The Mystery of boo Radley

By wwt2008
  • Boo Radley Becomes part of a gang

    Boo Radley becomes part of a gang with the cunningham's PAGE 10
  • Boo Radley's Gang shoves Mr. Conner in the courthouse outhouse

    Boo Radley's Gang shoves Mr. Conner in the courthouse outhouse PAGE 11
  • Boo Radley gets released to his father

    Boo Radley gets released to his father on the terms that his father won't let him get into trouble PAGE 11
  • The Scapbook Incident

    Boo Radley supposedly drives scissors into his parent's leg, wiped them on his pants, and resumed cutting up the tribune.
    His mother runs out into the street screaming that he is killing them all. then the Sheriff comes and instead of locking him up in jail, he locks him in the courthouse basement. He was 33 at the time. PAGE 12
  • Loss of pants

    Dill, Jem and Scout all go into the Radley's back yard and sneak around until r. Radley pulls out a shotgun and starts shooting. As they are crawling under the fence, Jem gets stuck and loses his pants.The pants are not found and Jem nearly gets in trouble with Atticus because he is missing his pants, but Dill saves him by saying he won Jem's pants in a card game. PAGES 60-62 PAGE 61
  • Return of Pants

    Early the next morning, Jem goes to get his pants back despite what Scout tells him. He finds them on the back fence of the Radley place sewed back togather where they had ripped. This might have been the work of Boo Radley. PAGES 64-66
  • The finding of the dolls in the tree

    On the way home from school one day, Scout and Jem find two dolls that look like them in a tree by their house. The dolls look like them, and they think it was Boo Radley that made them.
    PAGE 66
  • The Gum

    Less than two weeks later, Jem and scout find a package of chewing gum in the tree where they found the dolls.
    PAGE 68
  • The medal

    The next week they find a spelling medal in the tree's hole. PAGE 68
  • The watch and knife

    Four days after the last event Scout and Jem found a watch on a chain with a pocket knife in the hole in the tree. Jem then tries to fix it up because he did not want to carry around his grrandfather's anymore. PAGE 68 and 69
  • The note

    Scout and Jem decide to write a note to whoever is leaving them things in the tree, but when they go to put the note in the tree, the hole is filled with cement.