The life of 1800

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    The Life in the 1800's

  • Railway to Longueuil Opens

    Railway to Longueuil Opens
    The St Lawrence and Atlantic Railroad was opened today running from Longueuil to Richmond, Québec.
  • First Canadian Stamps

    First Canadian Stamps
    The first Canadian postage stamps were issued today: a Twelve-Pence Black, showing Queen Victoria at the age of 19, a Three-Pence Beaver and a Six-Pence Prince Consort, which carried a portrait of Prince Albert.
  • Census

    The census happened today it estimated the population of Canada East as 890 261 and Canada West as 952 000.
  • The Switch

    The Switch
    Today Britain transfered the colonial postal servie to Canada. It was all over the place. Newsboy were sprending the news everywhere.
  • Trinity College Opened

    Trinity College Opened
    Hooray Toronto's Trinity College opened today
  • The Oldest French University in America

    The Oldest French University in America
    The news travel pretty fast soon Bytown had discovered that Laval's Séminaire du Québec founds Université Laval.
  • First Locomotive Built in Canada

    First Locomotive Built in Canada
    The Toronto Locomotive Works completed the "Toronto", the first locomotive built in Canada.The test run should happen soon.
  • Globe Issued as Daily

    Globe Issued as Daily
    The Toronto Globe was first issued today as a daily newspaper.
  • Great Western Railway Opens

    Great Western Railway Opens
    The Great Western Railway opened its main line between London and Windsor, Ont.
  • Heroine of Long Point

    Heroine of Long Point
    During a vicious storm on Lake Erie, the schooner Conductor foundered. The crew clung to the frozen rigging all night. Next morning Abigail Becker waded shoulder-high into the surf and cajoled the men ashore.
  • Bridge Over Niagara

    Bridge Over Niagara
    The suspension bridge across the Niagara River was opened, at Niagara Falls this morning.
  • The new name

    The new name
    The city that i used to live in Bytown was rename Ottawa.
  • First oil dug

    First oil dug
    i would like to congratulate my dear friend James Miller Williams of Hamilton for dugging up the first commercial oil well in North America in Enniskillen Township, Ont.
  • A new general store

    A new general store
    Another one of my friends Timothy Eaton opens his first general store, in Kirkton, Ontario. Thirteen years later he opens a store at the corner of Queen and Yonge in Toronto.
  • The Grand Trunk Railway

    The Grand Trunk Railway
    Guess what happened today? The Grand Trunk Railway opened connecting Toronto and Montreal.
  • The new Capital

    The new Capital
    The capital of the Province of Canada changed today. Queen Victoria designates Ottawa as capital.
  • My New Job

    My New Job
    I got a job in the news office as Editor.
  • The first coin minted

    The first coin minted
    the first Canadian coins were minted: silver 5-cent, 10-cent and 20-cent pieces and bronze pennies.
  • McGowan's war

    McGowan's war
    Another brawl is taking place, but this one was a bloodless war it took place in Yale, British Columbia in the fall of 1858. The conflict posed a threat to the newly established British authority on the British Columbia mainland which had just established the summer before.
  • The Fraser Canyon Gold Rush

    The Fraser Canyon Gold Rush
    The Fraser Canyon Gold Rush began in 1858 when i discovered gold in the Thompson River in British Columbia at its gathering with the Nicoamen River. This was a few miles upstream from the Thompson's meeting with the Fraser River
  • Fraser Canyon War

    Fraser Canyon War
    Sigh more battling today. Some rumor is going around saying that a young women in the aboriginal tribes got raped by a french. So the aboriginal declared war on the french.
  • The Pig and Potato War

    The Pig and Potato War
    A confrontation in 1859 between the United States and the British Empire is over the boundary between the US and British North America again. In my life every war is about boundary or rebels.
  • First Female Chinese Citizen

    First Female Chinese Citizen
    I never knew i Chinese women could become a Canadian Citizen. But when i saw this "Chinese to Canadian" is bold letters i read on. So the wife of merchant Kwong Lee arrived in Victoria, BC. She became Canada's first female Chinese citizen.
  • The Cornerstone of the Parliament Building is laid

    The Cornerstone of the Parliament Building is laid
    On September 1, 1860, the streeets were crowded with people. Everything was ready for the great event. The streets were decked with triumphal arches made of lilies, and logs. A pavilion had been prepared on Parliament Hill. The framework that held the cornerstone was decorated with Gothic arches, a crown of fleurs-de-lys and British flags
  • Nova Scotia's Premier

    Nova Scotia's Premier
    Even though i don't live in Nova Scotia but news came fast. Joesph Howe became the premier of Nova Scotia.
  • St Lawrence River Flood

    St Lawrence River Flood
    The St Lawrence River flooded, inundating Montréal.
  • Trent's Incidenet

    Trent's Incidenet
    Holy Moly, The American warship San Jacinto stopped the British steamer Trent in the Bahamas Channel and seized two Confederate agents; this incident brought Britain and the US to the brink of war.
  • First Female Student

    First Female Student
    pretty interesting to find this in the new "Mount Allison University accepts the first woman student in Sackville, N.B."
  • Gold!!!

