The Life and Times of Nicole Terriya Holmes

By nholmes
  • Happy Birthday to Me

    Happy  Birthday to Me
    I was born with Yellow Jaundice. So I had to sleep under a blue light until my blood levels became level.
  • Home from the Hospital

    Home from the  Hospital
    I came home from the Hospital....
  • Learning to Crawl

    Learning to Crawl
    How did I end up under here?
  • Learning to Drive

    Learning to Drive
  • I still Love Chicken

    I still Love Chicken
  • School Days

    School Days
    I attended Norland United Methodist Church School. I was very active. I performed a dance at a graduation ceremony.
  • Norland Elementary Bears

    Norland Elementary Bears
    Mrs. Harris was my teacher.
  • A Star is Born

    A Star is Born
    I was selected out of 20 to be in the high school version of the Broadway Production of "Annie the Musical." I remember being so sick during show time... "But the Show Must Go On!"
  • Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow..

    Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow..
    I saw snow for the first time in New Jersey.
  • Ready to Conquer

    Ready to Conquer
    I am now in the third grade. I am ready to Conquer the FCAT. Level 5 All The Way.