The Sara's timeline

  • My first contact with electronic

    My first contact with electronic
    The first time i have contact with electronic was when my mom was pregnant and she put me music for me to stop kicking.
  • My first time with a electronic device.

    My first time with a electronic device.
    My parents told me that when i was over three months old I start to listened and saw one group of music called "Cantajuegos". They say that I ejoyed it.
  • Wii

    A year after my little brother born, my parents give us console called Wii in which there was too much games, it was so fun play with him when he grow up.
  • Fear of the dark

    Fear of the dark
    When my brother born, i started to need a new room, because in my parents room there is not space for all family, so, in my birthday my uncle give me a tv for help me with my fear of the dark.
  • Period: to

    A tablet

    The first electronic device i got it it was a tablet. I was 8 years old when "Los Reyes Magos" brought me one. Unfortunately it broke around one year later.
  • My first mobile phone.

    My first mobile phone.
    Finally, when i did mi first communion, my godfather gave me my first mobile phone, one Huawei, that ended up breaking before he could even be a year old.
  • Other phone...

    Other phone...
    My bad lucky with the phone still existing. After the Huawei my mother give me her Samsung but I lost it just before to enter the institute. And for that my parents bough me a Xiaomi Redmi Note.
  • Other electronic deviece.

    Other electronic deviece.
    Two years ago, more or less, in Christmas give me a computer, this time i still have it and is a great help form me in everything, although it is already somewhat old.
  • To this day

    To this day
    Ending with this timeline. The other phone it didn't last long, it broke against the ground, so, came into my life other new phone and the one i have in day now.