The Rise of Hitler

  • Hitler Fights in the First World War

    Hitler Fights in the First World War
    Hitler decided to fight the war because he was so caught up in a sense of patriotism. He had only a month of training before he experienced his first combat against the British and the Belgians. On october 16th, 1916 Hitler was wounded by an enemy shell and was evacuated to a Berlin area hospital. After serving 4 years total in the trenches and recovering from being wounded, Hitler was blinded temporarily by a gas attack in 1918 in Belguim.
  • Germany Surrenders: Treaty of Versailles

    Germany Surrenders: Treaty of Versailles
    The treaty of Versailles or the armistance was an agreement that had put an end to the fighting in the first world war. It was signed on november 11th 1918 and marked a victory for the allies and a defeat for Germany.
  • The Nazi Party is Formed

    The Nazi Party is Formed
    The Nazi party was founded in the year 1919 however there is no specific month or date available. The Nazi party was originally called The National Socialist German Workers' up until 1920. It was formed by Anton Drexler, Dietrich Eckhart and Gottfried Feder. Armed forces veiwed the party as being a potential socialist threat and so they sent Adolf Hitler, a spy, to investigate.
  • Hitler Becomes leader of the Nazi Party

    Hitler Becomes leader of the Nazi Party
    The executive comittee of the Nazi party had eventually backed down . Hitler's demands were then put to a vote within the Nazi party. Hitler had recieved 543 voted for, and only one against. At the next gathering on July 29th, 1921 was when Hitlers new title with the Nazi party was first publicly known.
  • Beer Hall Putsch

    Beer Hall Putsch
    The beer Hall Putsch was when Hitler tried to sieze power of Munich, Bavaria, and Germany. It was a failed revolution attemp that took place on th night of November 8th, 1923 and the early afternoon of November 9th, 1923.
  • Hitler is Tried for Treason

    Hitler is Tried for Treason
    Hitler was arrested by the police on november 11th, 1923. He was tried in the Special Peoples Court in Munich. He was tried for high treason and his first trial began on february 26th, 1924. On April 1st, 1924 Hitler was sentanced to 5 years imprisonment at Landsberg Prison.
  • Mein Kampf is written

    Mein Kampf is written
    Mein Kampf was a book written by the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler and was a combination of his political ideaology and a biography. Volume 1 was published in 1925 and volume 2 in 1926. He began the book wile being imprisoned for political crimes.
  • Stock Market Crash

    Stock Market Crash
    The value of stocks that were associated with the New York stock market had plummited and resulted in a number of buissness bankruptcies. The Great Depression causes worldwide economic problems for all and Germany has six million unemployed by June 1932. This contributed to a rise in the support for the Nazi party causing the Nazi party to dominate in the Reichstag elections.
  • Hitler Voted Chancellor of Germany

    Hitler Voted Chancellor of Germany
    After the great depression had gone and ruined the lives of many, People voted for Hitler in increasing numbers. President Hindengurg needed support and also thought that he could control Hitler so he gave Adolf Hitler the post of Chancellor.
  • Hitler Becomes Dictator of Germany

    Hitler Becomes Dictator of Germany
    Hitler was appointed Chancellor on January 30th 1933 by the president. It was then that Hitler went and appointed himself Dictator of Germany.
  • The Reichstag building burns

    The Reichstag building burns
    There was an arson attack on the Reichstag building. The fire started in the session chamber and by the time the police and the fire department had arrived, the fire had spread to the main Chamber of deputies.
  • Nazis Elected to Reichstag

    Nazis Elected to Reichstag
    Six days before the election date, the Reichstag building was burned down which had then reduced the popularity of the KPD. This also had pushed Hitler to persuade the president Hindenburg to pass the Reichstag fire decree as an emergency decree. This decree has removed many civil liberties and and allowed for Ernst Thälmann to be arrested. Also this allowed for 4.000 leaders and members of the KPD to be arrested aswelll. Therefore securing the position on the Nazi party.