The Mars Pathfinder

By HcM12
  • The Earth-Mars transfer orbit.

    The Earth-Mars transfer orbit.
    Starting on December 2nd, 1996 and ending on December 31st.
  • Launching of Pathfinder

    Launching of Pathfinder This mission carried scientific instruments to analyze the Martian atmosphere, climate, and the composition of its rocks and soil. It was the second project from NASA's Discovery Program, which promoted the use of low-cost spacecraft and launches under the motto "cheaper, faster and better" promoted by the then administrator, Daniel Goldin.
  • The Final Trim Manuver!

    The Final Trim Manuver!
    As The Pathfinder approaches Mars, NASA performs it's 4th and final manuver to land the Pathfinder safely on Mars.
  • Landing Date

    Landing Date The hard process of landing safely on Mars began several days before arrival, when ground controllers at JPL used the Deep Space Network to tell the spacecraft to prepare for landing. It landed succesfully on Mars' surface on July 4, 1997. Almost a full year after it's launching.
  • The Pathfinder's rover become inactive.

    The Pathfinder's rover become inactive.
    The pathfinder's rover (Soujerner) Became inactive on September 25, 1997. Two day before the Pathfinder became inactive also.
  • The Pathfinder Becomes Inactive

    The Pathfinder Becomes Inactive After operating on the surface of Mars three times longer than planned and returning a large amount of information about the red planet, the Pathfinder lande(officially renamed the Sagan Memorial Station after landing),finally became inactive in November 1997. Sojourner operated 12 times longer than the seven days it was designed to.