    Billy Barker strikes gold on Williams Creek in the Caribou country of British Columbia.
  • Sicotte- Macdonald defeated

    Sicotte- Macdonald defeated
    The Sicotte-Sandfield Macdonald ministry was defeated in the Assembly of the Province of Canada after only a year in power.
  • the Chesapeake Affair

    the Chesapeake Affair
    Sixteen Confederates seized the American coastal steamer Chesapeake off Cape Cod and diverted it to Saint John, NB.
  • The Charlottetown Conference

     The Charlottetown Conference
    Even though i'm not in the conference but i still know a little about it, being a newsman. The Charlottetown Conference takes the first steps toward Confederation.
  • Québec Conference

    Québec Conference
    This conference i was there on site, and be a reporter. The Québec Conference identifies the seventy-two resolutions that set out the basis for union.
  • First Soda Pulp Mill

    First Soda Pulp Mill
    The first soda pulp mill, which dispersed wood chips in a solution of caustic soda, was built at Windsor Mills, Québec
  • First Rugby Game in Canada

    First Rugby Game in Canada
    The first Canadian game of rugby took place in 1865 in Montreal when English regiment officers and civilians, mainly from McGill University, engaged in competition.
  • Battle of Ridgeway

    Battle of Ridgeway
    Battle of Ridgeway was the height of the biggest Fenian raid into Canada.
  • Combined

    The Colonies of Vancouver Island and British Columbia are combined into one colony named British Columbia.
  • The London Conference

    The London Conference
    Canadians Nova Scotians and New brunswick meet in London England with the British Government. The results guarantees a separate school system, in Quebec and Ontario, but not Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.
  • Dominion of Canada

    Dominion of Canada
    British North America Act unites Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick in the Dominion of Canada. Today Ottawa offically became the capital of Dominion. John A. Macdonald became the first prime minister of Canada.
  • Assassinated!!!

    the famous Thomas D'Arcy McGee, one of the fathers of Confederation, had outspoken enemy of the Fenians, and became Canada's first assassination victim at the hands of a Fenian.
  • The first football game

    The first football game
    The Montreal Football Club has formed, playing a Canadian variety of rugby football. It was Canada's first organized football team.
  • Birth of William Parks

    Birth of William Parks
    My best friend geologist William Parks, who was one of the founders and original directors of the Royal Ontario Museum, was born at Hamilton, Ont. on December 11, 1868.
  • The First Montreal Star Newspaper

    The First Montreal Star Newspaper
    The first issue of the Montreal Star was published today.
  • Another Government???

    Another Government???
    Riel establishes a legal provisional government in Rupert's Land.
  • Give and Go

    Give and Go
    Today Canada purchases Rupert's Land from the Hudson's Bay Company.
  • no more bison??????

    no more bison??????
    Lots of people are demanding for leather goods leading to the destruction of northen bison herds, which in turn leads to the collapse of the western native economy.
  • The Treaty of Washington

    The Treaty of Washington
    By the Treaty of Washington, now Americans were granted the right to fish in Canadian waters, the use of Canadian canals and the St Lawrence River;
  • New Brunswick Schools

    New Brunswick Schools
    The New Brunswick government passed the Common Schools Act to strengthen and reform the school system. At the same time, it abandoned an informal system of separate schools that had grown up since the 1850s.
  • the new member

    the new member
    British Columbia joined the Confederation.
  • The Toronto Mail

    The Toronto Mail
    The first issue of the Toronto Mail was published.
  • The 9 hour day march

    The 9 hour day march
    Demand for a 9-hour day began on a march in Hamilton, Ont, and spread across Canada, the first unified labour protest in Canada.
  • The next one on the list

    The next one on the list
    P. E. I. joined the confederation
  • Sit Down Macdonald

    Sit Down Macdonald
    John A. Macdonald gives up the prime minister seat over the Pacific Scandal.
  • The 2nd prime minister

    The 2nd prime minister
    The next prime minister is Alexander Mackenzie, a Liberal.
  • The telephone

    The telephone
    My Brother's neighbor Alexander Graham Bell discloses the invention of the telephone to his father at the family home on the outskirts of Brantford, Ontario
  • Test Run

    Test Run
    Bell's first functioning telephone is demonstrated in Boston.
  • The Supreme Court

    The Supreme Court
    The Supreme Court of Canada is established.
  • Connection of Canada

    Connection of Canada
    The Intercolonial Railway, growing out of the Halifax-Truro line, and linked central Canada and the Maritimes.
  • The first long distance call

    The first long distance call
    it was World's first long-distance phone call connecting the Bell residence with a shoe and boot store in nearby Paris, Ontario.
  • Longest standing school in western Canada

    Longest standing school in western Canada
    Today the provincial legislature creates the University of Manitoba.
  • No Chinese Workers

    No Chinese Workers
    The Conservatives under Macdonald won federal election. Anti- Chinese attitudes in British Columbia reaches a high point so the government banned all Chinese workers from public works.
  • Time Zones

    Time Zones
    Sandford Fleming proposes the idea of standard time.
  • Macdonald make improvements

    Macdonald make improvements
    Today Sir John A. Macdonald introduces protective prices, a transcontinental railway, and immigration to the west in his National Policy.