The Magnus Archives Timeline

Timeline created by Airfleck
  • 391

    Christian mob destroys Serapeum of Alexandria

  • 1255

    Ulrich I has a bastard child

  • 1279

    Ulrich II dies

  • 1365

    Sack of Alexandria by Peter the First of Cyprus

  • Christopher dies

  • John Flamsteed drowns Edmond Halley

  • Halley’s Eclipse

  • John Flamsteed's Statement

    The Movement of the Heavens - date speculated
  • John Flamsteed dies

  • Covent Garden Theatre opens

  • João da Silva Guimarães finds Z

  • British military infects Native Americans with smallpox

  • Nathaniel Thorp plays Pharaoh with Death

  • The Unknowing

  • Abraham Janssen's Statement

    The Show Must Go On
  • Jeremy Bentham designs Millbank Prison

  • Approximate age of meat grinder

  • Grimaldi first performs at Covent Garden

  • Covent Garden burns down the first time

  • Sannikov and Gedenschtrom find Sannikov Land

  • Covent Garden re-opens

  • Jeremy Bentham leaves Millbank Prison project

  • Smirke brought on to work on Millbank Prison

  • Rudolph Ziegler found dead

  • Albrecht von Closen's Statement

  • The Magnus Institute Founded

  • Millbank Prison constructed

  • St. James’ Church built

  • Barnabas Bennet's Statement

  • Jonathan Fanshawe arrives at the von Closen estate

    early - date speculated
  • Jonathan Fanshawe's Statement

    Remains to be Seen
  • Robert Smirke knighted

  • Horatio Wick drowns

  • George Gilbert Scott works for Kempthorne

  • George Gilbert Scott’s father dies

  • Roberts and Scott design Fishmonger’s Hall

  • Year of construction of Carlton Club

    date on datestone in tunnels beneath Carlton Club`
  • Date of tattoo on George Denman

  • Sampson Kempthorne finds a person in a wall

    date speculated
  • Joseph Grimaldi dies

  • Great Exhibition of 1841

  • Sampson Kempthorne's Statement

  • The Great Disappointment

  • Robert Smirke retires

  • Leitner version of The Seven Lamps of Architecture created

  • John Franklin sets out to the Arctic

  • The Carlisles set off along the Oregon Trail

    Late - date speculated
  • Unknown Author's Statement

    Trail Rations
  • Ruskin begins The Seven Lamps of Architecture

  • Fire in Covent Garden

  • Covent Garden re-re-opens

  • John Franklin dies

  • John Franklin’s crew abandons their ships

  • Breekon & Hope sail on the Robert Small

  • Cholera outbreak ended by John Snow

  • Covent Garden burns down again

  • Covent Garden re-re-re-opens

  • Charles Fleming's Statement

    Early - Total War
  • Key of Solomon

  • Kings Cross Saint Pancras station opens

  • Algernon Moss' Statement

    Lights Out
  • Garland Hillier’s final essay

  • Laura Smirke watches Robert Smirke

  • Robert Smirke's Statement and death

    The Architecture of Fear
  • Garland Hillier disappears

    end - month & day speculated
  • Eduard von Toll sees Sannikov Land

  • Millbank Prison closed and demolished

  • Approximate age of the Maria Fairchild and the time it sinks

  • Walter Fielding buys 105 Hill Top Road

  • Start of Second Anglo-Boer War

  • The Tale of a Field Hospital published

  • Boer concentration camps expand

  • Eduard von Toll’s expedition disappears

  • End of Second Anglo-Boer War

  • Elsa Keay immigrates to England

  • Boise City founded

  • Age of “A Disappearance”

  • Wilfred Owen joins the army

    date speculated
  • Wilfred Owen returns to the war after being treated for shell shock

    date speculated
  • Owen hears the Piper for the last time

  • Wilfred Owen dies

  • British massacre of Indian civilians

  • Percy Fawcett’s first expedition

  • Age of "Antigonish"

