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Ella's Colonial History Timeline

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  • The First Fleet

    The First Fleet
    11 ships left Britain hoping to find the unclaimed land of New Holland. These ships left on the 13th of May 1787 and arrived at New Holland on the 20th of January 1788. This day is now known as Australia Day, as we celebrate the ship's arrival at Botany Bay.All of the people transported to Australia the total was 1030. This consisted of a variety of different people including 584 male convicts, 188 female convicts, 17 children convicts, 219 free males, 34 free females and 24 free children
  • First Fleet At Rio De Janeiro

    First Fleet At Rio De Janeiro
    When the 11 ships reached Rio De Janeiro on the 5th of August, they discovered new exotic fruits, vegetables and crops to add to their food supplies. These fruits, vegetables and crops included; coffee, cocoa, cotton, bananas, oranges, lemons, guavas, prickly pears and tamarinds.
  • Arrival Of The First Fleet

    Arrival Of The First Fleet
    When the long journey was over, and they had arrived at Botany Bay, the aborigines had no idea who these people were. Because the whites had never seen a dark person before, they thought they were enemies that had stolen the land because captain James Cook didn't tell them about these people. This caused a war but because the Aboriginals only had spears, and the whites had guns, the whites defeated the Aboriginals. Many aborigines were also wiped out during the spread of the disease smallpox
  • Period: to

    Colonial Australia

  • Chinese Immigration

    Mak Sai Ying was the first ever Chinese immigrant to Australia. His arrival dates back to around about 200 years ago when he arrived at Sydney in 1818. He married an English lady whose name was Sarah Thompson in 1823. When he was married he also changed his name to John Shying. 9 years later he went back to China and once again, he went back to Sydney 5 years after he moved back to China.
  • The Gold Rush

    The Gold Rush
    On the 12th of February 1851 a man called Edward Hargraves found payable gold in a field called Ophir. Ophir was a field near Bathurst, in New South Wales. In around about 8 months, Australia’s population had gone from 430,000 in 1851 to 1.7 million in 1871 most of these people being Chinese workers working for gold. Early in the time period of the gold rush there were 18 notable gold finds. Many families opened their own mines in the hope of finding gold and striking rich.
  • The Gold Rush 2

    The Gold Rush 2
    There are 2 different types of gold mining. The 2 different ways are called panning and hard rock mining. Panning is when you place a small amount of sand into a wide, shallow pan and pour a small amount of water and then you shake it or tap it and all of the small flakes of gold become visible. This technique was used in the gold rush and is still used today even though most of the time it is done with a machine. Hard rock mining is when you dig a large hole and you mine underground.
  • Chinese Immigration Population

    By 1852 over 1600 Chinese people had immigrated to Australia. In 1852 the speakings of gold in Australia had been heard about in the southern parts of China. This caused huge waves of Chinese people to spread across the country. More than 2/3 of these immigrants were workers in the hope of finding gold.
  • Ned Kelly's Birth And Young Age

    In 1854, Ned Kelly was born. His parents were John 'Red' Kelly and Ellen Kelly 'nee Quinn'. Ned Kelly was raised as a child to be a bushranger because his dad was an Irish convict. His dad was transported from Tipperary [Ireland] to Tasmania for stealing 2 pigs. Ned Kelly was famous because he always stole from rich people or banks.
  • Ned Kelly's Assult With Ah Fook

    Ned Kelly's first crime was committed at the age of 14 when he assaulted Ah Fook. Apparently, Ah Fook was walking past Ned Kelly's house when he came out to the front porch holding a long stick. Ned Kelly said that he was a bushranger and that he would kill him if he did not hand over his money. Ned Kelly took him into the bush and hurt him with the long stick. He also stole 10 shillings from Ah Fook. The next day Ned Kelly was found and locked up in Benalla for the night.
  • Ned Kelly And Harry Power

    In 1870 Ned Kelly and bushranger Harry Power teamed up and robbed Mr M'Bean. In May the same year he was charged with robbery.
  • Ned Kelly's Death

    Ned Kelly had killed or hurt 10 people before his life ended. He was hanged at the Melbourne Gaol on the 11th of November 1880.
  • Federation

    Federation was the day when the 6 different states all became one country. This day was held on the 1st of January 1901. Apparently, New Zealand and Fiji were supposed to be a part of this but didn't proceed with federation. The 6 states that did proceed with federation were; South Australia[SA], Western Australia[WA], Queensland[QLD], Tasmania[TAS], New South Wales[NSW] and Victoria[VIC]. Now these states all form a nation.