happened to Anne and so many others is absolutley horrible and nobody especially children should ever in their lives have to endure what she did. Anne Frank's story is truly remarkable.
  • Many of Anne's family and friends are sent to concentration camps

    Many of Anne's family and friends are sent to concentration camps
    The Holocaust For more information on the Holocaust, click on the blue words.
    As time passes more and more Jewish people were being sent to concentration camps. There were so many Jewish families in the camps that Hitler had to ship some of them off to new bigger camps. This is an image of children in the Auschwitz Concentration Camp, during the Holocaust. It is important because that is where many of their friends were living.
  • The Secret Annexe takes in an 8th person

    The Secret Annexe takes in an 8th person
    Dr.Albert Dussel moves into the "Secret Annexe", with the Frank's and the Van Daan's. Dr.Albert Dussel or Dussel roomed with Anne.This is an image of Dussel.
  • Pim expects the Allies invasion

    One of Anne's father's old co-workers, Pim, tells Anne that he is expecting the Allies to launch their huge invasion against Hitler. Anne, her family, and friends waited for the invasion anxiously, but were dissapointed that the invasionn took much longer than expected.
  • Anne's is awakened by shooting

    Anne's is awakened by shooting
    On this night there was a short circuit in the "Secret Annexe" and on top of that, as Anne stated in her journal entry "guns kept banging away all the time." I think that it's horrible that a girl my age was woken up from the sound of gunshots. This is an image of World War 2 soldiers walking through the streets, this connects to what I was saying because the army is just walking in public with their guns in front of young kids because no child should ever feel in danger from a gun.
  • Turkey Joins the War... or not

    On March 18, 1943 Anne excitedly wrote that Turkey had joined the war. The next day she saddly corrected the mistake, Turkey had not yet joined the war.
  • Burglars?

    Peter Van Daan heard a large THUMP and jiggling of a door coming from down stairs. Peter and Otto, Anne's father went down stairs and hid behind barrels to investigate, but found nothing. The people of the "Secret Annexe" assumed that nothing had been taken and that the burglars would stop trying to break into the warehouse.
  • Living in Paradise

    Living in Paradise
    Anne realizes that compared to most Jewish famillies, she is living in paradise. While Anne is in hiding among her friends and family of whom she loves, most Jewish families didn't have that luxury at the time. Most families were in labor camps seperated from the ones they love with little food and water, unlike Anne who still recieved her rations of food from the goverment with her ration card. This is an image of Jewish men in labor camps during World War 2, what they went through was horrid.
  • Air battle and Shooting

    Air battle and Shooting
    On this day Anne witnesses a "terrific" air battle, men jumping from burning planes and yet another shooting. This is an image of a World War 2 plane in an air battle, this image is important because it shows what Anne saw on this day. I think that Anne has experienced and seen so much, that it has caused traumatic effects on her brainm or physcological damage.
  • Otto Frank's Birthday

    Otto Frank's Birthday
    For Anne's father's birthday she wrote him a "brilliant" birthday poem about the events of the past year. This is an image of Otto Frank, Anne's father.
  • Burglars for real this time!

    Peter Van Daan went to the warehouse and noticed that both warehouse doors and the door opening towards the street were open. The burglars forced their way in with crow bars and stole two cash boxes containing forty florins, postal order, check books, and worst of all, all the coupons for 150 kilos of sugar!
  • North Amsterdam gets bombed

    North Amsterdam gets bombed
    Anne talks about how North Amsterdam was heavily bombed yesterday. She talks of the horrible destruction, the ruins that lie in the streets and that up till now there were 200 dead and countless people wounded. Anne says "I shudder when I recall the dull droning rumble in the distance, which for us marked the approaching destruction." For me this represented how young and scared Anne is and that she lives in constant fear. This is an image of the streets of Amsterdam in ruins after the bombing.
  • Italy has capitualated

    Italy surrenders in the war, and Anne and her family are ecstatic. it This showed Anne that the Alllies were advancing and making progress in the war which means that they are one step closer to the war ending.
  • New School

