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    Canada history

  • Slavey Abolished in Canada

    Slavey Abolished in Canada
    The slave act trade abolished slavery from Canada and in the British Empire. The act made it so that anyone continuing the trade get fined up to 100 pounds. This act would lead to some problems with the United states later on.
  • War of 1812

    War of 1812
    In 1812, United States declared war with Britain in a 32 month war for many reasons that includes trade restrictions, forcing american merchant sailors to join the British navy with or without notice, and the British support of the American indian tribes. Although no territories were lost in either side the plan of an independant indian state in the United States in the midwest have ended.
  • HBC merge with NWC

    HBC merge with NWC
    The competition between the two rival company have severly affected the beaver population and lead the two company to lose profit. In order to survive HBC and NWC merged together with the NWC controling 55 shares and the HBC controling 45 shares which lead the NWC to have a slight advantage over the HBC.
  • York renamed to Toronto

    York renamed to Toronto
  • Durham Report

    Durham Report
    After the rebellion Lord Durham was sent in Quebec to find the cause of the rebellion and the solution to prevent and future rebellion. This lead Durham to make the Durham report in proposing responsible government and uniting Canada. which came into effect in 1840 and 1867 for responsiable government.
  • Fort Victoria built

    Fort Victoria built
    Fort Victoria was a fur trading post that was in use up to 1864. The completion of the fortt assured Britain claim to Vancouver island and started the settlement that was govern by James Douglas.
  • Treaty of Oregon

    Treaty of Oregon
    With the newly elected american president James K Polk, influenced by the manifest destiny and from his campain promises, he demanded from Britain the territory of Oregon up to 54" 40". However Britain rejected him and they negotiated with each other and settled on the 49th parallel boundry.
  • Fraser River Gold Rush

    Fraser River Gold Rush
    The discovery of gold in Fraser river and Thomson river have attracted many people, moslty americans from california. The discovery of gold have lead to the first govener of Brithish Columbia appointed by England, to control and prepare for the Draser River gold rush.
  • Cariboo Gold Rush

    Cariboo Gold Rush
    The Cariboo Glod Rush is a gold rush that took place in Brithish Columbia. Towns like barkervile were built in the event of the gold rush providing the colony wealth as in two moths over 20,000 came and bought supplies while they wait in Victoria. Most of the miners came from San Francisco after the California gold rush ended.
  • The Fenian Raid

    The Fenian Raid
    The Fenian is largley composed of Irish American veterans who want to take over Canada as hostage to get Ireland independence from Britain. The only succesful raids occur in 1866 when the Fenians defated a small Canadian force at Ridgeway and fled to USA before reinforcments arrived.
  • HBC sells Rupert Land

    HBC sells Rupert Land
    In Canada first step to expan westward they have bought Rupertland from the HBC. With the HBC not interessted in keeping Rupert Land as they are losing more money than gaining Canada had a easier time in negotiating with the HBC. The purchase of the land lead to the Red River Rebellion as the Meties were upset about the sale taking place without their consent.
  • Red River Rebellion

    Red River Rebellion
    The Red River Rebellion were started by the Meties in act of the government buying the land they live on without their consent. The government ignored them, their requests and situation until the Meties took over fort Garry which got the government attention. The rebellion later lead to the creation of Manitoba.
  • British Columbia enter confederation

    British Columbia enter confederation
    Before the CPR have been built British Columbia and John A Macdonald negotiated and agreed on the term of the CPR getting built to them in ten years in returne of BC entering the confederation. After the early compleation of the railway BC entered the confederation and became part of Canada.
  • Pacific Scandal

    Pacific Scandal
    The Pacific scandal occur from the result of funding Sir Hugh Allen for the CPR making it seem like John A Macdonald bribed the election. With John A Macdonald reputation damaged he resinged from the position and came back into the position later and resumed the construction of the CPR.
  • NWMP established

    NWMP established
    The NWMP was established by the Dominion praliament to get rid of the american whisky traders in in the north and to police the area in fear of losing control of the land and annexation. 150 mens were recruited for the NWMP in fort Garry.
  • Invention of the first pratical telephone

    Invention of the first pratical telephone
    Alexander Graham Bells invented the first pratical telephone, a type of telegraph. This invention will lead to other invention involving communication like the long distance telephone which would change how the world will communicate with each other.
  • National Policy

    National Policy
    The national policy was an act set forth by John A Macdonald to increase the tariffs on imported goods to protect Canada manufacturing industry. The policy was popular in central Canada but was extreamly opposed by many in the west.
  • World first long disctance phone call

    World first long disctance phone call
    Telephone inventor Alexander Graham Bell made the first long disctance phone call from Ontario to Paris with all three test successful in his family home during his vacation. This Canadian invention changed the world as communication across sea in a pratical way is now possible.
  • First performance of O Canada

    First performance of O Canada
    Composed by Calixa Lavallée for the St. Jean-Baptiste Day celebrations. This song was not known until 1906 when Whaley and Royce published the song, making it more known to english people of Canda and later lead to the designation of the national anthem.
  • Chinese worker

    Chinese worker
    After the set back of the pacific scandal, the constrution of the CPR was behind schedual and John A MacDonald need more workers,. He solved this problem by hiring chinies worker,who were treated like slaves and was paid less. With 17,000 chinese workers, the CPR was built ahead of schedual but not without many deaths of the chinese.
  • Northwest Rebellion

    Northwest Rebellion
  • CPR completed

    CPR completed
    After years and funding from the government, the CPR have compleated ahead of its schedual despite the delay in construction during the pacific scanal and the resing of John A Macdonald. The completion of the CPR made British Columbia to enter the confederation and part of Canada.
  • Klondike Gold Rush

    Klondike Gold Rush
    The Klondike Gold Rush, also called the Yukon Gold Rush was found by a rich prospecter who tip others about it. Soon many Canadians have found out about the gold and as many as 100,000 miners started to go north. The newly established town called Dawson have became the largest community, north of Seattle with a population of 30,00. The Klondike Gold Rush ended in 1898.
  • Saskatchewan and Alberta enter confederation

    Saskatchewan and Alberta enter confederation
    The changes in economy ment that fur trade was no longer an option and in order to support them self, The land that now forms Saskatchewan and Alberta was originally part of the Northwest Territories which allowed new industury to be established withc include farming, mining, and logging.