Gold Rush

By Timetot
  • Beaconsfeild (Tasmania)

    Beaconsfeild (Tasmania)
    No one knows who actually first discovered gold here, but Beaconsfeild provided a suttle mining industry for big companies.
  • Period: to

    Rickety gold Rollercoaster

    The gold rush has been terrible for most, though tose who pulled through have either just enough to live or flourishing in great wealth.
  • Gold Found in Australia

    Gold Found in Australia
    In 1851, Edward Hargraves discovered a 'grain of gold' in a waterhole at Ophir. Hargraves was convinced that the similarity in features between Bathurst and the California goldfields
  • Government secrecy

    Government secrecy
    The government has kept the knowledge of gold in australia to themselves long enough! they finally let people know the truth.
  • Word Has Spread - And So Has Gold Fever!

    Word Has Spread - And So Has Gold Fever!
    Word has spread that gold has been found in australia. Men and women leave their homes to test their luck and find their fortune. All they have are tents, blankets, tools and limited money.
  • Mount Alexander

    Mount Alexander
    The announcment of Gold discovered at Mount Alexander in The Argus newspaper sparked one of the biggest rushes to a Goldfeild in history! Hundreds of diggers came from all over the world to dig at the rich Mount Alexander Goldfeilds. By mid November 1851 67000 ounces of the precious metal had been removed.
  • Buninyong

    A Blacksmith called Thomas Hiscock claimed he was searching for a cow when he discovered a peice of gold studded quartz. He found Gold!
  • Ballarat

    The location of the Eureka Stockade, most people have heard of Ballarat.This feild was brought onto the rush when James Reagan and John Dunlop panned at a bend in a creek as they camped.
  • Beechworth

    Beechworth became the centre of gold digging activities in north eastern Victoria after gold was discvered on David Reid's Wooragee Sheep Station.
  • Onkaparinga

    W.chapman was closeley watched by police as he panned for gold at Onkaparinga.
  • Myers Flat

    Myers Flat
    Part of Eaglehawk and Whipstick
  • EagleHawk

    Following the discovery of gold at Sandhurst (Bendigo) in October 1851, Joseph Crook discovered a gold nugget while searching for stray horses.
  • Whipstick

  • Braidwood

    Within a few months of the discovery of gold here, over 15 000 diggers hadset up camp here.
  • Lambing flat(Young)

    Lambing flat(Young)
    The Lambing Flat riots were a series of violent anti-Chinese demonstrations that took place in the Burrangong region.
  • Palmerston

    Now known as Darwin, Gold was discovered here when workers were building a new overland telegraph line.
  • Charters Towers

    Charters Towers
    Aboriginal Stockman, Jupiter Mosman was looking for a stray horse when he discovered gold at Charters Towers.
  • Hill End, Star Of Hope Mine

    Hill End, Star Of Hope Mine
    The largest specimen of reef gold ever found was unearthed here.
  • Palmer River

    Palmer River
    William Hann discovered gold here while exploring the interior of the cape york peninsula in 1872
  • Kimberly

    Two Prospectors started the rush to the west when they travelled from Kimberly to Derby with 106 ounces of Gold.
  • Temora

    Gold was not discovered in Temora until 1879. At the peak of the rush, Temora had a population of 20,000.
  • Mount Morgan

    Mount Morgan
    William McKinley fist discovered Gold Here
  • Coolgardie

    Arthur Wellesly Bayley discovered 554 ounces of Gold from Coolgardie.
  • Kalgoorlie

    Irishman Patrick Hannan found gold at Kalgoorlie. The rich, Gold bearing land sretch between Coolgardie and Kalgoorlie became known as 'The Golden Mile'.
  • Dying out

    Dying out
    The miners only stopped for the great war. This time, the trenches they dug were not for gold, but for the glory of the Brittish empire. This is when the Gold Rush well and truly stopped.
  • Larkinville

    The second largest nugget in Australia was unearthed in Larkinville. It Weighed 35 Kg!