the seven week's war

By nuriko
  • revolution of 1848

    revolution of 1848
    Following several decades of repression, a strong desire for liberal reform.The princes, frightened and poorly prepared for revolution, granted constitutions and parliamentary assemblies and appointed liberal ministries all over Germany. They also pacified the peasants by canceling the remaining feudal dues. German nationalists called a National Assembly in Frankfurt to prepare the unification of Germany as a liberal constitutional state.
  • the danish war ''jan garcia'''

    the danish war             ''jan garcia'''
    the danish create a new constitutions but the prussia and the austrians protested to the new constitution of denmark . the prussians and austrians declared a war called '' the danish war '' the denmark lose the war and prussians got the schlewig and austria got the independent state of the confederation
  • seven weeks war

    seven weeks war
    prussia declared a war in 1866 over ongoing schleswig and holstein dispute. prussia efficient conduct during the war statled the whole world . the treaty of prague is ended the war
  • the franco - prussians war

    the franco - prussians war
    south germany join to north german and king william receive a telegram . bismack expected thue soputh states united agains the french threat . the superb prussian army defeat the french
  • formation of german empire

    formation of german empire
    on 1871 representatives of of german states met the hall of mirrors at the versailles , they declare a formation of german empire , including german states except to austria. prussians king was proclaimed as a german emperor called as a ''iron chancellor'' , bismack accept the the constitution that united 25 german goverment. each states had own right to handdle domestic matters , the federal control the matters and trhe emperor called KAISER , headed if goverment . he control yhwe military