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Eureka Stockade Timeline

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    THE EUREKA REBELLION - Time Line of Events

  • licence fee increased adding to miners grievances

    Many diggers are finding the Licence fee expensive and unfair, particularly to those not finding gold. They are unhappy with the treatment received from the police and
    government authorities who they believe are corrupt. Other diggers wish to purchase land for farming if they can’t find gold, as well as wanting the right to vote at elections. (“No taxation without representation”) Only landowners can vote at this time.
  • Robert Rede becomes Ballarat’s Gold Commissioner.

    Robert Rede becomes Ballarat’s resident Gold Commissioner.
  • Hotham arrive in Victoria

    Lt Governor Sir Charles Hotham arrives in Victoria. Hotham faces mounting
    financial debt. He orders weekly Licence hunts in an attempt to increase the
    Colony’s income.
  • The Hothams tour the Victorian Goldfields

    Governor and Lady Hotham tour the Victorian Goldfields. They are warmly welcomed in Ballarat
  • Gov Hotham orders twice weekly Licence hunts to further increase revenue.

    Gov Hotham orders twice weekly Licence hunts to further increase revenue.
  • James Scobie murdered

    James Scobie is murdered outside the Eureka Hotel. An inquest finds that the wounds were inflicted by an unknown person.
  • Bentley released and found not guilty of Scobies death

    Following a Coroner’s inquest into the death of Scobie, Bentley is released due to lack of evidence. Many diggers believe that the Magistrate, John Dewes is both a friend and a business partner of Bentley.
  • Bentley's Eureka Hotel is burned down

    Bentley's Eureka Hotel is burned down
    A meeting of up to 10,000 diggers is held near the Eureka Hotel to protest against Bentley’s acquittal. The meeting results in the burning of the Eureka Hotel. The police and military cannot settle the crowd and Commissioner Rede is pelted with eggs.
  • Ballarat Reform League formed

    Ballarat Reform League formed
    A public meeting on Bakery Hill results in the formal establishment of the Ballarat Reform League.This charter of basic democratic rights was ratified by the miners of Ballarat at a meeting held on Bakery Hill, 11 November 1854, prior to the events at the Eureka Stockade. The lasting significance of the Eureka Stockade is perhaps best represented by this document calling for equal rights and representation.
  • Eureka Hotel burning trials finalised

    James Bentley, Thomas Farrell and William Hence are convicted of the manslaughter of James Scobie. The miners Westerby, Fletcher and McIntyre are convicted and sentenced to gaol terms for the burning of the Eureka Hotel.
  • Regiment arrive in Ballarat Drummer boy wounded

    A detachment of the 12th Regiment arrives in Ballarat as reinforcements. As they pass the Irish section of the Eureka Lead there is some digger agitation. A drummer boy, several of the military are wounded.
  • flag of the Southern Cross flown for first time

    A monster meeting is held on Bakery Hill attended by more than 10.000 diggers.
    The deputation of diggers report on the outcome of their meeting with Governor Hotham. The Flag of the Southern Cross is flown for the first time. A number of diggers burn their Licences.
  • miners swear oath under the flag of the Southern Cross

    miners swear oath under the flag of the Southern Cross
    A Licence hunt occurs in the morning at the order of Commissioner Rede. The diggers refuse to show their Licences. Rede reads the Riot Act and troops fire a volley over the diggers heads. Another meeting is held on Bakery Hill and Peter Lalor becomes leader of the diggers and calls for volunteers. Hundreds of volunteers swear an oath to defend their rights and liberties under the Flag of the Southern Cross. A number of diggers move to the Eureka Lead and erect a barricade
  • Miners Stengthen the Stockade

    The Stockade is strengthened with the arrival from Creswick’s Creek of 300-400 volunteers. The arrival of this group who require to be armed, fed and housed places great strain on the resources of those at the Stockade.
    Major General Sir Robert Nickle leaves Melbourne for Ballarat with 800 men.
    Raffaello Carboni, George Black and Father Smyth meet with Commissioner Rede to present a peace proposal. Rede rejects the deputations request.
  • Father Smyth tries to persuade Catholics to lay down their arms and attend massthe next day.

    Father Smyth tries to persuade Catholics to lay down their arms and attend mass
    the next day.
  • Soldiers attack the stockade

    In the early hours of Sunday morning led by Captain Thomas, a well armed contingent of more than 296 soldiers and police proceed to the Eureka Lead to attack the Eureka Stockade.
    At dawn the Stockade is attacked and a brief battle follows. Twenty two diggers and seven military are officially listed as being killed. Many others are wounded.
    Approximately 120 diggers are arrested and marched to the Government Camp.
    Over the next few days, thirteen were charged with high treason.
  • A group of 13 prisoners is charged with treason.

    A group of 13 prisoners is charged with treason.
  • public protest meeting in Melbourne

    Public meeting held in Melbourne to protest the actions of the Lieutenant Governor and Ballarat authorities at Eureka
  • Gold Fields Commission sits for first time

    The Gold Fields Commission sits for the first time. The first Ballarat sitting of the
    Gold Fields Commission is held at Bath’s Hotel on the 18th December, 1854.
  • Gold fields commission recommend abolishing Gold licence

    The members of the Gold Fields Commission meet with Governor Hotham and
    recommend that the Gold Licence be abolished.
  • gold fields Commission recommends general amnesty

    The Gold Fields Commission recommends a general amnesty for all those connected with the Stockade
  • Henry Seekamp found guilty of seditious libel

    Henry Seekamp is tried and found guilty of seditious libel. On the 26th March, 1855 he was sent to prison for a term of 6 months.
  • 13 Stockaders found not guilty of treason

    The 13 Stockaders excluding Thomas Dignum are tried and found not guilty of
    treason. The charge against Dignum is withdrawn
  • Miners Right implemented

    The final report of the Gold Fields Commission is presented to Governor Hotham.
    The report advocates that: the Gold Licence be replaced by an export duty on gold,
    the introduction of a miners right which would give the franchise to the holder and
    the abolition of the Gold Commission. These recommendations were subsequently
  • Carboni elected to work at the Ballarat court

    Raffaello Carboni elected to the local court at Ballarat to adjudicate mining disputes
  • Peter Lalor and John Basson Hummfray are elected to the Legislative Council.

  • Governor Hotham dies in Melbourne