The Last Olympian

  • Princess Andromeda

    Percy Jackson and Beckendorf had a mission to destroy the Princess Andromeda, the ship that was controlled by the titan Kronos and his army. They went to the engine room and placed their explosives. The army had soon realized that they were in the ship. They split up, Percy jumped into the water and swam away. There was no sign of Beckendorf.
  • The Prophecy

    Percy returned to Camp Half-Blood. Chiron, the head trainer had insisted to show Percy the dreaded prophecy. Percy went up to the Oracle and retrieved the prophecy. It told that war would come and he would die on his 16th birthday. Percy was frightened.
  • Preparation For War

    All the campers were preparing for war in Manhattan. Everyone was tense. Nico had told Percy that he had a plan to win the war. Percy agreed with his plan and so did the other campers. Soon they would arrive at Manhattan and the war would begin.
  • Showtime

    All the campers were in Manhattan and setted up their guard. The plan was to hold off the enemy and then create a diversion for a final counter-attack. In a few hours time, the ships of Kronos had arrived. In a matter of minutes, everyone was enraged in war. Percy was slicing down his opponents with Riptide but the demigods were clearly out numbered.
  • Diversion

    As the battle continued, many demigods had died and they were losing the fight, wave after wave of enemies came but they held out long enough to start the diversion. The attack was very effective wiping out a mass of the titan's army, Kronos had entered the battlefield. Percy, Annabeth and Grover faced the titan.
  • Victory!

    Sincre the gods were battling off the beast Typhon, it was up to the campers to save Mount Olympus. Percy and Kronos were fighting. The gods had defeated Typhon and were already helping to defend Mount Olympus. Suddenly Kronos was losing control of Luke, Percy was about to attack when Luke stabbed himself and killed Kronos. The gods had won the war!