  • Clarence Berry's Statement

    The Piper
  • Alfred Fielding inherits 105 Hill Top Road

  • Percy Fawcett’s final expedition

  • Percy Fawcett, Jack Fawcett, and Raleigh Rimmell set out alone into the Amazon

  • Simon Fairchild, con artist, dies

  • Percy Fawcett's Statement

    Dead Horse
  • The Dust steals Harry Eisenhard

  • Eugene Vanderstock born

  • Francis Heller dies

  • Walter Heller finds the Serapeum

    date speculated
  • The Risen War

  • The King and South of Italy surrender

  • 11 train begins operating in European theatre

    date speculated
  • 11 train crashes because of medic attack

    date speculated
  • Mussolini dies

  • Mary Keay born

  • Photo of Nic Dunkin in Another Circus

  • Robert Geiger’s Statement

    Dust to Dust
  • Another Circus comes to Algasovo

    date speculated
  • Mary Keay acquires her Leitner

  • Wallis Turner's Statement

  • Trevor's father kills his mother then dies

  • Raymond Fielding inherits 105 Hill Top Road

  • Estimated age of trees around ritual site

  • Trevor Herbert kills Sylvia McDonald

    date speculated
  • Raymond Fielding runs a halfway house

    In the 1960s
  • Trevor Herbert kills Robert Arden

    date speculated
  • Nic Dunkin leaves Another Circus

    date speculated - at some point during the 1970s
  • Christopher Meyer abandons his research on outer cults

