Angkor wat 1200

The Khmer Empire

  • 500

    Trade between the Khmer and the Indian people

    Trade between the Khmer and the Indian people
    There is evidence of well-developed trade relations between the Khmer and the Indians. From this trade the Khmer adapted to the cultural practises of the Indians.
  • Dec 31, 700

    Chenla becomes the dominate kingdom

    The state of Chenla defeats and replaces Funan as the dominate Kingdom of the region.
  • Dec 31, 770

    The States of Asia unify to create one large Empire

    King Jayavarman II unifies the smaller states of Asia to create one large Empire, with the capitol of the Empire in the Angkor reign of Cambodia
  • Dec 31, 802

    King Jayavarman enthroned as devaraja.

    King Jayavarman enthroned as devaraja.
    King Jayavarman II declares himself devaraja, meaning god-king, in a ceremony performed by the Hindu high priests. The Chenla state was renamed Kambuja, which is the origin of the modern name of Cambodia.
  • Period: Dec 31, 834 to Dec 31, 1145

    The Empire Expands

    The Khmer Empire expands and Angkor Wat is built. Buddhism becomes the dominating religion instead of Hinduism
  • Period: Dec 31, 877 to Dec 31, 889

    King Indravman

    King Indravarman succeeded king Jayavarman II's son, King Jayavarman III. Not much is known about King Jayavarman III, expect that he liked to hunt elephants. King Indravman improved King Jayavarman III's iffigation network by adding a system of artificial lakes and irrigation canals
  • Period: Dec 31, 889 to Dec 31, 900

    King Yasovarman I

    King Yasovarman became king after King Indravarman. He moved the imperial city to Yasodharapura, a city he named after himself. King Yasovarman was a capable ruler but he made his subjects worship and praise him.
  • Period: Nov 16, 900 to Nov 17, 1181

    King Jayavarman V

    After the death of King Yasovarman, five different kings ruled over the next 50 years. The devaraja position was taken over by men from different branches and even different countries. King Jayavarman V came to the throne in 968 and ruled for sixty years. He finished construction on the Temple of Angkor Wat in 961.
  • Dec 31, 1178

    Cham kingdom invades Khmer

    Cham kingdom invades Khmer
    The Chams invade most of the Empire's eastern territory
  • Nov 21, 1181

    Jayavarman VII defeats the Cham

    Jayavarman VII defeats the Cham
    King Jayarvarman VII defeats the Chams and expands the empire to furthest extent and included much of present day Laos, Thailand and Burma
  • Period: Dec 31, 1181 to

    Decline of the Empire

    King Jayavarman VII was the last king of the Khmer Empire, he reigned from 1181 to 1219. He has a vast army, which was very costly, and expanded the Empire to it's greatest limits. By 1200 the Empire was beginning to become broke. After the death of Jayavarman in 1219, the Cham Empire from the east and the Thais from the west declared war on the Khmers. They evemntually took the empire in 1594.
  • Dec 31, 1243

    Hinduism becomes the main religion

    King Jayavarman VII renounces Buddhism and destroys the Buddhist temples and Hinduism becomes the main religion
  • Dec 31, 1431

    Revenge of the Thais

    The Thai army attacks the capitol city of Angkor, the Khmer abandon Angkor and relocate the capitol city to Phnom Penh in the 1440s. The city of Angkor is later frogoten and jungles grow around it.
  • Siamese Kings attack the Khmer

    Siamese Kings attack the Khmer
    The Siamese/Thai kings attack and defeat the Khmer Kings
  • Defeat of the Khmer

    Vietnamese armies repeatedly attack Khmer forces in Mekong River delta and defeat the Khmer. The modern borders of Cambodia are made.