The Texan Revolution

By 2gomezp
  • Fredonian Rebellion

    Fredonian Rebellion
    The Fredonian Rebellion started in December, 21,1826 and ended in January,31,1827. The Rebellion was lead by Haden Edward when he declared independence from mexico and created the Republic of Fredonia near Nacogdoches.
  • The Manual Mier Y Teran Report

    The Manual Mier Y Teran Report
    The Mier and Teran report were sent on a mission to check on the Texans he found that there was more Anglo's than Tejano's. The Mexican government was worried about how fast the population was growing and the rebellion which started the law of April 6 1830.
  • Law of April 6,1830

    Law of April 6,1830
    The law of April 6,1830 was the law that the Mexican government set up. 1) All immigration from theU.S would stop. 2) No more impresario grants for Americans 3) No new slaves in Texas. 4) Land grants for Europeans and Mexican only. 5) A tax on all good from the U.S
  • The Turtle Bayou Resolutions

    The Turtle Bayou Resolutions
    The Turtle Bayou Resolutions was made by the Texan's. This was made to show Mexico that they were not rebelling and that they were loyal to Mexico.
  • The Battle of Gonzales

    The Battle of Gonzales
    The Battle of Gonzales took place in the town of Gonzales. The Texans had a canon given to them to protect themselves against the Indians but instead used it against the Mexican army. The Texan's made a flag saying "Come and Take" with a canon on it. This was the first battle in Texas history.
  • Captures of San Antonio

    Captures of San Antonio
    The captures of San Antonio occurred in December 1835. It was the fight for San Antonio when the Texans took over San Antonio to start there republic and independence towards Mexico. Benjiman Milam had joined the Mexican army but later joined the Texan army to help fight for independence. At the time in 1835 Santa Anna had thrown the Mexican republic then made himself dictator and the reason why he left the Mexican army
  • Siege of the Alamo

    Siege of the Alamo
    In December 1835 Texas gained independence from Mexico and beaing lead by George Collinworth and Benjamin Milam. The Mexican army had an advantage because they had taken over the Alamo. Not many people survived the battle.
  • Texas Declaration of Independence

    Texas Declaration of Independence
    The Texan Declaration of Independence was made overnight at the Almo because it was a fortress against Santa Anna army. There was many people who helped make it. It was the Convention of 1836. Some one who helped make it is George C. Childress and it was manly similar to the United States constitution.
  • Massacar of Goliad

    Massacar of Goliad
    The massacre of Goliad was right after the Sigue of the Alamo. At the time Colenel Fannin James, was encharged of the Texan army and taking them to Victoria but instead stayed in Goliad.. When he finally decided to leave he took everything and slowed them down. After this they stooped at Cole Creek were Santa Anna ordered to kill them all with no survives left.
  • Run Away Scrape

    The Run Away Scrape came right after the battle of Goliad. The Texans had heard about the massacre in Goliad and they were dramatically frightened of the Mexican army. With hope of still living they rapidly left there homes to find Sam Houston's army as they headed eastward to find him.
  • Battle of San Jacintio

    When Santa Anna's army reached the run aways is when the battle of Jacinto started. The battle only lasted 18 minutes and the Texan army won the fight and Santa Anna's army had lost.
  • Treaty of Velosco

    The treaty was signed in May 14 1836. The traty was made to establish peace between the separation of Texas and Mexico. The things om the treaty were things that the people in Texas wanted. The secret treaty said that they wanted to make a border to recognize the treaty.