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The Top Ten Computer Events in History

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    Computer Event Timeline

  • Zuse Introduces Z1

    Zuse Introduces Z1
    The Z1, a computing device that reads instructions from punched tape, is introduced.This event is crucial to computer history because Z1 is the first programmable calculating machine that uses the binary code. Since binary code is the code of computers and is used in computers and electronic devices everywhere, this deserves a spot on the timeline.
  • The Mathematical Theory of Communication

    The Mathematical Theory of Communication
    Published by Claude Shannon, the "Mathematical Theory of Communication" was a monumental piece about coding data. Shannon published the work to show engineers how to code data and check for accuracy after transimission between computers. The publication of the "Mathematica lTheory of Communication" was a major player in computer history because it helped people know if their transmission had worked. What would this world be like if people didn't know if their conveyance had been accurate.
  • IBM Builds the First Hardrive

    IBM Builds the First Hardrive
    The first hardrive, built by IBM, contains fifty 24-inch disks and has a capacity of 5 MB. It costs over $1,000,000. This is important because it is the first form of secondary memory seen in hard drive format. Secondary memory is incredibly crucial to the functioning of a computer, and without it computers would be unable to work to their full capacity.
  • The Program Sketchpad is Created

    The Program Sketchpad is Created
    Sketchpad, the first graphics system to be seen, is created by Ivan Sutherland. This event plays a monumental role in computer history because Sketchpad provided the base for all modern Computer-aided Drafting. Drafting provides us with sketches for basically all infrastructure, so it warrants description.
  • A Type of E-mail is Created

    A Type of E-mail is Created
    A kind of e-mail is created by Ray Tomlinson. This is exceptionally momentous in computer history because e-mail is one of the first devices to communicate electonically with someone from anywhere. E-mail has played an academic, career-related and personal role in the lives of people everywhere. Because of that reason, e-mail earns a spot of recognition.
  • The Intel 8080 processor is Introduced

    The Intel 8080 processor is Introduced
    The Intel 8080 processor is first seen by the world. Obviously created by Intel, this processor has been professionally labeled as "the first truly usable microprocessor." For this reason, I believe the introduction of the Intel 8080 processor played an incredibly vital part in the history of computers.
  • The TRS-80 Model 100 is Introduced

     The TRS-80 Model 100 is Introduced
    The first personal laptop computer, the The TRS-80 Model 100, is introduced to the world. As the first of its kind, it shocked the world by presenting technology that allowed computers to travel. This made using computers much easier, since they were not confined, and revolutionized the computer world. That is why I believe the introduction of the The TRS-80 Model 100 drastically affected computer history.
  • Musical Instrument Digital Interface

    Musical Instrument Digital Interface
    The Musical Instrument Digital Interface standards are created for interfacing computers with digital music synthesizers. This event, much like the Sketchpad program, has provided a strong, sturdy base for many modern synthesizing programs. Companies like Yamaha would not have made breakthroughs like Vocaloid without the first Musical Instrumental DIgital Interface standards.
  • The World Wide Web is Introduced

    The World Wide Web is Introduced
    The link that connects nearly the whole world, the World Wide Web, or Internet, is introduced to the public. This is a remarkable event in computer history because the Internet is what holds all of the online programs of the world: from e-mail to Google to all the websites ever created. Without it, everything we access online would be gone. People use the Internet for nearly everything, and without it, we would be drastically behind in regards to technology.
  • The Mosiac Web Browser is Released

    The Mosiac Web Browser is Released
    Mosiac Web Browser, designed by Eric Bina and Marc Andreessen, was released into the Internet. It was the first commercial software that allowed users to access the Internet graphically. This warrants a place on the timeline because without the Mosiac Web Browser, the public would be unable to make use of the Internet. Like Graphical User Interface (GUI), people have a harder time typing in numbers and intsructions and would prefer working with graphics.