  • Neil Lagorio splits from his partner Gabe

  • Rosa Meyer finds the hand mirror

    date speculated
  • Nathaniel Thorp's Statement

    Cheating Death
  • Rosa Meyer's Statement

    Observer Effect
  • James Wright takes over the Institute

  • Henry White disappears

  • 105 Hill Top Road burns down

    A week after Henry White disappears
  • Neil Lagorio works on Agents of Orion

  • Luca Moretti's Statement

    Absent Wthout Leave
  • Yuri Atkin's Statement

    Tightrope; read by Gertrude Robinson
  • Benjamin Hatendi last saw Robin Patton

  • Margaret Carnegie dies

  • Alard Dupont found dead

  • Julia Montauk born

  • Approximate age of The Trophy Room

  • Sergey Ushanka uploads himself

  • Alexander Willard dies

  • Month on Robin Patton’s kitchen calendar

    no date because it's a calendar
  • Robin Patton’s mother last heard from him

    date speculated
  • Date on Robin Patton’s bedroom calendar

  • Benjamin Hatendi checks on Robin Patton

    date approximated
  • Benjamin Hatendi's Statement

    Tucked In
  • Date on Benjamin Hatendi’s death certificate

  • Ivan Atkin dies

  • Rosa Meyer heads to the Institute with petrol

  • Leitner begins renting an office at 100 Pall Mall

  • Arthur Breekon's brother makes a statement

  • Leitner asks Harold Silvana to dig a hole in the corner of his office

  • Christopher Lorne stops contacting his family

  • Jude Perry meets Agnes Montague

  • Julia Montauk's mother disappears

  • Adrian Weiss returns to Cratfield

    date speculated
  • Adrian Weiss' Statement

  • Carlos Vittery first kills the spider

  • Agnes starts coming to Canyon Cafe

  • Elias begins working at the Institute

  • Jude Perry burns herself into wax

  • Adelard Dekker's Statement

  • Alison Killala meets Neil Lagorio

  • Rosa Meyers dies in HMP Holloway from pneumonia

  • Breekon and Hope start working at Breekon and Hope Deliveries

  • Terrance Simpson's Statement

    Civilian Casualties
  • Jurgen Leitner's Incident

  • Maxwell Rayner disappears from public view

  • Leitner stops renting an office at 100 Pall Mall

  • Danielle Chang and Sandra Russell die

  • Rose Cooper replaced by not!them

    end of - date speculated
  • Lucy Cooper's Statement

    The Kind Mother
  • George Cooper dies of carbon monoxide poisoning

  • Jurgen Leitner drops off the scene

  • Lester Chang's Statement

  • Julia Montauk enters the shed

    2:47AM - date speculated
  • Robert Montauk is arrested

    date speculated
  • Ivo Lesnik's father dies

  • Trevor Dupont kills Hannah Edwards

  • James Wright dies, Elias takes over the Institute

  • Salesa starts working with a crew

  • Alfred/Arthur Breekon's Statement

    Return to Sender
  • Jared Hopworth takes The Bone Turner's Tale

    Late - date speculated
  • Sebastian Adekoya sees Jared Hopworth again

    Late - date speculated
  • Gertrude records Lucy Cooper’s statement

  • Gertrude records Yuri Atkin’s statement

  • Mike Crew first visits Lion Street Books

    date speculated
  • Walter Heller's Statement

  • Kirstin Bowman dies

    date speculated
  • Exceptional Risk Unit is established

  • Gertrude Robinson starts watching the Flesh

  • Herbert Knox, Mike Crew acquires Ex Altiora

    date speculated
  • Explosion in Alexandria

    date speculated
  • Joshua Gilespie's Statement

    Do Not Open
  • Herbert Knox's Statement

    Literary Heights
  • Archive statements were leaked

  • Sebastian Adekoya's Statement

    The Bone Turner's Tale
  • Cook is enthralled by the meat grinder

    date speculated
  • Julian Jennings’ father dies

  • Vincent Yang is trapped in shipping container

  • Vincent Yang returns to world

  • Vincent Yang escapes the shipping container

  • Vincent Yang's Statement

    Held in Customs
  • Marcus Mckenzie moves out

  • Julia Montauk starts to visit Robert Montauk

  • Graham and The Dreamer start dating

  • Adelard Dekker binds not!them to the table

    date speculated
  • Lawrence Moore's Statement

    Distant Cousin
  • Graham Folger's parents die

  • Christof Rudenko moves into Welbeck House

  • Year that the picture of Gertrude in the ritual site is from

  • Julian Jennings and his mother begin their annual trip

  • Harold Silvana uncovers passages of the Carlton Club

    Early - date (and year) speculated
  • Maxwell Rayner visits Robert Montauk

    Late - date speculated
  • Robert Kelly's last skydive

  • Harold Silvana's Statement

    Old Passages
  • Robert Kelly swallowed by sky

  • Daisy Tonner encounters Breekon and Hope

  • Moira Kelly's Statement

  • Robert Montauk dies in prison

  • Julia Montauk's Statement

    A Father's Love
  • Fiona Law dies

  • Age of wine bottle found in Institute tunnels

  • Masato Murray says Philip Doah died

    date speculated
  • Diane Mckenzie dies

    date speculated
  • Joseph Russo finds The Tale of a Field Hospital

  • Joseph Russo's Statement

    The Tale of a Field Hospital
  • Joseph Russo dies of a paper cut

  • The intruder first arrives at Paul Mckenzie's door

    date speculated
  • Phillip Doah dies

  • Paul Mckenzie's Statement

    A Sturdy Lock
  • Paul Mckenzie dies

    date speculated
  • Jon Haan fires his staff and hires Tom Haan

    date speculated
  • Enrique MacMillan's Statement

  • Masato Murray's Statement

    Book of the Dead
  • Phillip Brown leaves his then-wife, Caroline Brody

  • Walter Heller dies

  • Gertrude accesses Charles Fleming’s statement

  • Deborah Madaki takes a sculpture class

    Spring - month and date speculated
  • Phillip Brown's Statement

    Exceptional Risk
  • John Haan arrested for murdering Lanying Haan

    must be late in the month - date speculated
  • Banging begins at Welbeck House

  • Nic Dunkin dies

    date speculated
  • Grant Walker fired from Deloitte

    date speculated
  • Leanne Dunkin's Statement

    Strange Music
  • Amy Patel meets Graham Folger

    date speculated
  • Jessica McEwen disappears

    date speculated
  • Mike Crew watches Grant Walker

    early - date speculated
  • Ronald Sinclair's Statement

  • Amy Patel goes to Graham Folger’s flat

    date speculated
  • Grant Walker rehired at Deloitte

    Late - date speculated
  • Legal complications about ownership of Hill Top Road are settled

