Adolf hitler

The Life of Adolf Hitler

  • Adolf Hitler is born,

    Adolf Hitler is born,
    April 20th, 1889, Adolf Hitler was born. He was born in a small Austrian town, near the German border. He was the fourth of six children.
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    Adolf Hitler

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  • Hitler's father dies

    Hitler's father dies
    Alois Hitler, Adolf's father, was 65 when he died from a lung hemorrhage. It was not the first one he'd had. Adolf was only 13.
  • Hitler's mother dies.

    Hitler's mother dies.
    Klara Hitler, Adolf's mother, had been diagnosed with advanced breast cancer in January. As the docter told her that she must have surgery to get rid of it, she did. But it was too late for the surgery. She began having dosages iodoform directly onto the ulcerations caused by the cancer. but nothing could help, as it was still getting worse. Until she died on the 21st. she was 47.
  • Hitler joins the German Workers' Party

    Hitler joins the German Workers' Party
    Hitler is hired a a spy, to investigate a small nationalistic group. He entered the Party on Sept. 16. Where he later became its chairman, in July of 1921.
  • Hitler delievers "Twenty-Five Theses"

    Hitler delievers "Twenty-Five Theses"
    Hitler outline the Twenty Five Points of the German Workers' Party. This included: the union of all Germans in a greater German Reich, rejection of the Treaty of Versailles, the demand for additional territories for the German people, citizenship determined by race with no Jew to be considered a German, all income not earned by work to be confiscated, a thorough reconstruction of the national education system, and religious freedom except for religions which endanger the German race.
  • Hitler is arrested.

    Hitler is arrested.
    Hitler is arrested and charged with high treason after he tries to overthrow the government and start a march on Berlin in 1923. He was sentenced five years to the Landsberg Prison. But was released from jail in 1924, after getting general amnesty.
  • Hitler releases his autobiography.

    Hitler releases his autobiography.
    While in prison, Hitler worked on an autobiography of his life, his beliefs, and how he plans to make the perfect race. He explains how and why he wants to get rid of the Jewish race. Hitler actually titled it, Four Years of Struggle against Lies, Stupidity, and Cowardice, but his publisher reduced it to Mein Kampf(My Struggle). This book sold over five million copies, and was said to be the Nazi Bible.
  • Hitler orders "Plan Z".

     Hitler orders "Plan Z".
    PLan Z was a way to make the German Navy more powerful. Powerful enough to beat the United Kingdom. Hitler wanted a Kriegsmarine of ten battleships, four aircraft carriers, three battlecruisers, eight heavy cruisers, 44 light cruisers, 68 destroyers and 249 U-boats by 1944
  • Hitler attemps to get Presidency.

    Hitler attemps to get Presidency.
    In the 1930 elections the Nazi voted jumped up from 810,000 to 6,409,000.Hilter feels that because the Nazi Party is riasing he has a chance to win Presidency. Hitler recieved 13,418,011 votes in the run-off elections. As to von Hindenburg, who recieved 19,359,650 votes, but four times the votes for the communist candidate Ernst Thaelmann.
  • Hitler helped to power.

    Hitler helped to power.
    Hitler was helped to power by a camarilla of conservative politicians led by Franz von Papen. Who talked von Hindenburg, into nominating Hitler as Reich Chancellor. Making Hitler one step closer to completing his dreams.
  • Hitler gains majority of "democratic" elections.

    Hitler gains majority of "democratic" elections.
    Hitler used subset colors of persuasion, propaganda, terror and intimidation to make sure his spot in power was secure. Getting to this piont in his power, is to far into his plans for it to be lost. He was doing anything to keep himself there.
  • Hitler becomes Fuhrer

    Hitler becomes Fuhrer
    In June of 1934, Ernst Rohm, confirms Hitler as the undisputed dictator of the Third Reich. By the beginging of August, when he united as Fuhrer and Chancellor, because of the deah of von Hindenburg
  • Night of the Long Knifes.

    Night of the Long Knifes.
    The Night of the Long Knifes was an event, when the Nazi regimen carried out a series of polictal execusions. Sturmabteilung, or SA, members made up most of those who were killed. Hitler saw independence in this group and it's leader, Ernst Röhm, and began to fear the power he and the SA might have.
  • Hitler Announces Nuremberg Laws.

    Hitler Announces Nuremberg Laws.
    Hitler's first law in the Nuremberg Laws was, The Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honor. This prohibited the marraige between Jews and Germans. Also, it prohibited the employment of German females under 45, to work in Jewish households. The second law was, The Reich Citizenship Law. This law stripped Jews of the German citizenship. It also introduced a new defference between “Reich citizens ” and “nationals.”
  • Hitler declares the end of the Treaty of Versailles.

    Hitler declares the end of the Treaty of Versailles.
    The Treaty of Versailles was one of the peace treaties that ended World War One. It was signed on 28 June 1919. The point of this treaty was to end the state of war between Germany and the Allied Powers. When Hitler declares an end to it, it means he is willling and wants for there to be war between them.
  • Germany infades Poland

    Germany infades Poland
    Hitler wanted to dominate Eruope. Which would unleash the conduct of war. Also, Hitler says, he wanted moer "living space."
  • World War II begins.

    World War II begins.
    This was the officail start of World War II. When Germany invaded Poland, without warning, Great Britain and France said to withdraw the sodliers, or they would go to war. Because Hitler did not leave, war began.
  • Assassination attempt against Hitler.

    Assassination attempt against Hitler.
    Hitler escaped miraculously from an assassination attempt. Seven people died and 63 were injured by the explosion of a bomb, but Hitler escaped without injuries that he had left the meeting minutes earlier. The author of the attack, Georg Elser, was executed in the Dachau concentration camp on April 9, 1945
  • Hitler marries Eva Braun

    Hitler marries Eva Braun
    Hitler marries his mistress, of more then 12 years, Eva Braun. She was 33 years old. HItler was 55 years old.
  • Hitler commits suiside.

    Hitler commits suiside.
    Hitler believed that dying would be the best was out for him. At around 3:30, April, 30th, he and his wife, Eva Braun, killed themselves. Hilter shot himself in the temple. And Braun took a cyanide pill.