The Life of Hitler

  • Birth Date

    The son of Alois and Klara Hitler is born in the spring of 1889.
  • Hitler's Brother Dies.

    Hitler's favorite brother, Edmund, die dues to measles when Hitler is only 10.
  • Hitler's Dad Dies.

    Soon after Edmund's death, Alois Hitler dies in 1903.
  • Moves to Vienna

    After dropping out of school at the age of 16, Hitler moves to Vienna to be an artist.
  • Hitler's Mom Dies

    While Hitler despised his father and wasn't heavily affected by his death, his mom hurt him deeply.
  • Moves to Munich

    After Vienna, Hitler moves to Munich, Germany.
  • Fails Medical Test

    Sent back to Austria, Hitler is screened to join the Austrian military. However, he fails the test and is allowed to return to Germany.
  • Deployed in First World War

    Deployed to the First Battle of Ypres as an infantry man. Many of the military divisions suffered immense losses, and Hitler was reassigned to be a courier.
  • First Medal

    Hitler received his first war medal, the Iron Cross Second Class, for showing bravery in the First Battle of Ypres.
  • Second War Medal

    Nearing the end of the war, Hitler receives his second war medal, the Iron Cross First Class.
  • Joins His First Political Party

    After Germany loses the war, Hitler joins the German Worker's party and begins to pursue his political goals.
  • Leaves the Military

    In 1920, Hitler leaves the military to fully pursue his dreams of becoming a political leader.
  • The Name Nazi Is Born.

    Later in the year, the German Worker's party is famously named the Nazi party.
  • The Nazi Military Is Formed

    Ernst Rohm, a fellow Nazi member, establishes the Sturmabteilung, a military force that Hitler would grow to use often.
  • Hitler Becomes the Leader of the Nazi Party

    Since Hitler's propaganda was so important to the Nazi party, he was able to force the other leaders to step down by threatening his resignation.
  • Attack on the Munich Putsche

    Hitler and the other members of the party launched an attack on the Munich Hall, but the police ended up arresting Hitler and forcing him into prison.
  • Released from Prison

    Even though Hitler was sentenced to 5 years in prison, he got off early in December of 1924.
  • Publication of Hitler's Mein Kampf

    The Mein Kampf was a book that highlighted Hitler's ideologies. One example of this were his anti-semitic thoughts which he showed later on in his leadership.
  • Political Opposition

    A couple years after being released from prison, Adolf Hitler established himself once again as the main leader against Gregor Strasser, who had accumulated followers in Northern Germany.
  • Germany's Depression

    In 1929, a depression hit Germany, prompting Hitler to further progress his political agenda.
  • Alliance

    Hitler makes an alliance with Nationalist Alfred Hugenburg to take down the Young Plan, which was a plan meant to keep paying the reparations of the First World War.
  • Hitler Reaches Second Place in the Election of 1932

    While Hindenburg won the presidential election, Hitler managed to reach the second spot with 38.6% of the votes.
  • The Reichstag Fire

    Thought to be sparked by the Nazi party to turn public opinion, this fire paved a way for Hitler to take absolute dictatorship. With Hindenburg's consent, a new election was held (in March 5, 1933), and Hitler received 43.9% of the votes.
  • Absolute Dictatorship

    A couple weeks after the new election, the Enabling Bill, which gave Hitler absolute power, was passed and all other political parties ceased to exist.
  • Execution of Ernst Rohm

    While Rohm had played a major role in Hitler's rise to power, he was seen as a leader of the ongoing opposition to Hitler, so he and his other advisors thought it would be best to execute him.
  • Period: to

    Anti-Comintern Pact

    At first a pact between Japan and Germany, Italy and Mussolini were added in November 6, 1937.
  • Hitler Annexes Austria

    In 1938, Hitler invited the chancellor of Austria, Kurt Von Schuschnigg, to give up the rights of Austria to Germany. However, he refused so he decided to annex Austria himself.
  • World War 2 Begins

    In September of 1939, Britain and France announce war against Germany and their allies, sparking the start of the bloodiest war in History.
  • Hitler's Death

    Hitler is forced to become a prisoner of war, so he decides to kill himself instead.
  • World War 2 Ends

    With Germany surrendering a little earlier, all fighting ceases and Britain, France, Russia, and the U.S. officially mark it as the end of the war.