Leading To Confederation Or "Canada"

By sas629
  • American Threat/Manifest destiny

    American Threat/Manifest destiny
    Due to the civil war in America (South against North America) the Americans were seen as a threat when Canada supported the South and the North won. They believed the South would get revenge on Britain and attack them. The American threat helped Confederation happen because the Colonies believed that united they would better protect themselves if the Americans (U.S.A) were to attack them or the manifest destiny were to happen manifest destiny was a belief that Canada should be part of U.S.A.
  • Frazer River Gold Rush

    Frazer River Gold Rush
    During the Frazer River gold rush at least 30 000 gold seekers flooded into the banks of the Fraser River from Hope to Lillooet in BC. Although this gold rush was short in duration, the Fraser gold Rush had a big impact on the Aboriginal people's land. It also caused the non-sovereign territory of Britain known as [New Caledonia]('http://www.thecanadianencyclopedia.ca/en/article/new-caledonia/) to be established as the colony of British Columbia in order to deal with the massive influx of foreign miners.
  • The Cariboo Gold Rush

    The Cariboo Gold Rush
    The Cariboo Gold rush had a big impact on the population. The amount of Canadians that settled in BC increased. The Cariboo wagon road was built. Many towns began to spring up. People all over the world looking for gold came making BC more diverse. Due to huge population increase, BC had to expanded.
  • The Great Coalition (Political Deadlock)

     The Great Coalition (Political Deadlock)
    Political Deadlock is a situation where two or more parties in the legislative assembly have the same amount of seats. This is bad for the government because no laws could be passed. When four parties of Canada East and West had the same amount of seats in the legislative assembly (Liberals, Le party Bleu, Le party Rouge, Reform party.) The Great Coalition was an act of three parties (liberal, Reform, Le Parti Bleu) joining together to create a federal union.
  • The Charlottetown Conference

    The Charlottetown Conference
    The Charlottetown Conference was made to discuss the union of colonies project. Those who attended were the Maritime colonies.People who attended were John.A.Mcdonald,George brown, Alexander Galt, George-Étienne Cartier , etc. They discussed Representation by population and equality as well as what the Americans were doing wrong (Death penalty, slaves, civil war, etc.)
  • The Quebec Conference

    The Quebec Conference
    Politicians from the five British North American colonies gathered in Québec City to continue discussions which, started in Charlottetown the previous month about creating a country. They discussed number of seats in the House of Commons, the details of a federal union, the railway and much more.
  • Fenian raids

    Fenian raids
    With the end of the American Civil War in 1865, another menace was building on the border of U.S.A. This threatened the security of British North America. People living in BNA felt uniting all the colonies would give them better defence and protection which was a considered aspect when it came to confederation.
  • London Conference

     London Conference
    The London Conference's (also known as Westminster Conference) purpose was to gain the British’s approval for the confederation of Canada. The bill was finally signed by Queen Victoria on March 29, 1867. On July 1, 1867 Canada was born with John. A. Macdonald as its first Prime Minister.
  • CPR (need for rail links)

    CPR (need for rail links)
    Rail links were crucial for confederation. Not only was they important for transportation and trade but, for defense. A good transportation system is needed for a unified government. This pushed them towards confederation because as one country they could split the cost (railways are expensive) and trade with each other. British Columbia wouldn’t join confederation without a railway so, John. A. McDonald promised them one. Then the CPR was born.
  • Klondike Gold Rush

    Klondike Gold Rush
    The Klondike Gold Rush had Yukon’s population increase. As more people began to come, more towns, bridges, roads and cities started to spring up. Due to all the gold rushes in BNA the government’s presence greatly increased. One effected city was Dawson City. Dawson cities population increases by thousands. After the gold rush was over due to the permeant population they needed a better government which lead to a real infrastructure, the expansion of Yukon and finally confederation.