The Life of Muhammad

  • 570

    The Birth of Muhammad

    In AD570, Muhammad was born. he was born in mecca, which is now known as Saudi Arabia. He was born to a Quraysh family that was a ruling tribe in Mecca. He was a caravan driver up until his first revelation.
  • Period: Nov 15, 610 to Nov 16, 610

    1st Revelation of Muhammad

    In AD 610, at the age 04 40, Muhammad had his first vision. he had the vision in a cave at Mount Hira. He said the vision was from the archangel Gabriel.
  • Nov 16, 610

    Muhammad's 1st Revelation

    In 610 AD, Muhammad had his first revelation, at the age of 40. this occured in a cane at Mount Hira. Muhammad said the revelation came from the archangel Gabriel. The revelation was about Allah, and that he was the one and only God.
  • Nov 16, 613

    First Muslims

    In 613 AD, Muhammad started to preach to the public in Mecca. Up until then he had preached to his family, who all believed him. They were the first Muslims. Some of the public in medina received him warmly, but most did not, because he preached that their religion was wrong and that all idols were to be destroyed. This was the tradespeople's livlihood.
  • Nov 16, 622

    Migration to Medina, "Hijra"

    In 622 AD, Muhammad migrated to Medina with trusted Muslim family and followers. This was because the people of Mecca were increasingly against him. He continued to have revelations in all those years. His migration to Medina was called "Hijra", which became the start of the Islamic calendar.
  • Nov 16, 624

    Historical Muslim Battle

    In 624 AD, a battle ensued between the Quraysh and the Muslims that was very significant in Muslim history. The battle was at Badr. Muhammad promised all Muslims that lost their lives that they would have a martyr's death, and would be granted direct entry into Paradise. The battle was 1000 Quaraysh and 313 Muslims. Although many of Muhammad's close friends died, the Muslims declared it a Muslim victory, and said they won with the help of angels. This was the first of many battles with Quaraysh.
  • Nov 16, 627

    Established 1st Islamic State

    By 627 AD, Muhammad had almost completely converted Medina to Islam. Muhammad had established the 1st Islamic state, and formed an independent Muslim community called Ummah.
  • Nov 16, 630

    Taking back Mecca

    In 630 AD, Muhammad went back to Mecca. This time he was very successful in taking it over and converting it to Islam. He was successful in destroying all pagan idols. He jourbeyed back to Medina again as well, and unified all Arab tribes under Islam.
  • Jun 8, 632

    Muhammad's Death and Muslim Divisions

    In 632 AD, at the age of 62, Muhammad died. His recitations had converted all Arabian tribes to Islam. Discussion as to who should succeed him led to several divisions in the Muslim community. Many of those divisions are still around today. The most notable divisions are the Sunnis, the Shias and the Kharijites.