  • Callum Brodie born

    year speculated
  • Adelard Dekker's Second Statement

    Time of Revelation
  • not!them replaces Graham Folger

    May be 2007
  • Sebastian Adekoya dies

  • Sarah Baldwin disappears

    date speculated
  • Antonia Hayley dives to the Maria Fairchild

    date speculated
  • Grant Walker refired from Deloitte

    start of - date speculated
  • Grant Walker disappears from Tour Montparnasse

    later in - date speculated
  • Jack Barnabas asks Agnes out

    End - date speculated
  • Stephen Walker's Statement

    A Long Way Down
  • Agnes Montague found dead

  • Ivo Lesnik uproots the tree at 105 Hill Top Road

  • Eugene Vanderstock's Statement

  • Daniel Rawlings disappears

    date speculated
  • Henry Gough killed, Jared Hopworth takes over butchers

    date speculated
  • Calliope organ enters the Magnus Institute's storage

  • Graham Folger's flat sold

  • Daedalus launches

  • The Dreamer starts dreaming

  • Mikaele Salesa's Statement

    Taking Stock
  • Ivo Lesnik's Statement

    Burned Out
  • Jack Barnabas' Statement

    Burning Desire
  • Gregory Pryor investigates Hector Laredo

    Late - date speculated
  • Amy Patel's Statement

    Across the Street
  • Carter Chilcott’s Earth disappears

    date speculated
  • Gertrude records Robert Geiger’s statement

  • Christof Rudenko discovers Toby Carlisle's meat walls

  • Daedalus ceases operations

  • Angie Santos meets Greg Cox

    date approximated
  • Antonia Hayley's Statement

    High Pressure
  • Jan Kilbride's Statement

    A Matter of Perspective
  • Gregory Pryor's Statement

    The Butcher's Window
  • Ashley Dobson disappears

    date speculated
  • Jackson Ellis moves to Bucoda

    date speculated
  • Megan Shaw disappears

    date speculated
  • Ritual in the Pit

  • Earthquake; Bucoda disappears

  • Mary Keay's Statement

    First Edition
  • Alan Parfitt disappears

  • Alan Parfitt reported missing

    Jon originally said 2009
  • Mary Keay murdered

    Late - date speculated
  • The Last Feast

    middle - date speculated
  • Christof Rudenko's Statement

    The Man Upstairs
  • Lucia Wright's Statement

  • Breekon and Hope liquidates

  • Edwin Burroughs murders Christopher Bellum and James Mann

  • Lee Kipple hears Grifter’s Bone

  • Phillip Brown writes to Caroline Brody

  • Trevor Hebert meets the spider woman

    Late - date speculated
  • Jason North finds the ritual site

    date speculated
  • Kieran Woodard's Statement

    Thrown Away
  • Jackson Ellis' Statement

    We All Ignore the Pit
  • Carter Chilcott's Statement

    Personal Space
  • Anya Villette's Statement

    Cracked Foundation
  • Anya Villette cleans 105 Hill Top Road

  • Anya Villette’s believed date

    date approximated
  • Gary Boylan hears the number code

    date speculated
  • Jason North's Statement

    Burnt Offering
  • Jason North lights himself on fire

  • Jason North dies

  • Adonis Biros first sees the hollow masks

  • Adonis Biros sees more hollow masks and a hollow person

  • Adonis Biros' Statement

  • Andrea Nunis visits Genoa

    date speculated
  • Waltham Express Grill burns down

  • Gary Boylan's Statement

  • Gabriel writes to Deborah Madaki

    date approximated
  • Deborah Madaki's Statement

    Sculptor's Tool
  • Craig Goodall's Statement

  • Tom Haan starts working at Dalston

    Late - month and date speculated
  • Debbie Truss joins Murder Club

  • Burning train arrives in Moorgate Station

    date speculated
  • Howard Ewing's Statement

    Third Degree
  • John Fellowes disappears

    date speculated
  • Andrea Nunis' Statement

    Lost in the Crowd
  • Neil Thompson dies

  • Lee Rentoul confronts Paul Noriega

    date speculated
  • Trevor Herbert's Statement

    Vampire Killer and Children of the Night
  • Julia and Trevor kill Vardhan Darvish