    New School
    Anne's father apllied for a school that he could take classes at home and send his work in to a teacher to be graded. Anne's father would send the work under his name, Anne ans her sister Margot would do the work as well, so that they all had something to do, while in hiding. This picture is of Anne doing her school work, as she will be doing in her "new school".
  • Anne is lonely

    Anne is lonely
    Anne starts to feel more and more lonely, so she decides that she will start spending more time with Peter Van Daan so she can talk to someone other than her journal. Peter Van Daan is two years older than Anne and lives on the 3rd floor by himslef below the attic. Anne finds Peter very relaxed no matter what is going on around him, but at the same time he is helpless, shy and mysterious. This is a picture of Peter Van Daan.
  • Is Peter in love with Anne?

    Anne has always thought that Peter was in love with her sister Margot, but then Peter started starring at Anne very often in a more than friendly way. Anne is very joyful of this, but Peter also makes her feel very lonely inside and she just doesn't understand why.
  • Creepy burglary

    This burglary is "much more comlicated than the one in July 1943." When Mr.Van Daan went into the office he realized that the glass doors were open, so he walked through to the dark room to see that those doors were open too, so he went through to the main office to find it a terrible mess! Mr. Van Daan then walked down stairs to find the front door locked. The next day, the front door was wide open and the projector and Mr.Kraler's (Otto Frank's old co-worker) new porfolio were both missing!
  • Anne thinks about her life in 1942

    "If I think now of my life in 1942, it all seems so unreal." Anne says in her journal entry. She then talks about how back then she was a different Anne "who enjoyed that heavenly existence" from the Anne that has grown "wise" within these walls. This shows how much Anne has grown and matured while in the "Secret Annexe," by being able to recognize how much she has changed over the past few years.
  • The illegal food coupon distributers are caught

    The illegal food coupon distributers are caught
    The people that Anne, her family and friends illegaly got their food coupons from have been caught, so now all they have are their five ration cards to feed eight people, no coupons and no fats. This is an image of ration books (or ration cards) that were given to people during World War 2, in order to recieve food.
  • What if?

    Everyone in the "Secret Annexe" is very worried an keeps saying " If..." or "What if.." because everyone that knows about and protects the Secret Annexe is gone. Kraler has been called up to go digging, Elli has a "streaming" cold, Miep has the flu, and Koophuis is unconsciousness because he has such bad hemorrhage of the stomach. So the Secret Annexe will be unprotected for a few days.
  • Relief

    Everyone is very relieved because Kraler has been freed from digging by the court and Elli has gotten much healthier. Now, the "Secret Annexe" has proper protection and everyone could feel safer and realax a bit.
  • Love in the "Secret Annexe."

    Love in the "Secret Annexe."
    Anne realizes that she is in love with Peter, but she isn't thinking of marrying him. Peter just makes her so happy and cheerful and she thinks that Peter loves her as well.
  • The ladies are scared of the air raids.

    The ladies are scared of the air raids.
    Anne talks about how much she and the rest of the ladies in the household get scared by the air raids. An example of when she was scared was when 350 British planes dropped about half a million kilos of bombs on Ijmuiden, and how the house "trembled like like a wisp of grass in the wind." This picture is of air planes from World War 2 dropping bombs, like the planes did during the air raids Anne experienced.
  • The police will be warned

    Terrified that the married couple had informed the police, everyone in the "Secret Annexe" stayed upstairs and was as quiet as a mouse, waiting for the police to come.
  • The Hole

    A large plank fell out of the door to enter the warehouse and Peter went to warn the "Home Guard," The four men all entered downstairs they saw the burglars trying to enlarge the hole in the door, so Mr.Van Daan shouted "Police!" the burglars fled the scene instantly, the men placed a plank over the hole to make it unnoticable to the police. Suddenly a large kick sent the plank flying to the ground, the "Home Guard" ran quietly up the stairs as a married couple stuck their heads in the hole with
  • Anne's first kiss

