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Dylan and jacks timeline

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  • Bush rangers

    bush rangers origenly refiered to run away convicts in the early years of the british settlemen of australia who had th survivial skills necessary to use the australian bush as a refuge to hid from the authorities. the term then evolved to refer to those who abandond social rights and privlegs to take up robbery under arms as a way of life using the bush as their base .
  • peter Laor

    Peter Laor
    (1827-1889) was born in irelend on 5 of Febuary 1827. He Emigteted to Victoria in 1852 and like so many others left his job and headed for the ballarat gold fields. He became involed in protests against mining license and led the failed rebellion at Eurka stockade on December 3 1854.
  • cat of nine tails

    the cat of nine tails commonly shorten to the cat is a type whip with multiple tails is an inportant tool in punishment
  • Butcher's Shamble

    People needed to eat so butchers followed the gold diggers this buthcher looks ruff and uneducated but he's not .
  • Love tokins

    When the convicts leave their loved ones behind they would nomally make nomally make a love tokin. They make the love tokin by clay and a penny to carve it out.
  • convicts

    over 300 convicts were transported to australia on the 13 of may the names of the boats were alexander charlotte the friend ship lady penrhyn prince of wales and scarborough 10 % of the convicts died on the boats.
  • Gold rush

    mr clark found gold lithgo in 1841 but he kept the news quite
    A geologist named reverend W. B. clarke found gold near Lithgow.
  • News comes out

    by 1849 the goverment decided it had changed its mine to encoruge people to find their own gold
  • woman on the gold fields

    Woman started to arrive at gold fields in large numbers and then changes started. Like when the tents then they turned into cottages. then their was gardens,foot paths,schools and libraries.
  • In britain

    on 9 septemper 1851 the editoir of the times enthusiastically imformed the british public that edward hargraves had discoverd gold near bathurst in new south wales .
  • The red ribbon rebbon

    In 1853 angery bendigo goldfields minere avoided a licence by hiding from the troopers. The diggers nickname for the goldfield police was joes after governor charles joseph la trobe.
  • cobb and co

    In 1853 two america named freeman cobb and James Rutherford set up a coach sevice travelling betwen Melbouren and goldfields
    at ballarat and Bendigo. By 1870,cob and co was travelling 45 000 Killometers a week over Australia, delivering people mail to distent places
  • black smith

    A black smith is the hart of the town the black smith is built first then the town around it.
  • The build up

    On 6 of october 1854 a digger named James Bentaley the owner of the eureka Hotel. A cout found Bentaly not guilty but the miners knew that the cout was made up of Bentaly freinds.
  • Meeting the lieutenant-governor

    ON the 27 of November 1854 three members of the ballarat Remform league met the
  • seizing the stockade

    A force of almost 300 soldiers and police officers took Eureka stockade by suprise in the early hours of Sunday 3 of December 1854 There were fewer than 200 people in the stocade when the attack began and the rebellion was over in 15 minutes. Six soldiers died. According to Peter Lalor 22 of the miners died and 12 others were wounded.
  • chinese diggers

    by 1558 there were 33,667 chinese on the victorian gold fields.
    They were all male and six were children. whith their diffrent clothing and their long pigtales the chinese stood up
  • little diggers

    by 1858 on the gold fields of victoria there was a population of 205,302 of these 33,588 were children. Children on gold fields were expected to be useful in some cases they worked along side their father. Jones and his some found a large nugget weighing 20013 ounces in kangaroo gully near Bendigo in dead block gully little henery stuck his pikaxe into a stone that turned out to be a nugget weighing 377 onuses .
  • lambing flat

    In 1860, gold was discovered at lambing flat in a new south wales.Chinese gold seekers joined the rush, along with thousands of other miners. On 12 of November 1860, the first battle on the chines were met with hostiliy almost immediatly.
  • The first find

    The largest nugget ever found is the welcome Stranger it was found in 1869 in moligul, Victoria and prodused 69.92 kilograms of pure gold.