The Outbreak of the War

  • The Assassination of Franz Ferdinand.

    Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in Sarajevo.
  • Austria's war with Serbia

    Austria declared war on Serbia. Russia supported Serbia. France and Russia were allies, thus France stood by Russia.
  • Russia Mobilised

    Russia Mobilised. When Russia mobilised it threatened Germany.
  • Germany war's with Russia.

    Germany declared war on Russia.
  • France Mobilises.

    France Mobilises in support of Russia. Germany's military planes saw the best attack on France would be to go through Belgium.
  • Germany demands access through Belgium.

    Germny demanded access through Belgium to fight France.
  • Germany's war with France.

    Germany declared war on France and therefore invaded Belgium.
  • Britain and Germay at War

    Britain as an ally to belgium, declared war on Germany.