Events of Unit Four

By bweis
  • End of Mexican War

    End of Mexican War
    The Mexican war was between the Americans and Mexicans. It started when American forces quickly filled in parts of New Mexico and northeast Mexico. The war ended when an american army took control over Mexico city. The signifince of the Mexican war was that it ended all tension between Mexico, and Texas. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidaglo was the offical ending treaty and in it, it states every about American and Mexican bounderies.
  • Election of 1828

    Election of 1828
    The election of eighteen twenty-eight held the main canidates of Andrew Jackson and John Quincy Adams. Supporters of Jackson, Crawford(runner for president), and Calhoun came together. the signifince was that it made the First Party system and the Secound Party system. Andrew Jackson was the winner of the election.
  • Beginning of Trail of Tears

    Beginning of Trail of Tears
    The Trail of Tears started when the whites came into the Native American homeland;they sign treaties to be moved the west land and that is known as Indain Territory. Also all Choctaw and Southeast tribes were taken from their land and were pushed on the Indian Territory.Many went to fight with the government,but they could not mess with the government;a small amount gave up and went. The others were forced.The signifince is that you should fight for what you want even if you don't win.
  • Battle of the Alamo

    Battle of the Alamo
    This battle started with Texas declaring itself as a free and independent rebpublic. Sam Houston was the commander of the Texas army. The signifince was the mexicans won independence and won the battle of the Alamo.
  • Lowell Massachusetts girls labor strike

    Lowell Massachusetts girls labor strike
    The Lowell girls strike all started when they joined the labor union;workers who come together to get find better working conditions. The mill owners raised the rent of the girls' houses and that made around one thousand girls go onstrike.Harriet Hanson was eleven and helped lead the strikers.In the next year (1837) jobs was slipping away and though they did fall apart President Buren had the government workers ten hours workdays. This was the signifince.
  • Death of Joseph Smith

    Death of Joseph Smith
    The death of Joesheph Smith was very important in history. Joeseph Smith founded a mormon church in New York in eightteen thirty. The signifince of his death was that after he was killed by a mob of nonmormons the next leader was Brigham Young's detination was in Utah and then they started a whole mormon settlement.
  • Irish potato famine

    Irish potato famine
    The Irish potato famine all started when a disease went across their main crop the potato. This killed alot of the potatos causinga famine. Because of their lost many people left Ireland and went to America. The signifince was that the Irishmen could start a new life in Ameica and that they countribuated to the population.
  • Beginning of the California Gold Rush

    Beginning of the California Gold Rush
    The California Gold Rush started when James Marshall had found the gold. After hearing this people from California rushed to the American River. This was know as the California Gold Rush. A gold rush is when people move to a place where gold has been found. After the first finding another gold site was found in a different stream. The importance of the gold rush was that Claifornia could pay for the Mexican war and still had more gold to have.
  • Seneca Falls Convention

    Seneca Falls Convention
    The seneca Falls Convention was a concention for women rights. Before the Convention a goup of people got together to see how to present their complaints and they read the Declaration of Independece; this is how they got thei Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions. Both Elizabeth Cadt Stanton and Frederick Douglass were there to support women rights. The signifince was that this convention was the start of many more and alot of great people helping to get rights and finally women did rights.
  • Thoreau writes Walden

    Thoreau writes Walden
    Thoreau had gotten his inspiration for his book "Walden" when he built a small house right by Walden Pond. He wrote about his life there and his surroundings. The signifince was transcendeantalism. This is a group of people who taught that the spiritual world is more important then the phisical world.
  • Frefrick Douglas's autobiography

    Frefrick Douglas's autobiography
    Frederick Douglass started out as a slave. He escaped and later became a leader of movement to end slavery. He was noted for his great skill in aginst slavery writtings. The signifince about him was that he wrote about his life as a slave and his life to try to help end slavery. He was an inspiration to many slaves all over.
  • Publishing of Webster's Dictionary

    Publishing of Webster's Dictionary
    This dictionary was created by noah Webster. He help people alot because he a one place to find what words ment and other Americans could learn new words and could maybe get a little more knowledge about words. The signifince was that people could learn and use more words.