The Slaughterhouse 5

  • Chapter 2.1 - Billy Pilgrim's early life

    He was born in 1922 in Illium, New york. He is very tall and lanky. He studied to become an optometrist, but was drafted to WW2 before graduating. His father died while he was at war (so it goes).
  • chapter 4.2

    While the soldiers took showers and had their close deliced Billy travelled back in time to when he was a baby. He just bathed.
  • chapter 2.6 - Billy Swimming

    Billy first becomes unstuck and lands here. His dad is teaching him to swim the hard way.
  • chapter 5.2 - grand canyon

    Billy goes to the grand canyon with his family.
  • chapter 5.3 - Carlsburg Caverns

    Billy experiences total darkness for the first time in his life. Cool stuff.
  • chapter 2.5 - behind enemy lines

    Billy first came unstuck in time during WW2. Billy was himself behind enemy lines with 2 scouts and an anti-tank gunner named Roland Weary. Both Billy and Weary were useless at war. Weary was living under the impression, however, that he was an extremely good soldier. Billy came unstuck for the first time here.
  • chapter 2.11 - The end of the 3 musketeers

    After getting drunk, he wakes up in WW2. The scouts ditch Weary and Billy because they are holding them back. Billy was hallucinating about time travel.
  • Chapter 2.13 - Billy and Weary get discovered by Germans

    Billy wakes up after giving his speech to Weary beating him up. A couple German soldiers find them and watch as they fight.
  • chapter 3.1

    Weary and Billy are captured and have all their weapons taken away. They also lose their shoes and are taken to a stone cottage.
  • chapter 3.3 - Capture photos

    After waking up at his office, he woke again in world war two. It is time for him and the other american soldiers to leave. He had to stage photos of the Germans capturing him.
  • Chapter 3.5

    After waking up in Luxembourg, he finds himself marching with other prisoners. The American prisoners are loaded onto trains to be taken to POW camps. A Colonel called Wild Bob is dilusional and thinks that Billy and the other prisoners are his troops. He invites all the troops to his home in Wyoming for a reunion after the war. Billy is with a hobo in his train who is surprisingly optimistic. In another car Wild Bob dies. While waiting to leave in the boxcar he falls asleep.
  • chapter 4.3 - sleeping problems

    Nobody wants Billy to sleep near them because he kicks and whimpers in his sleep. On the 9th day in the car the hobo died. That same day on the next car over Weary died and had someone promise to avange him by killing Billy. When they finally arrived they were given frozen coats from dad soldiers and Billy got one from a dead civilian. There is an American named Edgar Derby who is in great shape, but will not survive the war. There is also an American named Lazzaro who promised to avenge Weary.
  • chapter 5.4 - delousing again

    Billy finished cleaning himself, and his clothes were deloused. He ripped his jacket because it was too small for him. The American POW were lead to sheds where they were greeted by 50 englishmen who had been captured at the beginning of the war. After they performed Cinderella for the Americans, Billy passed out and was taken to a hospital.
  • chapter 5.6

    Billy is back in the hospital. He found out how Edgar Derby got captured and fell back asleep, waking up again in 1948
  • chapter 5.10

    Billy gets caught on barbed wire and freed by a Russian back in the POW camp. He meets the author of the book briefly.
  • Chapter 2.2 - Billy after the war

    Billy returned from war, and continued in his studies of optometry. Before graduating, he engaged the daughter of the founder of the school. Then he had a nervous breakdown. After being treated through therapy, he married his fiancé, and became an optometrist. He did well as an optometrist, and raised a family. His daughter, Barbara married an optometrist, and his son, Robert joined the Green Beret, fighting in vietnam.
  • chapter 5.5 - mental hospital

    After fainting at Cinderella, Billy woke up in a mental hospital 4 years later. Nobody thought he was going crazy until he went to the mental hospital of his own free will, where the doctors could tell he was going crazy. He shared a room with Elliot Rosewater who introduced him to Science Fiction. His mother also visited often, but Billy always pretended to be alseep when she was there.
  • chapter 5.7

