The Life of Anne Frank

By rdaur09
  • Anne Frank was Born

    Otto Frank (father) and Edith Frank (mother) gave birth to Anne Frank on June 12, 1929
  • Period: to

    Anne Frank's life

  • Hitler Becomes Chancellor of Germany

    Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany and the first Anti-Jewish laws are put into establishment. Anne and her family decide to move to the Netherlands. They were not allowed to walk the streets after 8, Anne and Margot had to leave their public school to go to a seperate Jewish school, all jewish citizens had to wear a big yellow star on their clothes to show they're jewish.
  • German Army Invades the Netherlands

    The German army invades the Netherlands to strongly enforce the Anit-jewish Laws.
  • Anne's Birthday

    Anne receives a diary for her 13th birthday, and starts writing about her daily expirences in hiding.
  • Anne and her family go into Hiding

    Anne's older sister Margot receives a call-up notice to report for deportation to a forced-labor camp. The Fank's make a plan to go into hiding (The Secret Annex) the next day.
  • Addition to the "Secret Annex"

    The Van Pels, a jewish family from Germany, join Anne and her family in hiding. Hermann Van Pels, Auguste Van Pels, and Peter Van Pels.
  • Last Addition to the "Secret Annex"

    Fritz Pfeffer, the eighth and last person to join the "Secret Annex" with the Van Pels family and Anne and her family.
  • The Arrest

    Everybody that lived in the "Secret Annex" ware betrayed and arrested. They were taken to a police station in Amsterdam then later on were taken to Westerbork transit camp.
  • The Camps

    The eight members of the Secret Annex were seperated (men and women). Anne, Margot, and Mrs. Van Pels were transported to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. Edith Frank remains at the Women's subcamp at Auschwitz-Birkenau.
  • Anne's Death

    Anne Frank and Margot Frank dies at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp within days of each other.