    Anne's first kiss
    Anne gets her first kiss, and it's from Peter! The way it came about was that Peter and Anne were haning out as usual, but as Peter was putting on his gym shoes and they were about to head down stairs, suddenly Peter kissed Anne through her hair, half on her cheek and half on her ear. Anne was very ecstaic about the kiss, but couldn't help thinking, what would her father say?
  • Daddy doesn't approve

    After Anne informed her dad of what was happening between her and Peter, he was not very happy that Anne was going upstairs with Peter so often. He said that it isn't right for them to spending so much time together in such a confined space. This upset Anne very much because she felt that her daddy didn't trust her.
  • Anti-Semitism

    Everyone in the "Secret Annexe" is greatly horrified and regretful to hear that the attiude towards the Jewish has changed. Anti-Semitism (the intese dislike for and prejudice against Jewish people) has emerged in circles that had never thought of it before. This is an image a political comic of anti-semitism, showing the Jewish gold star being burned with hate.
  • The Vegetable man has been caught

    The "Secret Annexe's" Vegetable man was caught for hiding two Jewish people in his house. This situation showed Anne that not only was hiding from the Nazis unsafe for her, but is was unsafe for the people helping her as well.
  • The Invasion!

    The Invasion!
    Finally, the invasion of England had begun, 11,000 planes stood ready, and were flying back and fourth, landing troops and attacking behind enemy lines; 4,000 boats plus "small craft," are landing their troops. English and American troops had already started fighting hard. This is an image of a newspaper article about the beginning of the invasion.
  • Anne's 15th Birthday

    It's Anne's 15th birthday! For her birthday she recieved all five parts of Sprenger's 'History of Art', a set of underwear, a handkerchief, two bottles of yoghourt, a pot of jam, a spice ginger bread cake. a book on botany, a double bracelet, a book, sweet peas, sweets , an excersise book, the book 'Maria Theresa', three slices of cream cheese and a bunch of peonies from Peter.
  • The last journal entry

    Anne's last journal entry was all about the inner battles that Anne went through daily with herself and how she really was never very happy. In Anne's last journal entry she didn't know that she would soon be found and sent away.
  • The Frank's and Van Daan's get caught by the Gestapo

    After recieving information from a Dutch informer, The Gestapo forced their way into the "Secret Annexe." The eight Jews, Mr.Kraler and Mr.Koophuis, were taken to Gestapo headquarters and were imprisoned for weeks. While the Frank's and Van Daan's were sent away, Koophuis was let go because of medical issues, but Kraler was sent to a labor camp for eight weeks.
  • Last Shipment

    Last Shipment
    The Allies capture Brussels, but these eight were among the last shipment of thousands of Jews to leave Holland. They were hearded into a freight train and for three days the train traveled east across Germany. On the third night they reached Auschwitz in Polland, they were forced onto a platform seperated into men and women groups, that was the last time Otto Frank ever saw the rest of his family. This is an image of the Auschwitz concentraion camp.
  • Belson, Germany

    Belson, Germany
    At some time during October, Anne, Margot and Mrs.Van Daan were all among a group of the youngest and strongest women moved to Belson in Germany. This is an image of the Belson prison camp, that these women moved to.
  • Mrs. Frank dies

    She was left alone, refused to eat, "her mind wandering," and she died in the infirmary of Auschwitz.
  • Anne finds her old friends Lies.

    Anne finds her old friends Lies.
    Anne discovers that Belson is different that Auschwitz, there is no roll call, orginaztion, food or water. Anne found her old friend, Lies from school at Belson. All of Lies' family members were dead and Anne told Lies that she didn't know what happened to her father, her mother was left behind at Auschwitz, and only Margot was left with her but she was very sick already. This is an image of the Belson Camp.
  • Mr. Van Daan gets gassed and Peter is gone

    At some time in February Otto Frank witnessed Mr. Van Daan being taken to be gassed. Also at some time Peter was taken with the SS on a march to the west, to escape the Russians and was never heard from again.
  • Margot and Anne die

    Margot died toward the end of February, from sickness. Anne was never informed of Margot's death, but after a few days Anne was able to sense it. Anne died peacfully, shortly after Margot "feeling that nothing bad was hapenning to her." Anne was not yet 16.