Kate jarman 2011

The life of Kate Jarman

  • Birth

    Born at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center in Provo, Utah, USA to Mark and Rosemary Jarman
  • Birth of Nick Jarman (Brother)

    Birth of Nick Jarman (Brother)
    Nick is pictured on the right.
  • Move to Salt Lake City

    Move to Salt Lake City
    Move to Salt Lake City (sometime in 1995, date unknown) to live with Great-Grandma Lorraine Howell on the Avenues. Pictured is the family home on the Avenues up for sale at the death of Great-Grandpa Howell.
  • Birth of Phoebe Jarman (Sister)

    Birth of Phoebe Jarman (Sister)
    Phoebe, approximately age 15, pictured.
  • Move to Ogden, Utah

    Move to Ogden, Utah
    Photo taken in the living room of the Jarman home in Ogden (Nick left, Kate right)
  • Start Preschool at Ogden High School

    joined Tiny Tigers Preschool, run by child development students at Ogden High School.
  • Start Kindergarten

    Started Kindergarten at Polk Elementary School in Ogden, Utah.
  • Move to Latyon, Utah.

  • Birth of Emily Jarman (Sister)

    Birth of Emily Jarman (Sister)
    Emily pictured (age unknown)
  • Birth of Rachel Jarman (Sister)

    Birth of Rachel Jarman (Sister)
    Picture is Rachel, age unknown.
  • Baptism

    Baptized by immersion and confirmed as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints by the laying on of hands by father, Mark Jarman. (Photo taken around the time of baptism)
  • Move to Westminster, Maryland

    Move to Westminster, Maryland
    Jarman Family move to Maryland for dad's new job, sometime in May of 2000. Pictured is Kate at the Baltimore, Maryland zoo.
  • Foreign attacks on World Trade Centers and Pentagon.

  • Move to Apex, North Carolina

    Move to Apex, North Carolina
    Photo taken at Washington DC, just before the Jarman family move to North Carolina.
  • Move to Alpine, Utah

  • Move to Spanish Fork, Utah

  • Met best friend, Sara Bass

    Met best friend, Sara Bass
    Met best friend, Sara-Marie Bass at 2nd year of girls camp (Sara's 1st year)
    Pictured is Sara, approximately age 17.
  • Started 8th grade

    Started 8th grade at Spanish Fork Junior High School.
  • Start high school

    Start high school
    Started highschool at American Leadership Academy, a charter school separate from the mainstream city high school, Spanish Fork High School. Pictured is Kate at an ALA high school football game.
  • Hired by The Spanish Fork News

    Hired by The Spanish Fork News
    Photo was taken at a flag retirement ceremony by Kate while she was hired by The News. Local news photography was a part of her job responsiblities.
  • Mom announces she is diagnosed with cancer

    Mom announces she is diagnosed with cancer
    Pictured is mom after her first chemo treatment. Taken at disneyland during a family vacation.
  • Death of Heather Christensen

    Death of Heather Christensen
    Dear friend and high school teacher Heather Christensen passes away. This is the first death of a close friend she's ever experienced. Pictured is Heather Christensen.
  • Laid off by Spanish Fork News

    Spanish Fork News went out of business
  • High School Graduation

    High School Graduation
    Graduated from American Leadership Academy high school.
  • Start college at BYU Idaho

    Start college at BYU Idaho
    Pictured is Kate at her first college-housing apartment complex.