The Life Of Myself

  • My Brother Was Born

    My Brother Was Born
    My brother name is Mickey Sethpun Phopiboonsuk. He was born on May 7, 1998. Right now on 2011 he is in grade 7. Mickey was born on the year of tiger. He was sometime nice to me and sometines not but most of the time he is nice to me.
  • My Sister Was Born

    My Sister Was Born
    My sister name is Minnie Sirimanus Phopiboonsuk. I am her little sister ,Gracie. Right now in 2011 she is in grace 6. Minnie is very nice to me and more nicer than my brother, Mickey. She goes with me everwhere and if she is naughty most of the time she is naughty with her homework.
  • When I Was Born on December 1st 2000!!

    When I Was Born on December 1st 2000!!
    My name is Gracie Kessupa Phopiboonsuk. I was born on December 1st, 2000. I have 1 big brother and 1 big sister. I have 5 people in my family wich are my mom, dad, sister ,brother, and me. My grandma is chinese so my dad is chinese but I can't talk chinese so I have to go learn. Now I am in grade 4 and my homeroom teacher is Ms.Stacey.
  • Lord Shaftesbury

    Lord Shaftesbury
    The school Lord Shaftesbury was my first school and I stayed at that school only for 1 year. For me this school is not that good but normal. Because I didn't make alot of friends and in that school it dosn't have much people and they are very mean.
  • First and Best Friends

    First and Best Friends
    My first friend in Lord Shaftesbury is Mimi. She is a very nice, kind, and many more. she likes to give me stuff and she is 1 part of my life. She is my best friend forever.But for RIS I have many best friends. For example Music.
  • Change School To RIS

    Change School To RIS
    The school that I change to is RIS. Because my brother and my sister learn there. For me this school is better than Lord Shaftesbury. Because it's moer fun, get to be more activitys, make more friends and more.
  • My 2 years teacher, Ms.Rosanna

    My 2 years teacher, Ms.Rosanna
    Ms.Rosanna is a very very nice teacher! She thought me 2 years because when I was young we get to choose what class we want to be in. Ms.Rosanna came from Burma and she has 1 helper. She likes to give out stuff and she is 1 of my best teacher because I feel like she is my 2nd parent but I have 2 teachers that is my best teacher and 1 of it is Ms.Rosanna.
  • Welcome To America!!!!

    Welcome To America!!!!
    When I went to USA I was very happy in the airplane till back to bangkok. Because I got lot's of stuff and I stayed ay my grandma's house. I went to America with my mom, grandma, brother, sister. We also went to disney land and the picture is at Disney Land. It was so fun!!!!!!!
  • First Snow!!!

    First Snow!!!
    When I saw the snow at Big Bear (a state) I was very happy and excited. I sat at my friends car that is ay america and she is younger than me. We played snow together and it was 1 of the best timne I have.
  • Visit Singapore

    Visit Singapore
    When I went to Singapore and that country speaks chainese. But I can't speak chinese. Any ways there mare mostly people that can't speak chinese. I was very fun !!!
  • Talent Show!!!

    Talent Show!!!
    At talent show I was dansing with Ms.Nimfa EDP class because I was in it when I was young. My sister, my friends, and other graders came to dance too. This is my first time to dance in the talent show ana that's why all the people was very excited. ^_^
  • Learn Thai Instument Called Khim

    Learn Thai Instument Called Khim
    I learn the thai instument called khim. I is very I mean VERY hard but fun. When I said hard I mean there is many strings and I am haveing a khim insterment show next mounth wich I can't even remember the notes!!!
  • Visit America Again!!!

    Visit America Again!!!
    when I went to america again it was more fun than the first time I went to America because I was smater and didn't do crazy stuff. I got lots and lots of stuff and even more stuff than I went to Korea! But this time when I went to America I also stayed at the same house that I stayed on the first time I went.
  • Join "Yong Voice Of Ruamrudee"

    Join "Yong Voice Of Ruamrudee"
    I join the young voice of ruamridee on grade 2 but really you need to join at grade 3. We went to 1 place to sing or to show to in a quier. on grade 3 I have Flame to join with me and on the 2nd quater Amy came to join too. We learn with Mr.Sebert and it was really funny and every one sang really well.
  • Commercial Advertising For "Magic Clean"

    Commercial Advertising For "Magic Clean"
    When I went to do the commercial for "Magic Clean" I was very shy because it's the first time! They choose me because I learn ballet with Gon but gon didn't ger to choose also my sister.
  • Visit Korea

    Visit Korea
    On 21st April, 2010 I went to Korea on summer. I went in a tour with my mom, dad, sister, brother and me. We ate yummy food and I also went with 2 of my mom office friends. I had lots and lots of fun went I went there and bought lots of things back. But I can't remember how many days I went there.
  • Learn Chinese

    Learn Chinese
    I learn at a chinese school. But first I went to learn ballet but I qui and also Fon because we first saw eachother at a ballet school. I first learn at kg class because I don't know anything about chinese. Now I am at grade 1 but it's sometimes boring because we have to write alot an alot. But now we are going to grade 2!!!!
  • Sang on Chinese New Year!!!

    Sang on Chinese New Year!!!
    I went to sang on chinese new year with my 2 good friends Flame and Wow-wow! I t went really well and we sang a chinese song witch is not that hard at all but normal easy. My mom amd my auntie went to watch me sing and took pictures of me and a video wich every body in my house likes it. At assenbly me and my friends also got red envelops with money inside and I was so happy!!! ("+_+") = so shy
  • Talent Show!!!

    Talent Show!!!
    The talent show for elemontry school on 2011 just pass! I think I did very well and I think it went really I mean really well!!!! I also think the dancing was well too. My dad went to watch me and took a video of me and every body in my house loves it!!! I felt very happy and very proud of my self