Moved to the zoo

The One and Only Ivan

  • Birth

    Ivan was born in the wild.
  • Period: to

    Ivan's Life

    This timeline chronicles events from Ivan's life. These events are as they are represented in Applegate's novel.
  • Life in Captivity

    Life in Captivity
    Ivan began his life in captivity at the age of two. He spent 27 years from his small domain inside the Big Top Mall.
  • Julie befriends Ivan

    Ivan had befriended Julie for some time before his release to the zoo.
  • Ruby Needs Help

    Ruby Needs Help
    Ivan devotes himself to freeing Ruby from life as an attraction at the Big Top Mall.
  • Moved to the Zoo

    Moved to the Zoo
    Activists helped free Ivan from the Big Top Mall. In 1995, he was moved to Zoo Atlanta.
  • Dead at age 50

    Ivan died on August 21, 2012.