Queen elizabeth i

Queen Elizabeth I of England

  • Jun 28, 1491

    Henry VIII

    Henry VIII
    The WivesBacame king young(18), married 6 times, created Cof E, was obsessed withhaving a male heir.
  • Jun 24, 1509

    Catherine of Aragon

    Catherine of Aragon
    Unconsamated marriage to Prince Athur, widdowed and married to Henry VIII. Gave birth to 2 short lived sons and Mary I, eldest daughter of Henry VIII and 1/2 sister of Elizabeth I.
  • Jan 25, 1533


    Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII married in secret before the annulation of his marriage to Catherine of Aragon on 23 May and after Henry VIII's 6 year affair with Anne's sister, Mary, with whom he had a son (basterdized, of course).
  • Sep 7, 1533


    Elizabeth was born in Greenwich Palace
  • May 19, 1536

    Goodbye Mumsie

    Anne Boleyn was beheaded along with George Boleyn on charges of insest, plot against the king, and on Anne's part, multiple accounts of adultery. None of these charges were ever completely proven and all confesions were tortured out of the accussed.
  • May 30, 1536

    Jane Seymour

    Jane Seymour
    Jane Seymour and Henry VIII married 11 days after anne Boleyn's death. Jane was a Lady in Waiting to Queen Anne. She had Edward VI on Oct. 12 1537 and died shortly after. Henry VIII considrered her his "first true wife".
  • Jul 6, 1553

    Edward VI dies

    Edward VI dies
    Edward VI dies of what may have been consumption. Will left Lady Jane Gray in accession. Henry VII's will left Mary I next in line. Mary forced Lady Jane Gray from throne.
  • Jul 21, 1553

    Philip of Spain and Mary I

    Philip of Spain and Mary I
    Shortly after becoming queen, Mary I married Phillip of Spain. Not popular with Protestants. Elizabeth=savior and icon of new faith.
  • Apr 21, 1554


    Imprisoned in the Tower until May 19 because she(being Protestsnt) was thought to be a danger to her 1/2 sister Mary I's Catholic rule. Was them moved to Oxfordshire and kept under "house-arrest".
  • Mar 18, 1556

    the Cousin

    the Cousin
    New plot against the Queen revieled. Saved by King Philip II of Spain (Mary I's hubbie) from serious investigation and possible execution. Why save the bastard princess? Because her death would put Mary Queen of Scots, Elizabeth I's cousin and bride to be of French Dauphin, next in line. a heritic is apparently better than a french puppet (as long as they can be married to an ally of the king).
  • Jan 3, 1559


    5 year trade embargo: Anglo-Spanish political relations badly deteriorated.
  • Jan 12, 1559


    Mary I's animosity overcome and Henry VIII's succession line untouched, Elizabeth Tudor becomes Elizabeth I of England. Woot!
  • Apr 7, 1559

    Peace of Caeau-Cambresis

    Ended Mary I's war with France and Scotland. Mary Queen of Scots signed, but did not completely honour the treaty.
  • May 29, 1559

    Dismantling of Catholic Church

    Dismantling of Mary I's church begins wit the replacement of the Bishop of London. Royal Commisioners appointed to spread "true religion" : destroyed images and alters and suppressed monastic houses reopened during Mary I's reighn.
  • Dec 24, 1559

    Aid Against Catholics

    Decided to aid Scottish Protestants against Mary of Guise, the French Catholic Regent (Mary Queen of Scots mum). There was fear of invasion of England by French forces after the Scotish Lords defeat.
  • Feb 27, 1560

    Treaty of Berwick

    Scottish Protestants officially under English protection after signing of treaty by Duke of norfolk. The battles began.
  • Jul 6, 1560

    Treaty of Edinburgh

    France and England leave Scotland, as stated in treaty. Mary of Scots refused to ratify it: denied her rights to bear arms of England and succesion after Elizabeth I's death.
  • Dec 5, 1560

    economy restoration

    economy restoration
    attempts to restore coinage. Involved lowering coin value and getting all alloy-mixed coins to be replaced with pure ones. lasted untill Oct. 1561 and created a sounder economy and money circulatin for future.
  • Oct 17, 1562

    Death Scare

    Nearly died of Small Pox unwed and without a named successor. Hinted to Parliament of plans to marry.
  • Jun 1, 1563

    Not a good Year

    Not a good Year
    Bubonic Plague among troops, 20,000 died in London alone in the next 9 months of Plague, natural disasters.
  • Mar 1, 1564


    Englad and France at peace. A suggested marriage of Mary Queen of Scots and Lord Robert Dudley(
    Earl of Leicester), Mary considered the proposal if in return Elizabeth would name her as next in line to the throne. In March of 1565, Elizabeth informed Mary that marrying the earl of Leicecter would not ensure her position if Elizabth were to die childless. mary instead married Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley. Elizabeth I saw this as a threat. (shared Grandmother: Margaret Tudor).
  • May 2, 1568

    Mary imprisoned

    Mary Queen of Scotts escaped imprisonment after husband's death and fled to England where she was placed in Carlisle Castle under "house arrest".
  • Beheading of Mary Queen of Scots

    Beheading of Mary Queen of Scots
    Serious plot against Queen. Elizabeth I forced to sign Mary Stuart's death warrant.
  • Spanish Armada

    Spanish Armada
    Philip II intended to overthrow Elizabeth by invasion. Had been plotting to get Mary Stuart in throne. Elizabeth supported Dutch Revolt, retaliation on Philip II's part. Entire mission failed. England great naval force.
  • Death

    Tudor LineDied at Richmond Palace without any children as heirs, no husband to take over. Named James I as succesor (son of Mary Queen of Scotts and Lord Henry Darnley.)
  • James I

    James I
    Succession LineJames I of England/ VI of Scotland, son of Mary Stuart Queen of Scots accedes to throne. Ended war with Spain in 1604 and lowered taxes. Eventually disliked though.