The Start of the Internet

  • Cold war origins

    The Internet owes its beginning to the cold war, a rivalry between America and the Soviet union over technology in 1945.
  • Department of defence

    The Soviet union was capeable of creating highky destructib=ve weapons. The department of defence founded the Advanced Research Projects Agency to pursue research in missle technology. These projects would develope into the internet.
  • Lickelider

    Licklider had written a research paper in 1960 describing his proposal for a "Galactic Network" which is is an interconnected global network of computers that could share data and programs.
  • ARPA

    In 1962 ARPA created a computer research team called the Information Proccesing Technologies Office(IPTO) REsearchers were were charged with devising a new way to share information between ARPA computers.
  • packet switching

    In 1966 te IPTO began developing a computer network capable of transmitting information over telephone lines. They used a method called Packet Switching
  • Computor Processor

    In 1969 a computer scientist installed the first Computer processor capable of handling digital packet switched data on a host computer
  • ARPAnet

    By 1971 a total of 23 host computers at 15 different intitutions were a part of the ARPAnet.
  • E-mail

    In 1972, ARPA researchers developed a computer program that enabled people to send breif messages. This was the beginning of e-mail.
  • CERN

    Tim Berners-lee a British computer researcher at CERN invented the World Wide Web. The system allowed the internet to display photographs, videos, and sound.
  • Gopher

    A search program called Gopher developed at the Universary of Minnesota became public. Gopher organized info on the internet based on related topics. It also allowed people to use a men =u like system to find whar they were looking for.
  • Berner-lees Web

    Universities and research centers around the world rapidly obtained Berner-lees Web Program, which was freely avaiilable on the internet. In late 1992, the program had been used to create about 50 sites on the World Wide Web.
  • Mosaic Netscape

    In 1994 Mosaic Communication launched a commercial Web browser system called Mosaic Netscape. They later changed the name to Netscape Navigator.
  • Microsoft vrs. Netscape

    In 1995 Microsoft Corp. released its own web called Internet Explorer. Microsoft and Netscape quickly entered a batlle to create the most popular browser.
  • Internet Explorer wins

    In 1999 America Online puchased Netscape. By 2000, more then half of the personal computers used Internet Explorer, Whlie a third used Netscape Navigator
  • Website

    By 2002, the web expanded to over 36 millions of websites. Thousands more were uploaded daily.