Muhammad's Life

  • 570

    Muhammad's Birth

    Muhammad's Birth
    Muhammad was born in 570 a.d. in the Arabian city of Mecca. He was the first and only son of Abd Allah bin Al- Muttallb and Amina Bi nt Wahb. Abd Allah died before Muhammad's bith and raised by his mother.
  • Oct 22, 600


    Monotheistic religion has spread to Arabia. Jews have been in Arabia for centuries. Christian missionaries have been in Arabia for more than a century. The entire Arabian province of Najran is Christian. Christianity has been established superficially in various other centers of trade, and Arabs living on the borders of Constantinople's empire and Persia's empire have been influenced by those empires.
  • Oct 21, 610


    Muhammad would make long retreats to a mountain cave outside the town where he would meditate. On one occation he was visited by an angel and told to recite words/ poems that were to be attributed to god.
  • Oct 22, 610

    The Persian's

    The Persian's
    610 The army of Phocas has been occupied by war with Persia, and Avars and Slavs have been advancing through Constantinople's empire in Europe. Constantinople's governor in Egypt, Heraclius, sails with a small army to Constantinople, and with Phocas having lost much of his support, Heraclius easily defeats him. Phocas is executed and Heraclius became emperor.
  • Oct 21, 613


    In 613 and many more experiences muhammad finally brought the messages that he thought from god to the people. These messages later became the Quran. Muhammad and his followers were first belittled and ridiculed, then persecuted and attacked.
  • Oct 21, 622


    Muhammad and his few hundred followers left Mecca and traveled to Yathrib where his father had been barried. They were asked to go there to bring piece to the town that had been ravaged by civil war.
  • Oct 21, 627

    Military Action

    Military Action
    The meccans did not like that muhammad had success fully brought piece to Yathrib and gained alot of people to his cause. The meccans led many skirmishes against him at the battle of Badar, Uhud, and Medina. In the end a treaty was signed between both sides.
  • Oct 22, 627

    Battle Of Nineveh

    Battle Of Nineveh
    At the battle of Nineveh, the forces of Heraclius, defeated the forces of the Sassanid Empire. The Persian forces were led by Khosrau II. The victory saved the Byzantine Empire from further Persian attack.
  • Oct 21, 632


    He returned to Mecca one last time to preform a pilgrimage and tens of thousands of muslims joined him. Three months later he died of a short illness.
  • Muhammad in care of his Uncle

    Muhammad in care of his Uncle
    When muhammads mother died in 575 and his grandfather's death in 578 his only other family member was his Uncle. He moved in at the age of 8. He stayed under his uncles protection for many years.
  • Muhammad as a Caravan Agent

    Muhammad as a Caravan Agent
    Arround his early twenties he entered the service of a wealthy Meccan Merchat. This is where he meet Khadlja Blnt Khawalayd and it turnes out that they were distant cousin.
  • Peru

    In Peru a 30-year drought began about this time that followed years of flooding in areas populated by the Moche people.
  • Sui Dynasty Reunites China

    Sui Dynasty Reunites China
    After nearly four centuries of internal divisions and strife, China was reunited under the leadership of Yang Jian. A member of a respected aristocratic family, Yang Jian founded the Sui Dynasty. Yang Jian used Buddhism to help unite the kingdom.
  • Pope Greogory

    Pope Greogory
    Gregory the Great was the first monk to become Pope. For many, he was a model for the future papacy. Gregory controlled the civil affairs of Rome and expanded the power of the Church. Gregory also negotiated a 30-year truce with Lombards, insuring the independence of Rome.
  • First Perso-Turkic War

    First Perso-Turkic War
    The First Perso-Turkic War was fought in 588 CE between the Sassanid Persians and the Western Turkic Khaganate and its vassals, mainly the Hephthalites. The conflict started with the invasion of the Persian Empire by the Turks and ended with a decisive Sassanid victory and the conquest of the Eastern Turks.
  • Japan

    Shotoku converts Suiko to Buddhism. Buddhism becomes the state religion and is called upon to protect the Japanese nation.
  • Period: to Dec 31, 634

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