The Mining Boom

  • Pike Peaks

    First promising mine after the Gold Rush it took place in Colorado near Pikes Peak, prospectors successfuly mined gold.
  • People Fled West

    People fled to Colorado in hope to find gold or silver.
  • Carson River Valley

    In Carson River Valley Frantic people where mining gold in addition to mining one of the most famous silver veins in the World, Comstock Lode.
  • Expanding

    Miners spanded as far north as Fraser River Valley in British Columbia.
  • Alaska

    Secretary of state, William H. Seward, bought Alaska from Rusia.
  • Ethnics were part of mining

    Chinese imigrants Drove out of town by inhabitants of Rico, Colorado.
  • Gold Rush

    Gold discovered in Klondike district of Canada, Started the Gold Rush.
  • Yukon Miners

    Yukon Miners extracted over $1,000,000 in precious metals
  • Violence for Gold

    Mining camps were violent, the residence were all fight to work.
  • Attraction Attraction

    Yukon mines attracted more settlers because of great success.