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Pride and Prejudice

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    Pride and Prejudice

  • Mr.Bingley meets Mr.Bennet

    Mr.Bennet goes to meet Mr.Bingley without his families knowledge.
  • Bingley returns the call.

    Bingley returned the call and invited the Bennets to the ball.
  • Bingley goes to town.

  • Mr.Collins writes his letter to Mr.Bennet

  • Bingley Returns

    Bingley returns on the day before the ball with friend his friend Darcy and his two sisters Caroline and Mrs.Hurst.
  • The first ball.

    The Bennets were invited to a ball, which was the first introduction of Jane and Mr.Bingley. Mr.Darcy snubs Elizabeth. Elizabeth dislikes Mr.Darcy very much for his arrogance and his pride she has no interest in him because of his way of being. She wants nothing to do with him.
  • Bennets go to Lucas lodge.

    Here they find out that Mr.Bingley danced with Jane more than any other girl at the ball.
  • Mr.Bennet replies to Mr.Collins letter.

  • Miss Bingley writes Jane inviting her to dinner.

  • Jane gets sick at the Bingleys and is forced to stay longer.

    Jane writes a letter to Elizabeth informing her of her illness. Elizabeth decides to walk over there to comfort her sister.
  • The Bennet sisters finally leave Netherfield.

    Jane was feeling better so Elizabeth asked Mr.Bingley to borrow his carriage to go home.
  • Mr.Bennet reveals of writing to Mr.Collins and his upcoming visit.

    Mr.Collins arrives to Longbourne.
  • Evening party at Meryton

    Wickham reveals to Elizabeth the story of his childhood with Mr.Darcy and how he treated him so wrong and left him with no money.
  • Bingley invites the Bennets to the following ball.

  • Mr.Wickham goes to town.

    because of his going out of town he wasnt able to go to the ball at Netherfield.
  • The ball at Netherfield

    Elizabeth dances with Darcy unwillingly and with Mr.Collins.
  • Mr.Bingley goes to london for a short time.

    Mr.Bingley ends up staying over there for a long time because his sister or friend doesnt want him to be with Jnae.
  • Mr.Collins proposes to Elizabeth and she refuses.

  • Mr.Bingleys friend and sister go on to London.

    They will not be arriving back till 6 months
  • Mr.Collins proposes to Charlotte, Elizabeths best friend.

    Charlotte accepts because she is old and believes no better opportunities are to come.
  • Charlotte reveals her engagement to Elizabeth

    Elizabeth believes Mr.Collins does not deserve her friend
  • Miss Bingley writes a letter to Jane.

    Miss Bingley states how Mr.Bingley will marry Miss Darcy and makes Elizabeth feel very bad
  • Mr and Mrs.Gardiner arrive to spend Christmas at Longbourne

  • Jane goes to London with the Gardiners

  • Jane send a letter to Elizabeth

    Jane says she havent seen anything of Mr.Bingley but has written with Miss Bingley and she was very nice to her.
  • Jane second letter

  • Jane meets with Miss Bingley

    everything seemed right she thought there was no negative feelings Miss Bingley couldve had towards her.
  • Jane realizes she cant be friends with Miss Bingley

    Miss Bingley was very rude towards her and cut her friendship with Jane
  • Jane still hasnt seen Bingley

  • Elizabeth goes to London with Charlottes father Sir William Lucas

  • Elizabeth meets Lady Catherine de Bourgh

    She has dinner at her house while Lady Catherine insults Elizabeth because of her lack of class
  • Collins brings Darcy to the cottage which he is then to see Elizabeth again

  • Darcy sees Elizabeth alone at the cottage writing to Jane

  • Darcy proposes to Elizabeth and she refuses

  • Darcy hands a letter to Elizabeth

    In his letter he reveals all the reasons why he seems to have so pride and reveals his involvement with Bingley and Janes relationship and what exactly happened between him and wickham, Darcy is innocent and was judged wrong.
  • Elizabeth leaves the Collins's to go to the Gardiners home

  • Elizabeth and Jane go back home.

  • Lydia is invited to Brighton

    Elizabeth insists that she doesnt go to her father because she does not know how to behave
  • Gardiners go visit Longbourne again

    Gardiners take Elizabeth on a trip to explore London
  • Lydia runs away from Brighton with Wickham

    They both run away to Scotlnd to escape Wickhams debts
  • Mrs.Gardiner want to see Pemberly

    Elizabeth prefers not to go because she doesnt want to run into Mr.Darcy but she goes anyway
  • The Gardiners and Elizabeth reach Pemberly

  • Elizabeth sees Darcy

    Elizabeth sees Darcy and meets his siter she also sees Bingley again
  • A letter from Jane arrived

    The letter states that Lydia ran away with Wickham this shocks Elizabeth and makes her go back home right away
  • Lizzy arrives back home

  • Elizabeth unclke and dad go searching for Lydia

    Darcy also did his own searching and was succesful in finding them. He paid all Wickhams debts, wedding and gave him money yearly.
  • Darcy comes back

    Darcy comes to speak to Elizabeth of all his feelings he still has
  • Lydia and Wickham was found

  • Lydia and Wickham got married

    Darcy went to the wedding
  • Lydia comes to dine with her family

    Lydia admits Darcy was at the wedding so Elizabeth writes Mrs.Gardiner for an explantation of his presence there
  • Elizabeth finally receives a letter from Mrs.Gardiner

    the letter explain how he paid for everything at the wedding
  • Darcy and Bingley arrive to Longbourne

  • Bingley proposes to Jane

    He goes to ask Mr.Bennet permission for her hand in marriage and he approves
  • Lady Catherine goes to visit Elizabeth

    she want to know if Elizabeth is engaged to Mr.Darcy because it is the rumor. Lizzy admits that she is not but doesnt promised she is not going to be in the future
  • Lizzy and Darcy get engaged

    Lizzy accepts his proposal but now has to admit to all her family she had loved him for a long time and didnt hate him so much for his pride
  • Lizzy and Jane get married