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  • 2.1 Early Maturer

    2.1 Early Maturer
    My friends made apparent comments about how I matured quick physically. Even though I felt internally ashamed, my friends perceived it as a positive thing which justifies the information in page 56. I end up to be one of first to start dating and to be exposed to sex-related knowledge. So, I was also maturing emotionally as I had to face some distressing event(s) in life which comes down to the page 57 as it states that "early maturation increases girls' vulnerability to a number of problems".
  • 2.2 Niche-picking

    2.2 Niche-picking
    I relate to active (niche-picking) genotype-environment. I was an only child being raised by a single mother and for my extrovert personality, it was frustrating. So, deciding to reside at MSSD gave me the stimulating environment I needed to thrive. The students came all over from the world. I got to meet a lot of people who were like me -- outgoing, curious and amiable. In a short time, I grew like there's no tomorrow. MSSD environment was perfectly custom-designed for my interests/needs.
  • 1.1 Entering Adolescence

    1.1 Entering Adolescence
    I believe that I first felt like I became an adolescent when my mom had me sent to MSSD, Model Secondary School for the Deaf, where it allows any nonresidential student to enroll. Being enrolled at 2nd semester of my freshman year had forced me to come out of my comfort zone especially when a lot of crowds are already established from the first semester. Not just that, it pushed me to embrace my own independence and responsibilities that every adult out there loves/dreads.
  • 3.2 Differentiation

    It is safe to consider myself as a confident and creative individual. Yet, when I am feeling anxious in some specific situation that puts me in an uncomfortable position, my confidence and creativity just diminishes. I would feel like I lost a big part of myself when I am in an uncomfortable surrounding and I would not understand why. When the reality is that shows how powerful anxiety can be and it was the workings of anxiety that thrives to snatch my authentic self away.
  • 3.1 Imaginary Audience

    Imaginary audience is a familiar friend I used to lean on. So, imaginary audience could be a positive or negative thing. For instance, when I was constantly pulling my spandex down during the volleyball game and I felt like everyone was noticing how nervous I am. Actually, everyone was focusing on the game. There were times where I felt like that everyone is watching my every move and if I presented myself perfectly, I'd allow that to boost my self-esteem. If not, my self-esteem would go down.
  • 1.2 Emerging Adulthood

    1.2 Emerging Adulthood
    The day I got arrested by polices for smoking marijuana outside of mall formed my sense of adulthood. I was only seventeen yet I had the gut to carry a bag of weed. Naturally, I was peer pressured by friends and gave in to the pressure to smoke right away. In a sudden, the polices came by so quickly to just take my weed stuffs away and to handcuff us. It appalled me how my life can be taken away in a moment if I don't follow the law. I was very lucky to be considered as a minor at that time.
  • 3.3 Social Comparison

    As I mentioned about my anxiety, it was a tendency for me to wonder what I look like in my peers' eyes. I started comparing myself to others and if I assume that I did not exceed to their expectations of me, I'd get disappointed. I'd go down that road where I criticize myself for littlest things. Later, I recognized how I tend to compare myself to only those ones who I think that are better than me, it is no wonder I was beating myself up and it was an unhealthy form of comparison to start with.