Spread of Islam_MStrand

  • Period: AD 1 to 570

    Arabia Before Muhammad

  • Period: AD 1 to 570

    Arabia Before Muhammad

  • Period: AD 1 to 570

    Arabia Before Muhammad

  • 570

    Muhammad's Call to Prophethood

  • 570

    Muhammad's Call to Prophethood

  • 595

    Life of Muhammad - Marriage

  • 610

    Life of Muhammad - Suspecting Something Wrong

  • Period: 610 to 612

    Life of Muhammad - Revelations/Teachings

  • 612

    Life of Muhammad - Preachings

  • Period: 617 to 619

    Life of Muhammad - Facing Discrimination

  • 621

    Life of Muhammad - First Islamic Community

  • 622

    Life of Muhammad - Leaving Mecca

  • Period: 622 to 632

    Life of Muhammad - Medina

  • Period: 622 to 1258

    Constitution of Medina

    What it said: - Everyone including people of other faiths under the Umayyad dynasty had to pay taxes to support the empire
    Who made it: - Muhammad
  • 632

    Life of Muhammad - Death + Impact on the World

  • Period: 632 to 634

    Caliph Abu Bakr

    Who he was: - Muhammad’s closest friend and most trusted advisor - became the new leader for the Muslim - reunited the collapsing community and died just 2 years after Muhammad
    Areas conquered: - Arabian occupied near the Arabian Peninsula - Arabs spread Islam beyond into Europe
  • Period: 632 to 634

    Caliph Abu Bakr - Riddah Wars

    Riddah Wars: - Riddah Wars were a campaign against ex-Muslims who refused to follow Abu Bakr, and claimed they only followed Muhammad, not Islam - Abu Bakr fought the Arabs to regain their support - Abu Bakr won and the Arabs agreed to follow Islam and helped spread the religion beyond the Arabian Peninsula
  • Period: 633 to 644

    Caliph Umar - Accomplishments

  • Period: 634 to 644

    Caliph Umar

    Conquered areas: After Abu Bakr had declared war on the Byzantine and Sassanid Empires, Uman took Bakr’s place when Abu died just 2 years after Muhammad - Umar was a good war leader and took control over a well desired Jerusalem along with modern-day Iraq, Syria, Iran, Palestine, and Egypt
  • Period: 644 to 656

    Caliph Uthman

    Areas he conquered: - as ruler, Uthman broadened Arab territory, gaining Iran, Northern Africa, and Caucuses
    Important accomplishments: - Uthman was the first person ever to memorize the whole entire Quran - standardized the Quran by destroying all other versions of Quran and made his own edition.
  • Period: 656 to 661

    Caliph Ali

  • Period: 661 to 750

    Umayyad Dynasty

    Areas conquered: - Umayyad dynasty expanded their region collecting North Africa, Spain, and parts of Central Asia
    Problems: - The large empire and area of land made it difficult to govern - rebels overthrew empire in 750
  • Period: 750 to 1258

    Abbasid Dynasty

    Areas conquered: - Replaced the Umayyad dynasty - conquered more of Central Asia
    Capital: - Moved capital to Baghdad
  • Period: 1095 to 1291

    The Crusades

    What is a crusade? - A military mission to control the holy city of Jerusalem
    How many total were made? - There were 9 Crusades total
    What were the major fighting regions? - Jerusalem, Spain, Syria, Egypt, and Anatolia
    What were the outcomes of the Crusades? - Islamic culture remained in Jerusalem, and the Christians were defeated and not successful in over throwing Jerusalem