The Radio

By LaneH
  • Invention of the Radio

    Invention of the Radio
    Marconi invents the first radio. Many specatate that this was a lie and that others may have beatin him to it. Some way good PR was the method of him being notorized as making it first.
  • Audio Tube

    Audio Tube
    The audio tube was invented. This amplifyed the signal of the radio waves allowing futher broadcast. Making this little tool a big step for the radio industry.
  • Radio Stations come about

    Radio Stations come about
    Radio stations start transmitting signal to the people. Many stations consisted of comedy skits and live music.
  • Uncle Charlie

    Uncle Charlie
    Uncle Charlie starts his own radion station in his basement. Soon to become very popular.
  • First Radio Advertiement

    First Radio Advertiement
    The very first radio advertiement streams on air. It was said that the advertiement lasted for 10 minutes, bringing in $50.
  • FRC

    The FRC was established. This organized the listening of transmittions on the radio. Now known as teh FCC.
  • Call Letters

    Call Letters
    Call letters allowed multiple stations on one station. The missisipie being the cut off line. This si to prevent having too many stations and conserve space.
  • First TV

    First TV
    the first tv came about in 1929, lowering the use of a radio. things were not the same when radio show began to
  • surperman

    superman was one of the first shows ever to be brodcasted over the radio, capturing there audiences both young and old.
  • hurt for money

    hurt for money
    inthe 1930-40s the great depression and a war was going on. when people came home they were lokking for an escaple, from all of the horrible things going on
  • The golden era

    The golden era
    The radio during the golden are was when radio was used the most. people were going through tough times and needed somthing to help the for get.
  • Tv Takeover

    Tv Takeover
    Tv begins to declare a space for its self the media in the 1930s-40s. radio was losing is power and people of all ages becam glued to the television.
  • jazz grows

    jazz grows
    jazz began to grow and grow in the 30s making it easier for any one to hear it
  • $64 dollar question

    $64 dollar question
    $64 dollar question was the first and original who wants to be a millionaire. people could call in for a chance to will the grand prize.
  • swing jazz

    swing jazz
    Swing jazz is a genre of music that was made popular during the 1930s. people who had radios could get up and dance, making any rom a dance floor