Billy Barker

  • Date Of Birth

    Date Of Birth
    Billy barker was baptized on July 7th 1817. He was born in March England. His parents were Samuel Barker and Jane Brighton.
  • Barker Marries Jane

    Barker Marries Jane
    Barker marries a widow named Jane Lavender.
  • William leaves England.

    William leaves England.
    After taking up his fathers occupation as a watermen labouring on barges that plied the canals between March and Kingslynn Norfolk, Barker leaves his family to seek fortune in the USA and joined the California gold rush.
  • Period: to

    Prospecting and Mining

    Barker was a active in mining and prospecting until the final year of his life.
  • Eliza Barker was born

    Eliza Barker was born
    Jane and Williams daughter Eliza was born
  • California Gold Rush

    California Gold Rush
    In 1850 Billy Barker was a minor in the California gold rush. He also worked in Liloeet at this time.
  • Jane Lavnder dies

    Jane Lavnder dies
    Jane passed in a Union Work House in Doddington, Cambridgeshire. He reagined contact with their daughter Emma Eliza at the Bishops urging.
  • Fraser River Gold Rush

    Fraser River Gold Rush
    Billy comes to BC along with other miners to take part in the Fraser River Gold Rush.
  • Free Miners Certificate

    Free Miners Certificate
    In September of 1859, Billy Barker was issued a free miners certificate.
  • Canada Bar

    Canada Bar
    In partnership with other Englishmen, Barker worked a claim on Canada Bar near Lillooet B.C. Disputes over water rights led Barker to sell his share in the claim the following season, moving downriver making a claim there.
  • Bishop George Hills

    Bishop George Hills
    In the summer of 1860, Billy barker met Bishop George Hills. The two quickly bonded and talked of "Old England" nostalgically.
  • Quensnel

    In 1861 William moved and worked in Quensnel
  • Williams Creek

    Williams Creek
    Billy and 100 other miners tried their luck on williams Creek.
  • Working in mines

    Working in mines
    In 1862 he moved to an area near richfield to work in several mines that he had owned.
  • Barkerville

    Billy Barker struck gold in a area now called Barkerville named after him. In just 48 hours they found 60 ounces of gold which is worth around one thousand dollers. Approxemetly 37500 ounces of gold was found in Barkerville that is alomst 40 million dollars.
  • Jack Canyon

    Jack Canyon
    Billy persuaded sevrel miners to stake joint claims well below Jack Canyon near Stouts, Golden. So intrest in first claim a few days before his ex-partners struck "pay dirt". The second claim was believed to be too far down the creek to bear any gold and indeed the comapny had to dig much deeper shafts but at a depth of 40ft they found rich gold deposits. He then left for the winter to Victoria leaving the managing of the mine to a partner.
  • Period: to

    Elizabeth Collyer

    While in Victoria he met a widowed woman named Elizabeth Collyer, who was coming to Victoria from England. They married and went back to Barkeville for the following mining season.
  • Sold shares that made Barker famous

    Sold shares that made Barker famous
    In 1864, Barker sold his shares that made him and Barkerville famous. He thought he could live of the money he had but his fortunes qiuckly declined and many felt he was too generous to stay rich, always wanting to help a friend if they asked.
  • Elizabeth Collyer passes away

    Elizabeth Collyer passes away
    Elizabeth Collyer passes away during the spring of 1865 at the age of 38.
  • Black Creek

    Black Creek
    Billy Brker participated in a rush to Bloack Creek entering mining company which was led by John Burson. John first worked for Billy on the fraser river a while back.
  • Claim #2

    Claim #2
    In 1869 claim number two between williams Creek and Valley Creek it was later ruined by "slum" flooding the shaft.
  • Horsefly Country

    Horsefly Country
    In 1870 Barker led sevrel prospecting partyies into the Horsefly Country mountains just southeast of Quesnel, Forks.
  • Government petition

    Government petition
    The Government of BC was petitioned to appoint Barker as the leader of another expidition, it was a failed attempt. The petition was printed in the Cariboo Centennial On January 30th wich pays tribute to Billy's reputation as a miner. " known throughout the length and breath of this province a person of acknowledged experiance and undoubted ability'
  • Period: to

    He lived in Clinton

    Billy Barker lived Clinton and lived in the Dominion Hotel.
  • Lightning Creek

    Lightning Creek
    William was found back on Lightning Creek in the Cariboo. In a one room cabin along two other miners.
  • Old Mens Nursing Home

    Old Mens Nursing Home
    In 1894 he sufferd from jaw cancer and was sent to Old Mens Nursing Home in Victoria B.C to seek medical attention.
  • Date Of Death

    Date Of Death
    Billy Barker died on July 11th 1894. He passed away in Victoria British Columbia and he was burried in the Rose Bay Cemmetery.
  • Memorial Plaque

    Memorial Plaque
    In 1962 a memorial plaque was placed on Williams grave.