    Billy woke up in the hopsital. His mother was gone and his fiancé was there. He didn't want to marry her. He knew he was going crazy because he proposed to her.
  • Chapter 5.9 - Honeymoon

    Billy and his wife are on their honeymoon. She questions him about war. He told her about the execution of Edgar Derby.
  • chapter 2.8 - Billy's son's little league victory

    After visiting his mother in the hospital, he went back in time to his son's little league game. Robert's coach was very proud.
  • chapter 2.12 - Billy Gives a speech

    After hallucinating about ice skating, he time travels to a chinese restaurant where he gives an amazing speech.
  • Chapter 2.10 - Billy Cheats

    After his son's baseball victory he travels to a new years eve party in 1961. He is drunk and cheats on his wife. He passes out in the back seat of his car. He wakes up back in WW2.
  • chapter 2.7 - Billy visits his old mother

    After going to his first swim, he lands here. His mother has pneumonia, but survives for a few years afterwards, despite being very old. She asks him "How did i get so old?". He read a book about Private Sovik, the first American soldier to be killed in a fire sqaud since WW1
  • chapter 4.4 - Golfing

    Billy is golfing with 7 other optometrists. He gets dizzy and wakes up on a flying saucer going to Tralfamadore.
  • Chapter 3.2 - Nothing to special happens at his office

    After Billy fell asleep in the stone cottage, he awoke in 1968. In 1968 he fell asleep while examining a patient. This aparently happens alot.
  • chapter 3.4

    After the Germans made him fake the photos, he finds himself driving through 1967. Their was a lot of contsruction in this area, as they were building communitiy centres. Billy goes to a Lion's Club meeting where a major in the Vietnam war was talking about how America had to stay n the war. Billy is very happy with his life, and very wealthy. He also is supposed to take a nap every day. Billy ignores a crippled salesman and takes a nap. He wakes up in Luxembourg.
  • chapter 4.1 - Kidnapped

    After falling asleep in the boxcar he wakes in 1967 on his daughter's wedding night. He gets abducted by Tralfamadorians that night. He watched a war movie backwards and in the end saw everybody in the world turn back to Adam and Eve. This is when he gets abducted. He goes through a time warp with the tralfamadorians. They put him in a zoo exhibit. He gets drugged and wakes up back in 1944.
  • chapter 4.5

    After golfing, Billy wakes up on his way to Tralfamadore. He finds out that earthlings are both good at explaining things and the only creatures in the universe with a concept of free will.
  • chapter 4 - kidnapping

    Billy gets drunk on his daughter's wedding night and gets kidnapped by tralfamadorians.
  • chapter 5.1 - the trip

    Billy tried to read a Tralfamadorian book. It is comprised of a bunch of random images that come together to make something beautiful.
  • chapter 2.3 - Billy after the plane crash.

    Billy, among other optometrist,s were on a plane to Montreal that crashed. Everybody but Billy died (so it goes). Billy suffered a head injury, and his wife died while he was in hospital (so it goes). Billy returned home, and after a short period of quiet, suddenly left for NYC, where he did an all-night radio show. He talked about how he could become 'unstuck' in time, and how he had been abducted by Tralfamadorians. His daughter brought him home,
  • Chapter 2.4 - Billy's letters

    Billy sent a letter to the newspaper describing the aliens, and how they could see a 4th dimension of time. The aliens taught him that even if somebody dies in the moment you are in, they could are still alive in moments that have passed, but still exist. This is where the term "so it goes" came from. While writing a second letter his daughter asks why he never brought up the aliens before, and he says because "the time was never ripe".
  • chapter 5.8

    Billy is in a tralfamadorian zoo. They tried to recreate an earth environment. They tell billy how the universe ends, and how there is no peace in the universe.
  • Chapter 1 - The only chapter that takes place in one time

    The seemingly main character introduces his firend, Bernard V. O'Hare. He tells of how they both were in Dresden in WW2, and how he wanted to right a book about it. He talks about his trip back to Dresden where they meet a Russian taxi driver. He also provides a background of himself. He studied as an Anthropologist and worked as a news reporter. Most of these details are difficult to define as important or random. The last sentance of his first chapter is the first and last words of his book.