Spread of Islam_HDrurey

  • Period: 1 CE to 570

    Arabia Before Muhammad-Mecca

    -Was a trade stop and religious center
    -People stayed in Mecca because of its water well, the population there was very diverse: Jews, Arabs and Christians
    -Is the location of Kaaba, a shrine with 300 idols
  • Period: 1 CE to 570

    Arabia Before Muhammad

    -Majority of Arabia's first inhabitants were Bedouins
    -They were Semites that either originated from Africa or Mesopotamia
    -They valued camels and swords above all else and had no strong central government
    -They were animistic polytheism
  • Period: 1 CE to 570

    Arabia Before Muhammad-Quraysh

    -They were a powerful tribe of Arabs
    -Encouraged other tribes to put idols in the Kaaba and they would protect them for a fee
  • Period: 570 to 580

    Muhammad's Call To Prophecy-Muhammad's Early Life

    -Was born into the Hashim family from the powerful Quraysh tribe
    -Raised by his uncle, Abu Talib
    -He worked for a wealthy widow, Khadija
    -He married Khadija and had seven kids
    -Was a seeker of solitude
  • Period: 570 to 580

    Muhammad's Call To Prophecy-Family

    -Angles told Muhammad's mother, Amina, to name child Muhammad, who died when Muhammad was six
    -Had an uncle, Abu Talib
    -Wife was Khadija, who had seven children
    -Muhammad's father, Abdallah, died before he was born
  • 595

    The Life Of Muhammad-Marriage

    -He married Khadijah al-khuwaylid
    -He had four daughters
  • 610

    The Life Of Muhammad-Suspecting Something Is Wrong

    -When Muhammad was 40, he started to suspect something was wrong
    -Wealthy did not share wealth
    -Tribes were constantly at war with each other
    -Retreated to the mountains in solitude
    -Prayed and fasted at the mountains
  • Period: 610 to 612

    The Life Of Muhammad-His Vision & Teachings

    -Gabriel appeared before Muhammad and revealed the secret word of Allah
    -He only told his wife and cousin, who were Christian
    -Wife and cousin encouraged Muhammad to do what Gabriel told him to do
    -He had been chosen as a prophet
    -Shared his vision in 612
    -Taught that the only god that should be worshiped is Allah, and that Jews and Christians didn't have to switch religion because they already people of the book
  • Period: 612 to 622

    The Life Of Muhammad-Facing Discrimination

    -Not everyone was happy with his teaching, including the Quraysh
    -Leaders declared Muslims should be boycotted
    -No one was allowed to give Muslims food
    -Had another vision that he was preaching in Jerusalem, and the rulers stilled threatened him
    -His followers had to leave Mecca because of the discrimination
  • 622

    The Life Of Muhammad-First Islamic Community

    -They split off the Arab tribe to form their own tribe
    -Relationships, statuses, and social allegiances were based on kin or family
    -What bound the tribe together was religious allegiances
  • 622

    The Life Of Muhammad-Leaving Mecca

    -The Quraysh wanted revenge on Muhammad because never before had someone split of an Arab tribe to create a new one
    -They moved to Yathrib
  • 622

    A Special Relationship-Constitution Of Medina

    -Created by Muhammad
    -It gave freedom of religion if people payed special tax
    -These taxes became important to the caliphate bugdet
    -Christians and Jews are marked as dhimmis, or protected people of the Muslim state
  • Period: 622 to 700

    Life Of Muhammad-Medina

    -Rooms were large and spacious
    -Medina was where Muhammad had his home
    -Muhammad's home became the first mosque
    -Medina was where all followers of all faith could worship freely
    -He changed the direction Muslims face to pray
    -He made it so men could break the rule of only four wives if it is to help someone in need
  • 632

    The Life Oh Muhammad-Muhammad's Death And His Impact

    -Muhammad united almost all of the region under Islam
    -Died in 632
    -More than 1.5 billion Muslims in the world
    -All followers Muhammad
  • Period: 632 to 633

    Arab Unity Or Separation-Arabia After Muhammad's Death

    -No one knew who would lead the Muslim faith
    -When Muhammad died, there was about 100,000 Muslims
    -When Muhammad died, intertribal raids started up again
    -When Muhammad died, people stopped playing zakat
    -When Muhammad died, some people found new prophets to inspire them
  • Period: 633 to 634

    Arab Unity Or Separation-Caliph Abu Bakr

    -He was one of Muhammad's original followers
    -He became the next caliph
    -He reunited the community
    -The Riddah Wars were attacks on ex-Muslims
    -He forced tribes to return to Islam
    -He brought all of Central Arabia under his control
    -He conquered other territories beyond the Arabian Peninsula
  • Period: 634 to 644

    Arab Unity Or Separation-Caliph Umar

    -He helped lay the foundations of an Islamic state
    -Helped build the standardization of the Quran based on account of people who were actually there to see Muhammad preach in Mecca and Medina
    -He conquered land from the Byzantine Empire, Mesopotamia and Syria
    -Established basic policies
  • Period: 644 to 656

    Arab Unity Or Separation-Caliph Uthman

    -Helped with foundations for an Islamic state
    -Uthman ordered all other versions of the Quran to be destroyed so that everyone would read the same version
    -He conquered North Africa, Iran and the Caucuses
    -Was assassinated
  • Period: 651 to 750

    A Split Develops-Umayyad Dynasty

    -Took parts of Spain, North Africa and Central Asia
    -It was too big
    -Conquered by rebel fighters
    -People split to either Sunni Muslim, or Shi'a Muslim
  • Period: 656 to 661

    A Split Develops-Caliph Ali

    -Ali's rise to power caused a civil war
    -Ali was assassinated, and the Sunni's took over
    -The First Fitna was the fist major internal conflict within the Muslim community
    -The First Fitna went from 656 to 661
    -The conflict started because the Muslims had a disagreement on who should be caliph
  • Period: 750 to 1258

    Time Is Mightier Than The Sword-Abbasid Dynasty

    -Their capital was Baghdad
    -They conquered Southern Europe, the Mediterranean, and North Africa
  • Period: 1095 to 1291

    The Crusades-The Crusades

    -The were violent series of campaigns made by Christian armies against the Muslim world
    -A crusade is a holey world
    -There were nine crusades
    -Major fighting were in Jerusalem, Palestine, Syria, Egypt, and Antolia
    -The crusaders were defeated and the Muslims gained control of the whole region