The Road to Revolution

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    The Road to Mexican Independence

  • Treaty of Paris

    Treaty of Paris
    Treaty of ParisThe Treaty if Paris is a document between the Spanish, French and United States, in order to end the war the Spanish and French had to give their land. (The French gave up the Mississippi River and Canada, while the Spanish gave up Florida.) Robert Dinwiddie decided to ask the French to withdraw and the U.S, captured a fort. In 1763 the Treaty of Paris was declared to end the French and Indian war.
  • Marques de Rubi Report

    Marques de Rubi Report
    Rubi Report
    The Rubi Report is a document written by Marques de Rubi. He wanted Spain to abandon all the missions, replace San Antonio as the capital, move everybody to San Antonio, and befriend the Comanche so they could fight the Apache. The Rubi Report was successfully carried out.
  • The American Revolution

    The American Revolution
    American Revolution
    The United States Settlers were getting fed up with England. England kept on making them pay unreasonable taxes and forced laws upon them. The Americans decided to do something about it, they declared war. This later led to the freedom of the 13 colonies... And a threat to the Spanish.
  • The United States Gains Independence

    The United States Gains Independence
    U.S. Gains Independence
    On July 4, 1776 the United States declared their independence from England. They successfully bacame their own country. The Spanish had thought the U.S. wasn't a threat, but when the 13 colonies flooded with more people looking to expand, the Spanish knew they were in for trouble.
  • Beginning of the French Revolution

    Beginning of the French Revolution
    French Revolution
    The French Revolution began because the French people were starving and in poverty while the royals got to live a cushy life. When the people came to Marie Antoinette telling her the people were out of bread she said "let them eat cake" which shows you what really set off the French people. This is how the French people revolted.
  • Louisiana Purchase

    Louisiana Purchase
    Louisiana Purchase
    The Louisiana Purchase is when the United States purchased the Louisiana Territory from the French. This was all the land the French owned, therefore eliminating the French threat among the Spanish, but the United States was growing bigger, and they wanted Texas.
  • The Cry of Dolores

    The Cry of Dolores
    Cry of Dolores
    On Sptember 16, 1810 Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla made a Cry of Dolores. It was a cry for the end of the Spanish rule, Mexico wanted independence too, this resulted in war.
  • Green Flag Over Texas

    Green Flag Over Texas
    Texas IndependndenceTexas wanted to claim their Independence the were successful in getting Independenc but this resulted in lots of war. In the end of this the Republic of Texas was unstable and many men had died.
  • The Battle of Medina

    The Battle of Medina
    Battle of Medina
    The battle of Medina is the bloodiest battle fought in Texas. Gutierrez and Magee banded together to create the Republican Army of the North. They were fighting for Texas' Independence.
  • The Panic of 1819

    The Panic of 1819
    Panic of 1819
    The Panic of 1819 happened because the United States was having economic issues. The War of 1812 had left a huge dent in their money and people were being forced off their land. The Panic of 1819 didn't end until 1824
  • The Old Three Hundred Colony

    The Old Three Hundred Colony
    Old Three Hundred
    The Old Three Hundred Colony is one of the colonies in Texas, it had 300 settlers. Moses Austin was given grants to give to 300 settlers and their families but he died so his son Stephen F. Austin had to take over. The Old Three Hundred Colony was a success. It was the first Anglo colony in Texas.
  • Mexican Independence

    Mexican Independence
    Mexican Independence
    On August 24th, 1821 Mexico became and independent country. Mexico had been ruled by Spain for over 300 years. Alot of other countries were gaining independence so Mexico decided to join in. So now Mexico is it's own country.
  • James Long's Death, End of Filibuster Period

    James Long's Death, End of Filibuster Period
    James Long
    James Long was a very famous filibuster. He didn't like the Adams-Onis Treaty, he wanted Texas a part of the United States. When Long died it was the end if the filibuster period.
  • Imperial Colonization Laws

    Imperial Colonization Laws
    Imperial Colonization Law
    The Imperial Colonization Law was a law that let Cstholic families come to colonize Texas.
  • Constitutin of 1824

    Constitutin of 1824
    Constitution of 1824
    The Constitution of 1824 is when Texas combined with Mexico. Later Texas was unhappy and they seceded from Mexico and became their own.
  • Coahuila and Texas

    Coahuila and Texas
    Coahuila and Texas
    In 1689-1690 the governer if Caohuila decided to expand his territory to Texas. This was successful, creating Coahuila and Texas. On March 11, 1827 the Constitution of Coahuila and Texas was created, dividing the state into three deparments , then later to seven. In 1824 Coahuila and Texas became severed.