    summer - month & day speculated
  • Sean Kelly disappears from Felixstowe

    date speculated
  • Darren Harlow's Statement

    Thought for the Day
  • Lawrence Mortimer is hunted by a werewolf

    date speculated
  • Carlita Sloane starts work on the Tundra

    Late - date speculated
  • Arden Neeli's body recovered

  • Lawrence Mortimer's Statement

    First Hunt
  • Jordan Kennedy deals with an ant house

  • Jurgen Leitner meets Gertrude Robinson

  • Daisy Tonner murders Calvin Benchley

  • Floyd Matharu starts working on the Dorian

  • Carlita Sloane's Statement

    Boatswain's Call
  • Thomas Neill's Statement

    Blood Bag
  • Lee Rentoul vanishes

    Early - date speculated
  • Sean Kelly’s body washes up on the Morocco coast

    date speculated
  • Lee Rentoul's Statement

  • Edwin Burrough's Statement

    Confession and Desecrated Host
  • Basira Husain encounters Diego Molina

    date speculated
  • Ivy Meadows Care Home burns down

  • Murder Club is attacked by a man in a mask

  • Debbie Truss kills Jamie Sanders

  • Lisa Carmel kills Evelyn Kaelka

  • Lisa Carmel's Statement

    Thrill of the Chase
  • Ananya Kaleka arrested

    date approximated
  • Lesere Saraki treats Gerry and Diego Molina

  • Donna Gwynne first starts working for Stavo

  • Jon Sims stopped smoking

  • Jon Sims’ grandmother dies

  • Adelard Dekker's Third Statement

    Breathing Room - likely circa
  • Justin Gough dies, then kills several people

    year speculated
  • Dexter Banks and 100 cast members disappear

    month and date speculated
  • Lesere Saraki's Statement

    First Aid
  • Andre Romao acquires the Ming vase

    date speculated
  • Alexia Crawley's Statement

    Creature Feature
  • Nathan Watts' Statement

  • Annabelle Cane makes Neil Lagorio dance

    month approximated, date speculated
  • Andre Romao's Statement

    Lost and Found
  • Ivy Meadows Care Home decommissioned

    date speculated
  • Bertrand Miller dies

  • Nicole Baxter visits Ivy Meadows Care Home

    Mid - date speculated
  • Dominic Swaim visits Pinhole Books

  • Nicole Baxter's Statement

    Taken Ill
  • Alison Killala

    The Puppeteer
  • Julian Jennings' Statement

    Left Hanging
  • Gerry Keay starts working with Gertrude

  • The Dreamer sees the veins in waking life

  • Unknown statement giver is grabbed by the Buried

  • Kulbir Shakya is caught in a flood

    may/august - date speculated
  • Alexander Scaplehorn's Statement

    Still Life
  • Dominic Swaim's Statement

    Page Turner
  • David Laylow is trapped at Aver Meats

  • Ross Davenport's Statement

    Body Builder
  • Danny Stoker disappears

    date speculated - 7/14/21/28
  • Police report of Marie Balandin stealing sheep femurs

  • David Laylow's Statement

    Killing Floor
  • Nights at the Circus display set up

    date speculated
  • Kulbir Shakya's Statement

  • Gertrude Robinson records Abraham Janssen's Statement

  • Chloe Ashburt's Statement

    Drawing a Blank
  • Jennifer Ling encounters Grifter’s Bone

    date speculated
  • Jennifer Ling's Statement

    Grifter's Bone
  • Jennifer Ling dies

    date speculated
  • Prentiss infects and kills hospital staff

  • New tenants move into Pinhole books

  • Gerry Keay beats up Jurgen Leitner

  • Mikaele Salesa dies

  • Jane Prentiss' Statement

  • Monster pig appears at Dylan Anderson’s farm

    date speculated
  • Luke Nelson killed by darkness

  • Erin Gallagher-Nelson's Statement

    The End of the Tunnel
  • Benoît Maçon meets his swarm family

    date speculated
  • François Deschamps, Gertrude, and Gerry see Benoît Maçon with his swarm

  • François Deschamps' Statement

    Nesting Instinct
  • Laura Popham and Elena Sanderson enter Lost John's Cave

  • Laura Popham is found

  • Benoît Maçon dies

    late - date speculated
  • Dylan Anderson's Statement

    Cruelty Free
  • Manuela Dominguez's Statement

    Dark Matter
  • Basira encounters a man who is alive despite being shot multiple times

  • Sebastian Skinner finds the people factory

    date speculated
  • Natalie Ennis' mom dies

    date speculated
  • Gertrude Robinson records Wallis Turner’s statement

  • Sebastian Skinner's Statement

    Uncanny Valley
  • Gerry Keay dies

    Late - month and day speculated
  • Laura Popham's Statement

    Lost John's Cave
  • Jane Prentiss attacks Harriet Lee

  • Timothy Hodge encounters Harriet Lee

    middle - date speculated
  • Natalie Ennis joins the People's Church of the Divine Host

