• NSW - First State

    NSW - First State
    NSW became first state and took up Eastern half of Australia.
  • A Convict's Hoax

    Convict James Daley reports that he had found gold. It was a hoax.
  • Population I

    Australia's population is approxiametely 2000
  • Immigration before the Gold

    Between 1793 and 1850 nearly 200,000 free settlers and assisted immigrants chose to migrate to Australia to start a new life.
  • Population II

    Australia's population is approxiametely 11,500
  • Henry Parks is born

    Henry Parks is born
    Henry Parks was born
  • First Official Gold Discovery

    A government Surveyor named James McBrien discovered traces of gold in the Fish River, east of Bathurst.
  • Tasmania is mapped

    Tasmania is mapped
    1825 - 1831: Tasmania (Van Diemen's Land) was found and mapped
  • Population III

    Australia's population is approxiametely 70,000.
  • WA mapped

    WA mapped
    1831 - 1836: Western Australia mapped.
  • South Australia Colony

    South Australia Colony
    1834: South Australia becomes its own colony and establishes a government.
    1836 - 1851: South Australia becomes an official state.
  • Quiet Strzelecki!

    Quiet Strzelecki!
    During 1839 an explorer / geologist named Paul de Strzelecki discovered small amounts of gold in the Blue Mountains. The New South Wales Governor George Gipps requested that no mentions were to be made of it in de Strzelecki's reports.
  • Proposed Tariffs

    Proposed Tariffs
    Earl Grey proposes Federation and Tariffs.
  • William Branwhite Clarke

    William Branwhite Clarke
    Clergyman / geologist William Branwhite Clarke presents his findings of gold (during 1841-42) to Governer George Gipps. He replies "Put it away Mr. Clarke, or we shall have our throats cut".
  • Sir Edmund Barton was born

    Sir Edmund Barton was born
    Sir Edmund Barton was born.
  • Population IV

    Australia's population is approxiametely 405,000.
  • Victoria

    1851 - 1855: Victoria separates from NSW and becomes its own state.
  • "Gold Rush" Begins

    First payable gold is discovered at Ophir in NSW, marking the beginning of the Gold Rush.
  • NSW - First Mining Laws

    Governer of NSW, Charles Fitzroy introduced the first Mining Laws. No miner could dig unless they had a Miner's License. A license cost 30 shillings per month.
  • Victoria - First Mining Laws

    Victoria enacted its own Mining Laws, similar to the ones enacted by NSW.
  • More Fools!

    During 1852, approxiametely 100,000 prsopectors migrated to Australia in search of Gold.
  • Victorian Census

    Country of Origin Population % of Victorian Population

    England 97,943 41.36%
    Ireland 39,728 16.77%
    Scotland 36,044 15.22%
    Germany 3,955 1.67%
    USA 2,761 1.16%
    China 2,341 0.98%
    Wales 2,326 0.98%
    France 909 0.38%
  • Eureka Stockade

    The Eureka Stockade was a series of protests by miners against the Miner's License and associated laws. The protests were successful. All previous laws and licenses were abolished and newer fairer laws were introduced.
  • Victoria Immigration Act

    In 1855, Victoria passed an Immigration Act to limit the number of Chinese people per vessel to one for every 10 tons. It also put in place protectors so the migrants weren't assualted, this did little to stop assualts once the Chinese were on the land. Many Chinese instead immigrated to SA and travelled to Victoria.
  • 1855 Passengers Act

    This act introduced by the British Parliament, sought to establish uniform controls for migration throughout the British Empire, as well as provide safe passage for migrants.
  • Small Gold in Queensland

    A small deposit of gold is discovered north of Fitzroy River in north Queensland. Many miners migrated North, however 5000 - 6000 miners arrived after the small deposit had been depleted.
  • Henry Parks joins NSW government

    Henry Parks joins NSW government
    Henry Parks becomes a part of the NSW government.
  • Lambing Riots

    1860 - 1861. 6 Anti-Chinese riots took place over twelve months. The riots were instigated by European miners. The most serious riot occured on 14 July 1861, when 2000 European miners attacked the Chinese miners.
  • Queensland developed

    Queensland developed
    Queensland is developed and becomes one of six states.
  • Thriving Chinese

    Many Chinese people migrated to Australia to work in the gold fields. By 1861, the Chinese community was already thriving, making up nearly 7% of the Victorian population.
  • Inter-Colonial Conference

    The first Inter-Colonial Conference is held in Melbourne. A uniform tariff is placed in action except for Victoria and NSW.
  • Changes to States

    Changes to States
    Queensland extends border west, South Australia takes over land previously held by NSW.
  • Gold in Queensland

    Gold discovered at Rockhaptom, Queensland. Many miners migrate North, abondoning houses and businesses.
  • Welcome Stranger

    The 'Welcome Stranger' nugget is found in Moliagul, Victoria by John Deason and Richard Oates. It is the world's largest found gold nugget to date.
  • Queensland finds more Gold

    Rich Gold deposits are found in North Queensland. Sparks more miners to migrate North in the hopes of striking it rich.
  • South Australia gets Gold

    First gold found in South Australia at Birdwood.
  • Population V

    Australia's population is approxiametely 1,647,000
  • Edmund Barton joins NSW parliament

    Edmund Barton joins NSW parliament
    Edmund Barton joined NSW parliament.
  • Northern Territory

    Northern Territory
    Northern Territory is founded and takes up the upper part of South Australia.
  • Western Australia gets 'Gold Fever'

    First Western Australia gold discovered at Halls Creek. Consequently triggers a gold rush in Western Australia.
  • John Quick joins Vic Parliament

    John Quick joins Vic Parliament
    John Quick joined Victorian parliament
  • More Gold in WA

    Large deposits of gold found at the Murchison goldfield in Western Australia.
  • Henry Parks in favour

    Henry Parks in favour
    Henry Parks speaks in favour of a Federation.
  • Political Parties

    Free trade and Protectionist party created.
  • Population VI

    Australia's population is approxiametely 3,151,000
  • Bring the States together

    A conference is held to bring the states together, a representitive from each colony is sent.
  • Draft of Constitution

    Complete draft of Australian constitution is written.
  • Last of the Large Gold Deposits

    Large gold deposits at Coolgardie in WA as well as Kalgoorlie (1893). Most gold deposits have run out or are running out at this time. The Australian Gold Rush Era begins to die off.
  • Corowa Conference

    Corowa conference is held where a draft is put forward by John Quick. A three step process. 1st: Each colony voted for people to work on draft with him. 2nd Writing it. 3rd Putting it forward to the public for revisement.
  • National Australasian Federal Constitution

    The National Australasian Federal Constitution Federation is held in Adelaide to work towards a federal constitution, Queensland doesn't attend.
  • Constitution Revisements

    Edmund Barton revises the Constitution to make it more democratic.
  • Approval

    The Queen gives approval to Australia becoming its own Federation.
  • 1901 - Federation

    • Australia becomes United nation and United Federation
    • First Federal Election
    • Edmund Barton is elected Prime Minister
  • Population VII

    Australia's population is approxiametely 4,425,000
  • ACT

    The Australian Capitol Territory is founded and established.