The Life of Austin/ The Life of Pip

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    pip's life

  • Pip Meets Estella

    Pip and Estella meet for the first time. Due to the meeting of Pip that Miss Havisham wanted, Pip was introduced to her and immediately sttarted to crush on Estella, even though she shunned his feelings.
  • Pip Finds Of His New Fortune

    Pip properly meets Mr. Jaggers, who he has already seen talking to Miss Havisham in Chapter 11. Mr. Jaggers informs Pip of his newfound fortune and congratulates him on this event. Although Pip is still wondering who provided his wealth, he doesn't really care at the moment; only that he's going to become a gentleman.
  • Pip Leaves For London

    As Pip is now wealthy, he is now going to be trained by Mr. Jaggers and live with him (sort of) in London. This will be the first time that Pip will be away from home, and will also be the first time that he must learn to fend for himself.
  • Pip Properly Meets Herbert

    Pip finally realizes that the son of Mr. Pocket, relative of Miss Havisham, was the pale young gentleman that he fought so long ago. Herbert (that was his name) also realizes, that Pip was the one that he fought all those years ago. And both exclaim their discoveries in surprise, as they never actually imagined that they would ever meet.
  • Mrs. Joe Is Dead

    After a long time of wondering what will happen to her, Mrs. Joe's injuries finally got to her, and she died. To Pip it comes as a shock and becomes overwhelmed with sadness, as the only person left of his original family is now gone.
  • The Death of Magwitch

    The death of Magwitch was just as hard-hitting as Mrs. Joe's death for Pip. Even though their relationship got off to a rough start, Pip realizes of Magwitch's good heart. Magwitch interprets his death sentence as "God's act of forgiveness" upon his soul. And like my grandfather, he should be happier in the heavens compared to here on Earth.
  • Pip Thinks Back On His Life

    Pip reflects on everything that has happened from the very beginning of when this whole adventure started all the way to the end.He realizes where he was successful, where he failed, and when it was anything else from the two. All of these things changed him, ultimately, for the better.
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    my life

  • The Start Of A GATE

    My first year in GATE. For the record, the test is pretty easy - patterns got nothing on me. This big leap set me up for everything that's happened up to now.
  • A Death Too Close to Home

    This was a sad, sad day for my family. On this day was the day that God called my twin brother home to heaven. After fighting cancer for four months, his spirit was released from his broken body, leaving the rest of us to stare at the empty shell of once was a son and a brother.
  • Outdoor Science School

    A five day educational getaway, learning about nature and the earth and biomes and such. Location: Alpine Meadows
  • When The Love Finally Appears...

    The first time that I remember that I start crushing on a person (I will not say who). Later on, I find out that she has a very bad coincidental date in her life that is relative to an importantly bad date in my life. But of course, it could be a sign for something...
  • Meeting Someone That I've Already Met

    Seeing friends that I've met before I came to Oxford - as far as I can remember, besides my fellow Sunkist friends of the classes of 2013-2017, I can only specifically point out three that I know that were not from my school. The first person I met here was J-Zach. The sophmore. I only remember him from the first time I met him - I was in fourth grade the first time I met him in the Tiger Woods Learning Center. We talked enough to say that we knew each other. I also know of two others in 2016.
  • A Death Of A Wise Man

    My grandfather was a great man - he was a doctor, and he was repected on both sides of my family. He was always caring, especially when my brother got hit with cancer. Not being able to stop that must have hurt him so much. Even with a knee ulcer and physical neuroproblems, I'm glad he's up there, enjoying how he can see his grandson again.
  • My Reflection Back On Life

    This timeline lets me remind myself of my successes and my falls. It allows me to think what I should do better about. From this, I can tell I need to work on my time management skills. As I'm typing this, it's almost three in the morning and I don't feel too tired yet...