    date speculated
  • Timothy Hodge's Statement

  • The Dreamer dreams about his father dying

  • The Dreamer's father dies

  • Thomas Neill dies

  • Ant house torn down

  • Justin Gough disappears from a care facility

  • The spider appears in Carlos Vittery's apartment

    date speculated
  • Melanie King witnesses Sarah Baldwin confront a ghost

  • Lorell St. John's Statement

  • The Dreamer’s father fades from his dream

    middle - date speculated
  • Mark Bilham reports Natalie Ennis missing

  • The Dreamer dreams about Gertrude dying

  • The Dreamer's Statement

  • Gertrude Robinson disappears/is shot by Elias

  • Dark ritual sites in Russia and Alaska go down

  • Donna Gwynne's Statement

    Burial Rites
  • Total solar eclipse in Ny-Ålesund

  • Evan Lukas dies

  • Gertrude Robinson dies - according to the Dreamer

  • Evan Lukas' funeral

  • Naomi Herne is hit by a car

  • Gertrude records Sebastian Skinner's statement

  • Carlos Vittery's Statement

  • Mark Bilham's Statement

    Growing Dark
  • Official date of Gertrude Robinson’s death

  • Screams heard from the Hither Green Descenders Chapel

  • Cambridge Military Hospital begun to be torn down

    date speculated
  • Lydia Halligan's Statement

  • Lydia Halligan dies

    date speculated
  • Angie Santos' Statement

    Web Development
  • Lionel Elliot's class starts

    date speculated
  • Jon thinks Jude Perry & others burned down part of Gwydir forest

  • Possible reported sighting of Angus Dale

  • Jared Hopworth starts getting letters

  • Naomi Herne's Statement

  • Martin's first encounter with Jane Prentiss

  • Jordan Kennedy faces the wasp nest in Prentiss’ home

    Late February/early March - date speculated
  • Martin Blackwood's Statement

  • Lionel Elliot’s class dissects hearts

  • Sasha first sees Michael Distortion

  • Sasha James' Statement

    A Distortion
  • Melanie King's Statement

  • Lionel Elliot's Statement

    Anatomy Class
  • Archivist's Statement, Prentiss attacks the Archive

  • Archivists' Statements regarding Prentiss' attack

    Human Remains
  • Greg Cox disappears

    late - date speculated
  • Jon Sims' Statement

    Too Deep
  • Basira Hussain's Statement

    Section 31
  • Tessa Winters downloads Sergey Ushanka

    date speculated
  • Helen Richardson's Statement

    The New Door
  • Tessa Winters finishes Sergey Ushanka’s video

    date speculated
  • Jordan Kennedy's Statement

    Pest Control
  • Jon overhears Martin and Tim worrying about him

  • Daisy Tonner's Statement

    Hard Shoulder
  • Nicholas Lekman disappears

  • Karolina Górka is trapped in the Underground

  • Tessa Winter's Statement

  • Karolina Górka's Statement

  • Maxwell Rayner and Natalie Ennis killed

  • Basira Hussain's Second Statement

    Police Lights
  • Melanie King's Second Statement

    The Smell of Blood
  • not!them attacks the Magnus Institute

  • Elias commits brutal pipe murder on Leitner

  • Jon Sims' Second Statement

    A Guest for Mr. Spider
  • Daisy Tonner's Ungiven Statement

  • Daisy last went into the police station

    date speculated
  • Brian Finlinson starts seeing spiders

    month and date speculated
  • Jude Perry's Statement

    Twice as Bright
  • Mike Crew's Statement

    The Coming Storm
  • Daisy Tonner murders Mike Crew

  • Basira Hussain starts working at the Archives

  • Georgie Barker's Statement

    Dead Woman Walking
  • Lynne Hammond’s Statement

    I Guess You Had To Be There
  • Robin Lennox finds a stone circle

    date speculated by statement giver
  • 'John Smith's' Statement

    date speculated - I Guess You Had To Be There
  • Robin Lennox’s Statement

    I Guess You Had To Be There
  • Brian Finlinson’s Statement

    I Guess You Had To Be There
  • Tim Stoker's Statement

    Sneak Preview
  • Julia and Trevor's Second Statement

  • Gerry Keay's Statement

    Family Business
  • Statements of Jon Sims, Basira Hussain, & Melanie King

  • Martin Blackwood's Second Statement

  • Tim Stoker's Second Statement

  • The Unknowing

  • Martin Blackwood’s mother dies

    date speculated
  • The Flesh attacks the Magnus Institute

    date speculated
  • Jon Sims wakes up from his coma

    date speculated
  • Breekon's Statement

    Heavy Goods
  • Jared Hopworth's Statement

  • Jon Sims' Third Statement

  • Jon Sims and Daisy Tonner escape from the Coffin

  • Floyd Matharu's Statement

    Doomed Voyage
  • Unknown Woman's Statement

  • Jon Sims and Basira Hussain scheduled to arrive at Ny-Ålesund

  • Manuela Dominguez's Second Statement

    Heart of Darkness
  • The Summer solstice