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The Life And Times of Nicholas Lepore

By nlepore
  • My Birth

    My Birth
    I was born on Tuesday, August 13, 1996 at 4:48 pm. I weighed 8 pounds and 15 ounces. I was born at McMaster University Medical Centre. The doctor who delivered me was anxious to go golfing, so she told me to hurry up and be born. Then it started to rain, and she laughed, saying that she deserved this because you can never hurry up Mother Nature.
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    Timespan of Nicholas Lepore's Life

  • My Baptism

    My Baptism
    I had my Baptism with my cousin Matthew, who was born just 5 days before me! We had the ceremony at Corpus Christi Church and then a reception was held at a hall.
  • My First Christmas

    My First Christmas
    My mom says that I was the best Christmas present ever!! My family enjoyed a big dinner together at my Grandparent's House. I did not even nap that day.
  • My First Birthday

    My First Birthday
    On my first birthday, my family and I went for a drive to Port Dover. I really wanted a zebra floating ring, so my parents bought it for me. I played with it in the park, where we had a picnic. We walked around Port Dover and I enjoyed my day there.
  • I meet Thomas the Tank Engine for the first time.

    I meet Thomas the Tank Engine for the first time.
    I loved Thomas the Tank Engine when I was little. I had almost all of the trains in the set and the wooden tracks and bridges. It was a very special day when I met Thomas for the first time!
  • First Day of School

    First Day of School
    I went to Corpus Christi Catholic Elementary School. I went to school with my big sister Rebecca and I got to ride on the school bus. At first, I was scared to go to school, but eventually, I learned to like it.
  • Visiting Disney World During the Bike Race Week

    Visiting Disney World During the Bike Race Week
    In October 2003, Hamilton hosted an international bike race for a week. This provided an opportunity to take a vacation during the fall season. During this week, my parents decided to take our family to Disney World in Orlando for a fun and very memorable trip. This was the 2nd time that my family had been to Disney, but we had several great memories going on rides and meeting the Disney characters. From these experiences, Disney World has always had a special place in my heart.
  • My First Communion

    My First Communion
    On this special day I had received the Sacrament of Holy Communion for the first time. This is Father Hampson, the priest from Corpus Christi Parish. I had a big family party at my house after the ceremony.
  • My First Visit to Notre Dame University

    My First Visit to Notre Dame University
    While he was growing up, my father was a huge fan of Notre Dame University. He had been there several times, but on this day, I got to see the University for the first time. My family was in Michigan for the CANUSA games, and they decided to drive to the campus to show my sister and I how great Notre Dame is. This has changed my life, as I am now also a huge fan of Notre Dame and I hope to go there one day.
  • Canada Day on Parliament Hill

    Canada Day on Parliament Hill
    My family and I went to Ottawa to celebrate Canada Day at our country's capital. This was a great experience for me, as I got to see the Parliament building and watch the great Canada Day fireworks on Parliament Hill. I am so proud to be a Canadian, and to be able to celebrate this holiday in Ottawa was a great honour for me.
  • I Begin My Rep Basketball Career

    I Begin My Rep Basketball Career
    When I was in Grade 4, my dad decided to coach me on the Hamilton Wilcats, a rep basketball team. Although I was not very good, my dad wanted me to have the opportunity to play basketball and to develop my skills as well as meet new friends. Basketball has had a very big impact on my life, as I have travelled all over Ontario and the USA, met several teammates and friends, and I have had memories that will last a lifetime.
  • My Grandfather Passes Away

    My Grandfather Passes Away
    My grandfather meant so much to me in my life. He was always there to support me and help me in good times and bad. He was always there to get me off the bus from school every day. When he passed away at age 81, it was the first time I dealt with death in my family. My grandpa inspired me with his unselfishness and loving personality, and he has impacted my life in such a great way. This was the toughest part of my life, and it took much strength and support to overcome this loss.
  • Trip to Las Vegas and California

    Trip to Las Vegas and California
    In the summer of 2007, the FIBA Americas basketball tournament was being held in Las Vegas, Nevada. This tournament was to find out who would qualify for the Olympics the next summer. In support of Canada, my family went down to Las Vegas to attend some of their games. We were even able to drive down to Anaheim and Los Angeles for a few days.
  • I Win Cross Country For the First Time

    I Win Cross Country For the First Time
    While growing up, running cross country for Corpus Christi Elementary School had a large importance on my life. Early on, I was not a good cross country runner, as I struggled to finish races and never finished higher than around 115th place. However, I decided to work as hard as I could to make constant improvements and possibly even win the race one day. In Grade 6, my dream came true and I won the race for the first time in my life. This taught me that if you believe, you can always achieve.
  • My Family Gets Two New Members

    My Family Gets Two New Members
    Before the start of the school year, my family wanted to get a pet. We went to the Animal Aid in Burlington and we adopted a brother and sister cat who we named Kobe and Nash. They are very funny and mischevious animals, but they are very loving and great pets to have in our family. We love them very much!
  • My 13th Birthday

    My 13th Birthday
    <a href='' > On this day, I celebrated my 13th birthday with my family. This marked the beginning of becoming a teenager. In recognition, I was given a birthday announcement that appeared in the Hamilton Spectator that day.
  • I Win Cross Country for the Second Time

    I Win Cross Country for the Second Time
    After I won Cross Country for the 1st time in Grade 6, I thought nobody was going to beat me. However, I was humbled in Grade 7, as I did not win either of the 2 races during the year. This motivated me to come back as strong as I could in Grade 8, and to get back on top. I practiced very often, and very hard, so that I could be ready to run at my best during the race. I ran a motivated race, and I won the race! This was a great moment for me, as it was a reward for my efforts.
  • I Win Cross Country for the Third Time

    I Win Cross Country for the Third Time
    After winning cross country the past fall, I knew that this would be my last race in elementary school. I wanted to make sure I ran a great race and got a third 1st place award. It was a tough race, as it was a very competitive race, and I was not winning before the final stretch of the run. I was finally able to take the lead and hold off for the win, which was one of the happiest moments of my life.
  • I Win the Serra Club Altar Serving Award

    I Win the Serra Club Altar Serving Award
    Since I was in Grade 5, I have been an altar server for Corpus Christi Parish. I have learned so much about what goes on during mass and i have been able to make a positive contribution to the church. On this day, I was rewarded for my efforts and time spent in helping the church at a ceremony honouring some of the best altar servers all over Ontario. This was a great honour for me, and it is something I will never forget.
  • Grade 8 Graduation

    Grade 8 Graduation
    On this day, myself as well as the rest of the Class of 2010 at Corpus Christi Elementary School celebrated our graduation. We had a ceremony at Carmens Banquet, where we each received our diplomas and spent our last time together as a Grade 8 student. We had awards given out, and I was honoured to receive the Principals Award for the top male student at Corpus Christi. After this, we had a dance and a party to mark the end of a great 10 years spent at Corpus Christi.
  • First Day of Grade 9

    First Day of Grade 9
    This was the day that I started my high school life at St. Thomas More. I did not know too many people, so I was a little bit nervous to begin. However, I have met many new people and I am very comfortable here now.
  • Winning the Junior Basketball City Championship

    Winning the Junior Basketball City Championship
    Since I started playing basketball, I have had so many great memories and experiences. One of them was on this night, when our junior boys basketball team defeated Cathedral to win the city championship. STMs midget, junior and senior teams all won the championship, which had nevr happened before.